Tuesday, 23 May 2006

The Easiest thing for your Competition to copy - www.david-moore.co.uk

As I've stated before "The middle is dead." If you want to be successful in today's business world, you have to be one of two things. You either need to be the cheapest or the best. In my opinion though, you never want to be known as the cheapest or, "The Price Company." You always want to strive to be the best.

This week I want to cover the first of three reasons why you don't want to be the cheapest.

Price is the single easiest thing for the competition to duplicate.

Any idiot can drop their price. It doesn't take a genius to that. You know what the toughest thing for the competition to duplicate is? Extraordinary quality, service, convenience and value; you know why? Because extraordinary quality, service, convenience and value requires the most effort. Now you know as well as I do that most people are not willing to put forth extra effort. You know why? Because it's HARD! Of course, if it were easy, everyone would do it. But, you see, it's the hard that makes you great. It's the willingness to do the hard that makes you great and separates you from the competition, because most of them are only willing to do the easy and raise their price, and still deliver shoddy work which should come with ‘happy-shopper’ or ‘poundshop’ labels.

Keep your standards to the max and never, ever, compromise.

If you do a poor job, what rewards do you get? No! I thought you got poor rewards too, but you don’t. You get no rewards, sometimes wrapped in a P45 or termination of employment letter.
If you want poor rewards you’ve got to do a good job. You have to be good at your job and then you get the poor rewards.
Go up to the level above and you then reach excellent. And the rewards there are….Good! Bummer isn’t it? The rewards are not commensurate with the effort.
But if you want all the rewards that excellence brings, all the money and the power, all the respect…you only have to go up one more level. That level is OUTSTANDING!
When you are outstanding, you stand out. You are different. That’s the place you Must be.

Be selective who you buy from, be outstanding in the way you sell yourself and your products, and make sure that you are professional at all times. That way you never have to apologise for being a salesperson.

Now go sell something, and have an outstanding day.

www.david-moore.co.uk Slight of Mind Newsletter

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Onward and Upward

Monday, 22 May 2006

NLP - Firewalking - in Cyprus with www.david-moore.co.uk Slight of Mind

Information will be posted soon for a four day training seminar and Firewalk in
Paphos, Cyprus in October. Email
david@david-moore.co.uk or check out www.david-moore.co.uk for information, course details and investment, flights and accomodation information. David

Friday, 19 May 2006

Alzscot - www.david-moore.co.uk

This link was brought to my attention, I had no idea it was on the web!!
If you click on it, it will take you to a website that has a report on a Charity Firewalk in Edinburgh back in 2004. I was the Trainer on the night and they have called me a 'Firewalking Guru' in the report! That's a new one!
I worked with a company called Blazefirewalking who run charity firewalk events. They are very profitable for the charity and a 'different'
way to raise money.
The shortest sponsored walk in the world.
Ifyou need to raise money for a charity then have a

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Slight of Mind Newsletter - www.david-moore.co.uk

Dear friend and mega-achiever!

This is a copy of the latest monthly newsletter coming straight to you from the control centre of Slight of Mind©.
So much exciting stuff has happened this year so far that e-mail cannot do it justice. A quick check of the website would bring you up to speed but, as you know, that’s going through a SERIOUS modification and the wait will be worth it.

This is to give you an insight into the world of SLIGHT OF MIND©

…In other words, the important stuff…


So many Seminars, RAT programs, BoardBreaks and Firewalks, so many training days, so many people changed their lives for the better. Not just because of us, but with us! Lots of people have benefited and raised their game including us. We learn from you as much as you learn from us, so thank you.

Manchester, Paris, Glasgow, Brussels and Amsterdam and loads of other venues all slotted in. Wow!

Our friends at Telewest have some really cool people working for them and now they are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Recently, we made loads of friends with a group on a weekend training session in St Helier in Jersey. Two kick-ass days with 110 achievers. Boardbreaking was the metaphor at the end of the seminar there and boy did they go for it. They have a variety of challenges facing them at present, including the big invasion of Scientology on the Island (!!), but they are now more than capable of changing ANYTHING THEY CHOOSE or ANYTHING THROWN AT THEM! They know why, how, and when they do certain things and they can now change their states. What’s more, they can definitely breakthrough any challenge. We know how powerfully we hit home as quite a few of the notepads placed on the tables at the Pomme d’Or so that the delegates could make notes only had ‘SLIGHT OF MIND©’ written in them! We said it wasn’t a seminar that you would take notes at…you’d be toooooo busy!

