Saturday, 30 May 2015

Tomorrow Belongs to YOU!

What a pleasure it was to speak with +Lynn Sanders and her top wing man +Roland Takaoka on this HOA for Difference Makers!!!  So many friends watched and commented and asked questions.  I am TRULY Honored. Thank you all!

Monday, 25 May 2015

The DIFFERENCE MAKERS Show Thursday May 28th 2015

Becoming Who You Are Destined To Be... Tomorrow Belongs To YOU!

Brought to you by: #DifferenceMakersMedia

Are you ready for a #transformational breakthrough in your business or personal life?

What would it be like to experience a major shift?
How do you change your belief systems to become who you are destined to be?

I'm delighted to welcome special guest +Dave Moore, the Founder and Creator of HPT-Transformation and Regeneretics, who will provide an inside look into human potential technology.

Get prepared for understanding the real "you" behind the hidden layers of masks. Indeed, this session is going to be powerful! In fact, I'm going to predict you'll find it compelling!

Dave will be sharing a blueprint for success that has transformed the lives of thousands of people from around the world.

Hear Dave's personal story. Understand how to expand human potential through attitudinal skills. Assess your belief systems. And learn his empowerment techniques.

Get ready to free the mind, body and spirit with ideas and experiences that compel you to think differently.

BIO +Dave Moore

For nearly 25 years, Dave has been the creator of innovative ideas and models of individual, organizational, and social transformation.

His work has been the source of new perspectives for thinkers and practitioners in fields as diverse as business, education, philosophy,#PersonalTransformation , conflict resolution, and community building.

Dave has a reputation for creating breakthroughs to transformation. He is known as "The Results Guy."

He uses his psychology and NLP training, along with years of experiential training, including fire-walking, glass-walking and training with shamans and spiritual masters.

Dave believes human beings have unlimited potential, and we all have inner ability that remains dormant unless we tap into it. So, now is the time to move forward!

Dave will provide us with his blend of refined knowledge, encompassing the most ancient rituals with cutting-edge, contemporary methods of transformation.

His style of teaching is experiential, vibrant and direct with a delivery like a mix between a TV evangelist and a standup comedian.

Dave’s work connects you deeply to the real you, the authentic you.

Feeling this vibrant connection to life becomes a primary source of inspiration, energy, a new found passion for life and most importantly transformation.

Attendees to our program will be eligible for a special gift from Dave at the end of the program.

*+Lynn Sanders, #TheStoryMarketingCoach *

*Founder/President, #DifferenceMakersMedia *

(Established as #ParkAvenueMarketing )

*Host of #TheDifferenceMakers *


Lynn's passion brings empowering stories to life through Strategic Attraction coaching, writing and media.

For over 25 years, Lynn has served businesses in the field of education, healthcare, the arts, social services, and the environment.

Her writing and videos have won awards, and she is also the author of the children's book, "Social Justice: How You Can Make A Difference."

Lynn's upcoming book, "Dancing With Tex: A Special Friendship" is in process of being self-published.

Lynn's writing, videos and online media is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and motivating clients to achieve their highest potential by strategic storytelling and marketing.

+Roland Takaoka Wingman

Host & Producer, The Saturday Morning Smarties Show


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We intend to make this program as interactive as possible, and look forward to having you join us!

Monday, 18 May 2015

It's For YOU!

In moments of quiet our mind wanders.
Eventually, it finds its way home.
We daydream, we plan, we think.
It is our dreams, our thoughts, that guide us to making plans.

Those DREAMS are the basis of our plans and they start and eventually they will lead us to the SucceSS we want.

We all want it.
We all think we deserve it.
But...Have we got the mindset to achieve it?

Success seems to be getting lousy press lately.  It's as if achieving something is a bad thing.  Society seems to prefer that we all stay at the same level and nobody should DARE to put their head up and stare at the goal and achieve a level of success in case it makes the others feel 'less successful'.

All together now: Aaaahhhh!

I feel so sorry for those people...........
Hold on, wait a moment. The hell I do.  Nor should you either.
We all have the chances to make our dreams come true thrown at us on a daily basis but we choose to either 'Accept' or 'Decline'.

