Monday, 26 January 2015

Now is the Time

What are you afraid of?

Why are you putting things off?

Why are you delaying decisions, delaying calls and delaying talking to that 'difficult' person?

The definition of a Procrastinator is; Someone who can't take NOW for an answer?

Are you one of those people who thinks "Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after?"

You're a Procrastinator!

Procrastination is a killer.  It can kill achievement, business, personal development, quality of life.  You name it!
Procrastination, or delaying your decision or action, can be the difference between success and failure.  No grey area.

This scenario is so common...

You get a parking ticket.  £60. Three weeks to pay.  You put it on a table in the hallway with the intention of paying it 'when I get around to it'!  

Three weeks later you remember the fine and realise that you have one day left to pay before it increases to £80.  You are busy next day, but not busy enough not to take time and pay the fine.  You decide that it is only another £20 so you will pay it 'when I get around to it'!.

The next thing you know you have a bill for £180 and a further £300 to get your car back from the carpound

What happened? What happened was that you were 'doing' procrastination.

You 'do' procrastination.  Just like you 'do' happy, sad, excited and confused.

Kick that procrastination into touch.

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do RIGHT NOW!

"The wealth you are seeking right now, the millions you are seeking, whatever wealth amount you are seeking: is inside the cave you fear to enter!" 

Friday, 23 January 2015


Fear is very...Scary?
Fear is very...Frightening?

Fear is very Fashionable!

It is so fashionable to talk about fear in the negative.
So much so that everyone is telling us to face our fears.
I also hear that it is good to live with 'NO Fear'!
Thanks for that Einstein!!!  Imagine having absolutely no fear. I doubt you would live very long.

"Courage isn't the absence of fear; it's the ability to function in spite of fear."

Fear gets a bad press in my opinion.

Fear is an emotion, just like any other emotion that we create.  We can look at fear as a bad thing, or a good thing, to have.

Fear doesn't always stop us from doing something. It also makes us do something we want, must or need to, more often than we realise.

Fear isn't always a limiter, many times it is a liberator.

It is an emotion that sits within us waiting for us to use it.

I have heard the phrase "People are either running towards something, or running away from something".  It is true.  But running from the fear of NOT achieving is a very useful experience.  Wanting to grow, advance and become more is also a version of being afraid of remaining where we are, who we are, and what we are.  Fear can be a launchpad for Transformation because sometimes, we just HAVE to make a massive change.

Embrace your fear for what it really is.  See it for what it really is.  Understand it and you may see that it really isn't a fear after all, it's a sign.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Is being Awesome all there is?

So many people talk about being AWESOME.

"This is awesome, that is awesome, I am feeling awesome.

There is a clue to the power of Awesome if you break the word down into syllables...

It is all about inclusion and connection and once we gain a critical mass we have the power and awesomeness to Transform the world...

Monday, 12 January 2015


So...If it Quacks like a Duck and Looks like a Duck then it has to be a Duck, right?

Not from what I see, not every time anyway...

I run a lot of seminars. Law of Attraction, Persuasion, Sales Training, Inner Game, NLP, Motivation, State Management, Attitudinal Training, Firewalking, Glasswalking....It's a big list.

I have sat in on a lot of personal development seminars run by other 'trainers'in my time. I have even gone undercover at a few just to see what some people are actually saying and doing in front of groups of people, otherwise known as paying Clients/ Customers/ Delegates.

I have also kept a low profile at some Firewalking events up and down the country and I am amazed at what I hear sometimes.

Old, out of date, training exercises being rolled out again and again, either through inexperience, lack of training or just plain old lazyness. On occasion I have actually feared for the safety of the public on some of these events. I saw an Arrow Bend once which could have ended up on the SkyNews.

Some are re-hashing old out of date exercises, or its the new 'expert' that has either read a book or read someone elses notes or even just took a company over and decided they know what they are doing.

Some of the messages conveyed to the audiences leave a lot to be desired.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. That's for sure.

The challenge you have is 'how do you know the person you are listening to, or the person training you, is the right one to follow.

I have to refer you back to a previous blog post with a story that hammers home the point:
It’s a story about a man that would walk down past the jewelry store every morning and he would take out his gold watch and he would look in the window and he would set his watch by the big clock in the window. And then he‘d be on his way. This went on day after day, week after week, month after month. Every morning for a few years the jeweler saw this man doing this.

Well, one day the jeweler is out in front of the store and he is sweeping the sidewalk and the man stops, takes out his watch and sets it. And the jeweler said, “Pardon me, where do you work?” He said, “I work down at the big factory and it’s important that I have the watch set properly because I blow the whistle at noon telling everybody it’s time to go to lunch.”

The jeweler said, “Isn’t that funny? Because I have been setting that clock by that whistle every day at noon.”

The moral here is, are you following the right person? Do they know what they are talking about? Where do they get their information from? How old is it? Does it work?

When I was at college the craze was (and still is if you look at the dumbing down of examinations) to not buy new text books but to read the textbooks others had used and read the writing, the notes made in pen in the margins, and check out the underlined passages. I couldn't figure that one out. The person who had the book before you could have been a mad man!!!