Got a call from a local rag that wants to do a story on yours truly. The guy rang and said, “Hi, this is Craig from your Local Paper.” I said, “That statement only works if you know where I am!” He said, “Chingford?” I said, “I’m in the car on the M6 in Birmingham. Your move.”
We agreed that he would call me next day and ‘shoot the breeze (believe me, that was his phrase not mine). This guy wanted to condense 20 years of sales, motivation, NLP and state management training down into a quarter page article. He had no intention of opening his mind to what else is around outside his small sphere. He was what we call in the trade a ‘mismatcher’. A polarity responder. Everything I said he took the opposite stance. Someone who felt not only out of his knowledge pool but also out of his depth!
Imagine a grandfather clock on the bridge of the Enterprise. Got that picture? Bang out of place, yeah? There you go!

His first question: “This stuff you do, it doesn’t really exist, does it?” he asked.
I thought, “This guy is either mad, or both!”
I remembered Bandler and his, “Hypnosis is bad and it doesn’t exist” piece. That always cracked me up.
I jumped right in, "Have you ever met someone who was so far outside of your realm of consciousness and understanding that you thought you could never connect with them but for some magical and mysterious reason you found that you did connect and what I say to you really does make absolute and complete sense. Something SO new...so revolutionary…that you've got to suspend your everyday belief because you have nothing to reference it against? And whatever you thought was normal or standard, wasn’t and this new way of thinking was right. As you find yourself thinking that you won’t be surprised to find that everything is measured BY (BUY) EVERYTHING I TELL YOU!" Which he actually proceeded to do!! He bought everything I told him. He wants to attend a RAT program now when we are local to him. He still hasn’t told me where ‘local’ is yet and I ain’t going there again!!!

There are a shedload of courses being constructed and our product/ multimedia department, Line of Sight, is taking a lot of requests and orders over the phone (oh, that’s what we used before the internet!) for tape and video courses. These are like Shrodingers Cat. They don’t exist…yet. But they will. The new ZeNLP course, in conjunction with DNA, look like being more popular than even we envisaged. Desperate for information? Take that feeling and double it. Now put it to one side. Don’t lose it; put it in a safe place. Not your recycle bin though. Open a new file, ‘contactdaveinseptember.doc.’

Lots of stuff on embedded commands, word patterns, predicates, visual/ auditory/ kinesthetic, mind maps, time lines, the power of questions…and, that ‘Power Of Making Anyone Buy Anything’ course that has been requested over the months, well, I may look into that and offer it as a postal course so stay tuned!

Are there enough hours in the day, days in the month, months in the year and cells in the brain to do all this? You bet! :-)

Here’s an example of how the power of questions works. Questions are the key to everything. Ask a great question, you’ll get a great answer. Something you can work with. Ask a crap question, and you’ll get the answer you deserve. I was standing in the dining room with some friends one day and as I walked out to the hallway there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a very presentable middle aged man from a local double glazing company who really should have known better!

“I’m not selling anything.” He said. What a start! Pull yourself up from that one! “I happen to be in the area and I notice that you have quite new windows. Are you looking to have any more fitted?”
“So you are selling double-glazing?” I asked.
“I could give you a quote on some windows. In fact we have an offer on right now that would be hard to beat.” He smiled; unaware that he had exposed his opening statement as a lie. Who buys from liars? (I know, we all do, but not obvious liars!)
“How much did you pay for the windows here?” he asked and I told him it was the windows at front and back of the house and a security door that had come to £11,000.
He then went into, “we could have done it for less, we have special offers, what a shame…”
I asked him to measure up and quote me, as I was curious. This he did and after much tapping on his calculator he looked very sheepish and apologetic and said, "Well, we could have done the same job for £9000!” and produced the calculator with a flourish to prove his point.
“Great!” I said, “I’ll take it. I live over the road. The house is identical.”

I don’t know if you have ever seen, in a cartoon, a characters face change colour like water or sand draining out of a glass but this guy did the same thing. Then he did the motorboat impression.
It took a few seconds but he finally said, “But, I thought you lived here?”
“Why did you think that?” I asked him. “I just opened the door. Shall we go?”
After a few minor adjustments the final bill was £9250. I wonder what it would have been if he had known ‘The Power of Questions’? Rule one of door to door selling:
“Good morning Sir, are you the homeowner?”

Till next time…

Virtually yours…


Everyone is allowed a Rant once in a while!