I can't believe that in this day and age of nanny state, care-bear outlook, wrapped in cotton wool mentality we even have sports days where NO ONE WINS!  Kids get a medal for 'taking part' and not just for winning!  Try that in the Olympics!

When your mortgage is due go and sit with your bank manager and say:
'I can't pay this month because another company got the business and I earned nothing.  But, on the bright side, my company is as good as them' and see what reaction you get.
'OK, no problem, We'll wait...let's hope you get lucky next month'
(For your information, no, you will not get THAT response.)

If you want to be successful then BE successful, answer when your dream or success calls and go all out to win and be proud that you did.

Are you geared for success?  Is your mindset tuned up and raring to go?

Let's check....

Let's look at the word SUCCESS........
There are three S's in success.

1st.  SEE it.
You have to see yourself as successful.  If you can't see yourself successful not only will nobody else see you as successful, you will never be successful because......You don't believe you can be.

Have you ever said to yourself or someone else 'I can't imagine myself doing that even in my WILDEST dreams'?  Well, if you can't see yourself doing that in your wildest dreams, how you gonna see yourself doing it in reality?

2nd. SUSTAIN it.
Whether you are planning, dreaming , scheming or even taking action...SUSTAIN YOUR MOMENTUM.
It's all very well being successful but you have to keep doing what you do at the optimum level to maintain your success.  You have to keep going.

We all get roadblocks in life.  Problems, challenges, issues, crises.....but you have to keep going.
What do you do when you come up to a roadblock?  You have three options...Go around it, go over it or go thru it!  DON'T TURN BACK!  Navigate that roadblock in one of those three ways.  Find a way, find another way, MAKE a way.

Here is the most important S of all.  It is the one that determines whether or not you will succeed and is normally the one most people fear...

3rd. START it!
Planning is great.  It's not rigid, it's a framework.  A guide.  If you try and stick to a rigid plan you will be very surprised when life intervenes or other people alter the plan indirectly.  Planning is a great timewaster as well as a great resource.  Some people spend so much time planning they never ever start! When we take too much time planning every possibility we miss opportunity.  That is the key...START.  You have to do SOMETHING.  You MUST get the ball rolling.  Best thing to do, tell people what you are doing.  Writing it in your diary or schedule is great but we can choose to ignore those entries.  When you tell someone what you are going to do you really dont want to lose face by telling them later 'I didn't do it'.  Start it.  Start it today.  If you think you should have done something before now then now is the time to start.

The journey to SUCCESS can be VERY scary but there is something even MORE SCARY!!!!!....Regret! 

The only way to never regret is to See it, Sustain it but START it! Start it Now!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cynthia Bazin - The Smart Chic

Cynthia Bazin is the Founder and President of SmartChic. She has over 18 years of work experience in the Investigations/Security industry, working in a number of large and impressive organizations, holding high level positions throughout her career – protecting people and organizations from criminal behavior. In addition to Cynthia’s extensive work experience, she has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Her passion for living a confident life, making smart choices while living each moment to the fullest simply made it a natural choice to start her dream business to inspire all women and girls, young and old, from every walk of life to realize they can all be a SmartChic!

Believe me, you couldn't wish to meet a more knowledgeable person.  Cynthia really knows her fields of expertise; confidence, inspiration and motivation.

I can also tell you that she is one of my favourite people on Twitter, she has a beautiful spirit and it's a pleasure to know her.

Although her site is aimed at women a lot of guys can benefit from a trip to too!

If you want to take the next step UP and, in the process, feel good about yourself and inspire the people around you...head over to .....

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Because, you're WORTH it!

I heard someone say one day: Whatever you are charging for your ain't enough! Nine times out of ten, it's true.

We all fall into the trap. We become so competent at what we do, so expert, it becomes an innate ability or so natural we can relax and just 'do it' without thinking.... is at THIS POINT that we start to wonder if what we are doing has value.

If it isn't hard work, how can it be good, correct, worthwhile?

The fact is that we become so in tune with what we do that magic is created and we become one with our area of expertise.

We become Unconsciously Competent at what we are doing and work isn't 'work' any longer.

Never ever forget that what you do is valuable and in many cases INVALUABLE!.

It is only easy for you because you are so, so, capable at what you do. To others, it is hard work.

That's why they hire you.

If it WAS easy to do what you do, everyone would be doing it!