There is a lot that is lost in translation. Things get diluted, distilled and the original message can be lost.

Always check to see what their history is, who they know, who they have worked with. Better still, find out who THEY are following!

You see, once you start questioning you realise that sometimes, if it Walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck and Looks like a could be a cartoon duck and NOT the real thing!

There is a lot of rubbish on the web, lies, untruths, fabrications, written by people with nothing but time on their hands and a bad heart.  If you want to work with someone always ask them to provide a checkable history.  Anyone working with me gets one whether they want it or not.

One other thing. There is a Phobia that is very relevant in the Self Help or Personal Development arena. The Phobia is Anatidaephobia ...It is the Fear that somewhere in the world there is a Duck watching you.....There are a lot of ducks in this business. I know who they are and I know they are watching me....Once on a plane I saw this.... 

So as you can see, things are not all they are quacked up to be! ;-)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Real Estate In A Real State

It must be an English Countryside thing.  London? No.  New York? No.

ONLY in England's sleepy (read dozy) idyllic and picturesque green and pleasant land can salespeople, real estate salespeople in particular, get away with such under performance.
Not much business done here, I bet

I see lots of examples of signs like this on the right...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It isn't difficult to spot these things, they are everywhere...

Even people behaving in a way that makes you want to bang their head against the wall...
Does she think it's an exercise bike?
Like this woman on the left...
"You can't mend Stupid!"

I have to give a special mention to a few people who work in an industry that I have trained salespeople industry that we all have a need for at some point.  Unfortunately, it isn't a great mention but then, it was never going to be, as I am basing my comments on the experiences I have had for the last 2 months in and around Tunbridge Wells in East Sussex, in England.

Estate Agents, Realtors, call them what you want...the ones here are terrible.  I don't know, I cannot tell, if their incompetency is natural, or they have been trained to be mediocre.  Either way, they would be dead in a minute in a busy professional agency in London, New York, Chicago, you name it...

I am in a very fortunate position of being able to buy a property for cash.  I don't say that to impress you, I say it to impress upon you that this is a very serious position for ANY Real Estate agent because I have worked my Ass off for many years to be in this position and I KNOW from my past history that I am the ideal buyer.

1. I don't need a mortgage
2. I can move very fast
3. I don't need to sell my current property to purchase another.
4. I am paying CASH.

All four of those statements should, SHOULD, translate immediately in the mind of the Salesperson as 'I am going to get paid VERY quickly!'
You see,  I sold a couple of rental properties I had owned over the years and I am looking at buying a fairly substantial property for CASH.  I am a real estate salespersons dream!

Now I know that all of you real, genuine, fully trained or naturally gifted salespeople reading this will think, 'Cash?  That is KING! Wow, I would jump over anything to get a piece of that action...'
Yep, so would I.
Do you know who isn't?
Yep, you are right.

The Real Estate agents in Sussex.  Sleepy towns, sleepy salespeople.

I saw a house for sale.  I got the details.  I turn up to view.  No estate agent.  No seller at home.  Eventually the estate agent turns up, but without the keys.  He believes they are under a flower pot on the driveway.  He calls the seller who tells him the keys are under a mat in the side entrance lobby.

Before we enter he says with a smile, 'One thing I need to tell you is that the seller isn't including the garage or the lower gardens.  They intend to keep those and apply for planning permission.'

'Are they nuts?' I ask.
'I understand what you mean' he replies.
'Anyone buying this property would naturally want all of it and not just part of it that has been carved out of the original boundaries.  They will not get planning permission because of the close proximity to Ashdown Forest which has a preservation order on it and even if they DID get to the first stage of permissions it would be opposed by everyone around here, not least the new owner of this property who would not want anything built on land at the bottom of their gardens.  Nor would they want a piece of land left to rot or slide into disrepair because the owners can't be bothered any more.  It's all or nothing.'
'I take your points on board' he replied.
'Why isn't that mentioned on the details?' I asked him.
'Why isn't what mentioned?' He asked me, amazed.
'What I just mentioned to YOU!'
'I don't know, I will look into it.'

He told me that he had called the sellers and left a message. a day went by and I called him, only to hear he had not heard back and was waiting.  Waiting?  Do these people WANT to sell?  'Do YOU want to sell this property?' I asked him, 'get on the phone and chase them and get some sort of answer please.'  I am still waiting after three days.

No preparation, no quality information.

These are the same agents who arranged a viewing at a farm last Saturday for me and when I got there I was met by a teenager who works at the weekends and had never been to the property before and knew nothing about it.  A frantic phone call to her office brought someone else who HAD knowledge of the place over in 15min.  Did I need to make that happen?  Was it MY responsibility, as the potential buyer, to make that happen?  NO!  But if I hadn't, it would not have happened.

I have seen an immaculate property with stables and a two floored building in the grounds which would make an ideal office and training centre.  To me the property is ideal.  I made an offer a little under the asking price because there is some work to be done inside the property and I value the place a little less than the asking price.

No one, I think, should EVER pay ticket price, always haggle.

I spent ages there, looking the place over and made an offer with the stipulations that it was a cash purchase, No chain, I don't need to sell, I want to complete quickly.