Even me...
I ran a training session the other day and one of the delegates said something which sent the seminar off at a tangent. The sessions are very interactive and people get involved in ‘doing’ stuff rather than sitting there impassively because you retain more information if you are involved rather than just listening to someone, even if they are great :-).
Tangents are cool…I hate straight lines.
This guy put his hand up and said, “I am terrified about what my competition will do…how do I deal with them?”
There was a stunned silence.
In fact the silence was deafening. You could hear the shares in a pin company drop!
Some of the hard core guys in the group, face to face salespeople from all arenas, telesales cold callers doing 20k deals for breakfast, looked at him as if he had just admitted to thinking Jade Goody was hot.
These guys had the ‘talking dog look’. Like when you walk into a room and there’s a dog sitting there and it says, “Hi, how ya doing?”
You’re gonna look at that dog in the same way these guys looked at him. In fact, when you approach complete strangers and you start talking to them (because I recommend you do that to develop your air of uninsultability) that’s the look you want to receive. But not on this occasion.
“Terrified? What are you terrified about?” he was asked.
This guy had a complete and total dread of competition. He feared it.

F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real. That little dark room where your negatives are developed
I was amazed at how many people fear competition. I speak to lots of people and many of them are worried about what their competition is up to. I say, be interested but worry about it? Nooooo!
Hey, wise up! Competition is healthy! We need it. It keeps us on our toes. If I didn’t have competition I’d be concerned that what I was doing wasn’t worth doing.
The thing I like about competition is beating my competition.
In fact, I don’t just want to beat them…I want to grind them into the dust and hear the satisfying crunch as their bones break.
Competition is good. Watching the “talking dog look” on a competitors face as you soar ahead of them is a joy to behold.

Remember this…

  • People will try to take what they can from you.
  • At any given moment another person will attempt to get in front of you, be it in a queue or even going up an escalator.
  • If you are in a crowd and you move out of position then at least five other people will try to take your place faster than John Prescott reaching for the last pork pie at a buffet.

Do unto others before they do unto you and believe me Shylock, if you let them, they will!
I know other people, my so-called competition, repeat my work, I’ve seen it and heard it. But it’s what you do with it that counts. There are people repeating Bandler, Ross Jeffries and Anthony Robbins material all the time. Do they care? No, because they know that no one presents their stuff like they do.
Don’t worry about the competition…just be the best and leave your competition behind.

Be a success, enjoy your life and be the best at what you do, and the competition will be so mad they will cease to be competition.

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Putting someone together - Mooro Mouths Off!

Sitting here listening to a pal of mine on the phone moaning about how he 'lost' a sale the other day I can't help but think that he, like a lot of people, lose focus. No, I'm wrong...they don't lose focus, they focus on the wrong things.
By the way, how can you lose a sale you haven't got?
I know that you, like me, understand the power of positive internal dialogue. Have you got a voice in your head that tells you to do things?
The voice I'm talking about is the one that went, "Voice in my head? Me? Are you nuts?"
It's called thinking!
That voice in your head is yours. You wouldn't lie to yourself...would you? Make your internal dialogue "positive outcome" focused.
If you focus on the negative you will get in a negative mindset.
I was at a management seminar years ago. Everyone went to a local bar one evening for a break. Later in the evening one of the guys, the only one to have taken his car, drove back to the seminar center. There is a long, half a mile, driveway in front of the manor house. Due to the rain he lost control of the car as he drove down the driveway.
In the whole half mile driveway there is nothing apart from one, one, signpost.
He saw it. Guess what he hit?
He focused on where he didn't want to go.
He focused on what he didn't want to hit.
Like my pal did when I asked 'What do you want to do this month?'
He replied, 'I don't want to miss my target this month.'
Guess what he'll do? Yep!
Focus on the positive.
Focus on where you want to go.
You can't drive by looking in the rear view mirror.
To some people 'be positive' sounds like a blood group and nothing else.
It's everything else.
It's everything!

Wake up and smell the commission!

It's 7am and here I am sitting drinking my first cup of coffee of the day. I average around 8 a day. Not a great deal of coffee I think...but I could be wrong. I venture into Costa and Starbucks for a medium black Americano or a Cappucino as a break from the daily grind!! This morning I am drinking some of the best coffee I have had in a long time. It's called Gitomer Brew. I got it free with a thermos mug with 'coffee is for closers only' written on it from Jeffrey Gitomer. The website you need is www.buygitomer.com and Jeffrey Gitomer is a world recognised Sales Trainer with a wealth of knowledge and I would personally recommend that you head on over to www.buygitomer.com and sign up for the newsletter, look around his site and BUY HIS BOOKS!!! He's a pro. Are you still reading this, you should be punching www.buygitomer.com into your browser and taking a look around, you may even see me there in the newsletters!!
I'm going back to my coffee...Enjoy!

