Thursday, 1 February 2007

Slight or Sleight?

Slight is the more usual american spelling of the word and a quick and simple check on the search engines will confirm. Sleight is the English spelling of the word. There is even a band called Slight of Mind in the states. Altering the spelling to make it more pleasing to the eye is one thing but phonetically it does look better than 'sleight' but then again, this is England.
I have asked a lot of my American friends to spell it and they all went with the 'SLIGHT' version...oh well

Anyone wondering 'why the change?', well, it was Sleight of Mind six months ago and only switched for the american market. The offices in the States still spell it Slight.

I guaranteed that the trolls will have posted this email or part of it on their casebook within a minute of reading, and I was right. It must have caused them 'A Slight Pain'.

Perhaps I should have called it 'In Plain Seight'?

Let them play.

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