Next day I get a call from the agent telling me that another potential buyer has offered the same amount as me but it is dependent upon them securing a mortgage.  I asked why they were telling me because that is a dead offer compared to my cash one.  They then asked me to give them a letter from my bank to confirm I have the funds before they could present it to the seller.

I can't tell you the exact words I used in my reply for obvious reasons but I made it clear that on the many occasions I had bought a house in the past that relied on either mortgage or the sale of an existing property NOBODY asked me to prove I had a mortgage or a buyer.  Why do I need to prove I have the cash?

She couldn't answer that.

Agents in this part of England are so laid back they are horizontal!

They don't chase the seller, they don't call you to let you know what's going on, they give you details about properties but withhold facts that could make it a 'no thanks' before you have viewed.

They commit EVERY SINGLE sales crime there is to commit.  If I was in London, New York or any large city, I would have been dealt with and helped and would have been sitting in a new home by now, or near as damn it.

They have no drive, no nerve, no skills and above all, they give salespeople a bad name!

Monday, 5 January 2015

The Cheese is Gone....Look Elsewhere!

Are you living the life that you want to live or do you look at other people and think ‘hey, they have my life’? (Followed closely by ‘how did they get that life anyway’?)

Are you living life or just existing? (be honest!)

Do you keep doing the same thing again and again in the hope that you will get a different result?  (Some people call that the definition of madness but you would be shocked at how many people do that on a consistent basis)

This isn't about 'Who Moved My Cheese'. In itself a good book about team work but not what I am talking about here. No, this is about getting what you want out of your life. Realising that waiting for something to come to you will not work.

If we put a rat in a maze with four tunnels and always put cheese in the fourth tunnel, after a while that rat will learn always to go to the fourth tunnel to get cheese.

A human will learn to do that too. You want cheese? Zip zip zip down the fourth tunnel, there's the cheese.

Next day you want cheese? Zip zip zip down the fourth tunnel and there's the cheese.

Now after a while the Great Lab Technician in the Sky moves the cheese to another tunnel. Zip zip zip goes the rat to the fourth tunnel. No cheese in the fourth tunnel. The rat comes out.

Goes down the fourth tunnel again. No cheese. Comes out.

Goes down the fourth tunnel again. No cheese. Comes out.

Goes down the fourth tunnel again. No cheese. Comes out.

At this point the rat will stop going down the fourth tunnel and look elsewhere.

Now the difference between rats and human beings is simple:


HUMAN BEINGS COME TO BELIEVE IN THE FOURTH TUNNEL. Rats don't believe in anything; they're interested in cheese. But the human being develops a BELIEF in the fourth tunnel and he comes to MAKE IT RIGHT TO GO DOWN THE FOURTH TUNNEL WHETHER THERE'S CHEESE IN IT OR NOT.

"This is where it's always been, this is where it is always found, this is where it will ALWAYS be, it isn't here yet but it will come!"

The human being would rather be right than get his cheese.

Could this simple fact be why, for a long time now, you haven't been getting any cheese and your lives aren't working as well as you would want them too?  Maybe you've got too many beliefs in too many fourth tunnels?

Well, that's fine. That's why I created the Human Potential Technology Transformation program.  By using the Regeneretics system I have created we will blow up all your life-denying, cheese-denying beliefs so that you can begin locating what you really want. We're going to help you throw away whole belief systems, totally tear you down so you can put yourself back together in a way that lets your life work, and lets YOU work.

It will not be easy. You've been dedicated to knowing that you're RIGHT; your whole life is based on the principle that you're right. And the fact you're miserable, that your life doesn't work, that you haven’t gotten much cheese for ages -- that makes no difference.  You are RIGHT.

Your belief systems are the best that money can buy or minds can create; they're the right belief systems and the fact that your life is all messed up is just an unfortunate and unrelated accident. Isn’t that right?

Your correct, intelligent, reasonable belief systems are directly related to your not getting any cheese. 

You'd rather be right than be happy and you've been marching down fourth tunnels for years to prove it. You know you've been spending your time in empty tunnels because every now and then -- accidents will happen -- you experience some cheese: a freedom, a joyfulness, an aliveness so different from your usual flow that you wonder whether someone slipped something in your morning orange juice. And ‘Wow!’ you say to yourself, ‘This is great, I'm gonna hold on to this,’ and you reach out to get a good grip on it and woosh! it disappears. The harder you try to get it back again the worse you feel.

You'll NEVER get it by trying to get it where it just was. The Great God of Life in the white suit is always moving the cheese. You'll never be happy by trying to be happy, because ‘trying’ doesn’t work.  As soon as you have an idea about what you want and exactly where it is, you've ruined your chance of being happy and alive, because an idea or belief destroys experience and you are never going to be alive unless you live in the realm of experience...

The new HPT-Transformation program will not only show you, but demonstrate to you, that you can have exactly what you want, live the life that you want, and experience everything right now.  Your belief systems will be broken down and re-assembled.  Your perceptions of life will be changed.  You may be alive, but HPT-Transformation will show you how to live!

Further announcements of the life changing seminar from HPT-Transformation will be posted soon.