Monday, 15 May 2006

New PA arrives at Slight of Mind office

Please welcome D.Alek...our new PA in charge of all incoming calls.

NLP Eye Accessing Cues & Persuasion

They say the eyes have it.... We've all seen this NLP model before. Just by watching the movement of a persons eyes you can tell where they are accessing information. e.g. "What colour is your front door?" The chances are they will look up to your right/ their left, before answering. They are remembering.
If we ask them what they're planning to do for their summer holidays, they'll probably look up to your left/ their right, before answering. Sometimes they might hear the sounds in their pictures or if they look down to the right they are listening to their inner voice.
If they look down to the left, they are actually feeling - there is an emotional bodily response.
So why is this useful?
Well it allows us to get an idea of their thought processes - are they a Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic person. This is their representaional system
If you ask questions and you watch their eyes e.g. they look up. they are seeing pictures, so if you want to persuade them use visual words such as bright, clear, focus, image etc.
The Truth about Eye Accessing!
Remember this is a general rule! It's an NLP model and sometimes the model lies. Remember one of the NLP presuppositions: The Map is NOT the Territory. Eye Accessing Cues have come under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years in NLP, many people access information in different ways! For example if they are left handed - the model may be reversed! The key to finding out is to ask questions and observe!
The Slight of Mind tip.
1. Ask them about their favourite person their eyes will move as they search for the answer and then move to a spot where...Guess What - That's where they keep their friends!! If you want to persuade them stand in the same spot!!! You can check this by asking about people they don't like! It will be a different spot. The key is to watch...
2. Ask them questions that you know they'll have to answer yes or no to. They'll have a "yes" and a "no" spot I'll leave it up to you to figure out the endless possibilities...
3. If you ask a girl to describe her ideal partner, watch to see where she looks and then...jump into that spot!!

Friday, 12 May 2006

Carol Vorderman and a Lesson for Salespeople (yeah, really!)

After a week in which I "straw polled" six sellers to describe their new product to me, to depressingly discover that the word "fantastic" was used by four of them within the first sentence -two of them also described their new product as "amazing" in their first descriptions, - I was then rooted to my chair by Ms. Carol "Fantastic" Vorderman, who managed SEVEN "fantastics" in three consecutive sentences .....I think she was going for a new PB.....(BTW, for those of you not familiar with tv in Ireland and the U.K., she is presenting something on television EVERY time you tune in, interrupted by a commercial by Linda Barker).
Anyway, I wanted to have a rant at sellers who simply do not realise that words and language are the tools of our trade. Unfortunately there are too many of us who believe it's a game of "Outsmart them before they outsmart us".
Precise, dynamic, descriptive, vivid language and communication is what distinguishes professional sellers from the "Del Boys" of this world. Every word we utter MUST be crafted, edited, honed, and designed to build the exact image........ not a millimetre of error allowed...... that we wish to develop in the customer's mind.
An apocryphal story makes the point.... and illustrates "Precise, dynamic, descriptive, vivid "!
One day, there was a blind man sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet and a sign that read:

"I am blind, please help."

A salesman trained in NLP was walking by and stopped to observe. He saw that the blind man had only a few coins in his hat. He dropped in more coins and, without asking for permission, took the sign and rewrote it.
He returned the sign to the blind man and left. That afternoon the NLP'er returned to the blind man and noticed that his hat was full of bills and coins.
The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked if it was he who had rewritten his sign and wanted to know what he had written on it.
The NLP'er responded: "Nothing that was not true. I just wrote the message a little differently." He smiled and went on his way.
The new sign read:
"Today is Spring and I cannot see it."

Hits the nail on the head, doesn't it?

Words Tell. "Fantastic" and "Amazing" really do it for you, don't they...ugh!...

Words SELL. Descriptive, glamour image, "mind picture" language changes minds, changes the world.


P.S. Do you know that there are over 40,000 descriptive adjectives in the Oxford English Dictionary...and "Fantastic" is the best you can do?
P.P.S. And if you are daft enough to admit to this.... please go and get a job that does not involve persuasion, influencing, or negotiating. You are a danger to yourself and others.

Now…go and sell something!

The Firewalk Belief - www.david-moore.co.uk


“Can a man walk on burning red hot coals without burning his feet?”
Proverbs 6.28

Rules of Life (thanks to Lance Mason for this)

5 Rules for Men to Follow to Have a Happy Life

1. It is important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans and has a job.
2. It is important to have a woman who can make you laugh.
3. It is important to have a woman whom you can trust and who doesn't lie to you.
4. It is important to have a woman who is 'talented' in the bedroom and who really likes to be with you.
5. It is very, very important that these four women don't know each other!!!!!

Firewalking Pics www.david-moore.co.uk

The Firewalkers @ Fort Regent, St Helier Jersey.

What a great crowd...Thanks and best wishes to the great Maureen Pinwheel and all at Jersey Friends of Childline.

The Firewalk in action @ Fort Regent


"Get on the phone Steve'o
and book some business!! "

The great salesman...
Stephen King...
spelt like the writer but it ain't him!

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Slight of Mind Events

FIREWALKING - The Ultimate Event

The features of Fire walking are that it is a very spectacular, high profile, media friendly event. The training, although geared towards fire walking can be utilised in all walks of life. Though the training is indoor the firewalk itself is an outdoor activity and for safety must be ran after nightfall.
The benefits of Fire walking are that you step outside of your comfort zone, gaining the innate recognition that ‘anything is possible’ once you believe it to be so. In doing so, your comfort zone increases in size to incorporate something as extreme as fire walking. This results in anything less than walking on red-hot coals (i.e.: less extreme) being achievable. The training for fire walking assists you to overcome whatever challenges and ‘self imposed roadblocks’ are in your way. “If you can do this, you can do anything!!”

BOARDBREAKING – Smashing through Challenges

The features of Boardbreaking are that you are led from your normal state to one of total empowerment. By focusing on results rather than obstacles, you are guided through a series of exercises and mind altering and state changing strategies to empower you towards breaking through long held limiting beliefs! This training can be run at any time of the day in an indoor or outdoor environment.
The benefits are that you believe that anything is possible and a ‘can do’ mentality prevails. By smashing through the board, which is a metaphor for a ‘problem’ you will realise that all of life’s problems are now ‘challenges’ and everything is accomplishable. A positive and radical change is evident in you from that moment on, be it best practice, customer relations through to an ‘anything is possible’ way of working. This is a specific goal orientated session, excellent for raising business and personal standards to a level not before achieved.

GLASSWALKING - The Cutting Edge Event

The features of Glasswalking are that this event is a very deep and relaxing sedate training session, designed for a quiet, reticent, or introspective audience. The Autogenic redactional training can be run at anytime of the day in an indoor or outdoor environment.
The benefits of Glasswalking are that the idea of walking on glass would not have been considered possible until the redactional training and relaxation techniques which can be used and repeated at any time needed. As stress is the number one killer in the western world the relaxation techniques used have a life enhancing quality and the inner energy that flows from the exercises which changes your perception of the world around you making you a calmer and more energized person.

How long have you been selling?


How many no's are you willing to take before you give up on the sale?Remember when you were just 7 years old, in line with your mother at the local store and asked, "Mum, can I have a bar of chocolate?"
That was a closing question if ever there was one! "No" she replies.
You, the master salesperson, ignore the first no and respond, "Please, can I have a chocolate bar?"
Mum is a bit put off now; with her mind on the grocery bill, and she says, "I said NO!"
No number two is now safely out of the way, and you respond with, "Aw, come on, PLEASE!"
Now Mum (the prospect) is emphatic. "Absolutely NO!" she shouts.
That's No number three in the shredder. (Sometimes she will actually spell it out: "N-O".)
It's time to move in for the kill.
Let's find out what the objection is here.
"Why can't I have a bar of chocolate, Mum?" (Hold on, this is a classic example of a direct question going straight to the real reason for the first three No's. How did you learn these skills so early in life?)
"Because it will spoil your dinner," she responds true to form.
Now is your big chance. Overcome this fourth objection and it's in the(grocery) bag.
"No it won't, I promise to eat it after dinner." You reply in your most sincere voice.
She's on the ropes now; about to cave in, but being the true sales-reluctant prospect she isn't going to give in easily.
"Well, I don't know," she weakly states the fifth negative response.
You see your opening and immediately bellow, "Puleeeeese!" in that endearing mixture of song and whine.
"Ok," she says, "but don't you dare eat it till after dinner." (She has to get out of the loss gracefully, so she emphasizes the caveat "after dinner" to save face with the checkout girl, who is grinning.)
You made the sale, and it only took 5 No's to get it. You were prepared to go to at least 10. Possibly risk a smack and in some cases prepared to throw a psychotic fit in public.
Think about it, when you were seven, you were willing to risk public embarrassment, corporal punishment and verbal abuse to get a sale.
Somewhere between junior school and getting your business cards printed you forgot just how tenacious you need to be to make a sale. If you're looking for the best examples of how to overcome the obstacles and objections to sales, just reminisce. The bar of chocolate, first date, staying out later than usual, keys to Dads car, raise in pocket money, getting served in a bar when you were under age…they are ALL sales!
All were full of No's and objections. You hung in there against all odds. You were willing to risk everything. Your closing rate was likely to be greater than 90%.How much money would you be making if your closing ratio was that high today? Forget the bar of chocolate, you'd have enough to buy the shop.
On average it takes seven impressions, exposures, No's or objections to get the sale.
What's the secret to getting the sale?



Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Ross Jeffries

This is me with the great Ross Jeffries. Check out his blog on here. The originator of the whole Speed Seduction system.


Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Dave Firewalking and with his Agent

This is me sending a pal over the Firewalk in Jersey. The terrified people at the back went over it next.

This is me with my agent who also works as Head of the Complaints Department. Strange thing...I get a lot of work and no complaints! What's the chances of that happening?!

The Glasswalk

This is me leading the ex West Ham/ Arsenal and England footballer Ian Wright over a Glasswalk for the TV show "I'd do anything".

This is usually a closing metaphor at the end of a training session.

Sometimes a special occasion arises and this was one of them!

Tuesday, 2 May 2006


I am asked again and again how board breaking, firewalking and glasswalking are possible. Truth is...they ain’t. But I train people to do the impossible...so that’s ok...OKAY!!!??? I will explain all three at a later date with some pic’s from my exploits.I have also been asked about state management and the voices in your head that fuck with you on a day 2 day basis. Well...I will get into the whole 'inner voice' thing soon but I am gonna talk about the RAS. Reticular Activating System. This is something that a couple of people have asked me about. Its a filter in your brain that allows certain criteria through. It works in conjunction with the information you give it. Ask it something/ tell it something: and it responds....Ever lost you car keys at home??? The first thing you say to yourself is..."I can’t find my keys!!" That isn’t anything but a "command". You run around the house looking in the lounge, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, purpose built dungeon etc...Nothing! As you walk into the lounge you say again, "I cant find my keys" Your keys are on the table. Your eyes see the keys and go "err, they're on the table!" and you brain says, "Sssshh! He thinks he's lost them." So your eyes say, "ok, we'll come with you." and around the house you go again only this time you look with more urgency. The place looks like the bomb squads had a look around. You walk into the lounge and go "WHERE ARE MY KEYS!" and then you notice them on the table.

The language you are using is conditioning your outcome. Ever tell someone, "Don't spill your drink". Next thing, splash! They hadn't thought of it until you, indirectly, told them to think about it.

The RAS is made up of three parts.

1. Survival. If you are crossing the road you are aware of the noise and what you are seeing. You see people walking around, you can hear traffic, people talking, birds singing etc when...suddenly...an unusual sound. A car engine that doesn't sound the same as the others, louder, more menacing. Your RAS is saying..."Danger!"

2. Novelty. Hang a painting on the wall. It’s the latest thing in there. That’s all you see when you walk in. It’s new. Put a new rug on the floor. Walk in and you look at the new rug. The painting is second. Put a new chair in their and...you get the message.

3. Emotional. You are linked to other people, friends-lovers-family. Ever been in a crowded shopping center or one of those ginormous bookstore or supermarket? Hundreds of people and you have lost the person you were with and then, through the crowds, among hundreds of people you spot them either directly or out of the corner of your eye.

How? It’s the filter. It gives you the information you want and it stops the information you dont want, depending upon the question you ask yourself.

A pal says, "If you are changing your car, why don’t you get a BMW 4x4?" You don’t know what one looks like. You drive around saying to yourself, "I don’t know what a BMW 4x4 looks like" again and again. You don’t see one. You go to a showroom, look, see, like, buy and drive home in your brand new BMW 4x4. What car do you now see everywhere? Yep!
This is just a snapshot of part of my SuperLife course and I will post some more for you.Onward and upward.