Friday, 21 February 2014

Thank You Jersey!!

We have had so much fun this last couple of days running the HPT-Transformation program in Jersey.

We had 280 people in the Fort Regent complex on the cliff above St Helier. That's it, the white spaceship on top of the hill in the pic.

I have held 11 firewalks for various charities at Fort Regent and it was a real pleasure to be able to premier the basic HPT program here at this wonderful Venue.

For many, the journey from being trapped, blinkered, and stuck to total transformation into a free, focused, vibrant, confident and realised being was difficult and some serious work took place to strip people back to nothing, but we did it.

I would like to thank my two facilitators Carl and Karen for ensuring that everyone ‘got it’. I am proud of you both, you are true 'Belongers'.

An 8:30am start and an 11:30pm finish seem like long days but, as I said in the training, “it’s important, it’s the future…your Future!”

Some of the biggest takeaways this week were:

1. Don’t focus on your past, you don’t live there anymore.
2. I don’t profess to have all the answers, I just know what works.
3. This is the crack in the wall through which you will see the world.
4. Here is where it is, now is where it is, you are what it is.
5. Remove the pressure you didn’t know you had.
6. The past has nothing to do with who you are and how you act in the present.
7. People don’t get stuck in what happened to them, they get stuck in the significance of that event.
8. It’s not about what you know or what you don’t know. It’s about what you don’t know about what you don’t know.
9. There are certain things you can only know by creating them yourself.
10. Instead of looking around for a leader, we should look for the leader within ourselves.
11. Irrespective of conditions or outside influence, transformation can happen at any time. People have the ability to Transform.
12. It’s not what you think that changes your life; it is the space in which that thinking takes place.
13. Common Sense isn’t all that common.
14. You have to live your life in a ‘you AND me’ world and not a ‘you OR me’ world.
15. The majority of people are motivated by the avoidance of what they don’t want rather than the attainment of what they do want.
16. If you create a context of wellbeing in your life, the circumstances in your life will reflect that.
17. You are living in the past at today’s prices.

Thank you again to Fort Regent, The Pomme D’or Hotel, The L’Horizon Hotel, the Old Court House, and everyone that has made this three day event the success it was.

Thank you to every one of the people that attended and took part in the Training.  
I know you will now soar.
What you don't know is, I learned so much from all of you...Thank you
Dave Moore

Monday, 17 February 2014

Contextual Framing


Definition: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

One of the factors of the HPT-Transformation training is the directness.

The confrontational manner in which the training is presented shocks some people at the very start. After a while they take the loud, direct, powerful and confrontational manner of the training to be the norm.  They don't get 'used' to it...they simply accept it as 'that's how it is'. 

I have always believed that the training has to be that way.  It has always had that element of confrontation, wherever and to whoever I have presented it. A Seminar room with paying attendees or within a maximum security prison, the format is ALWAYS the same, because it works.

It is a wake up call and there must be a shock to the system to jolt the recipient of the training into change, reaction, self questioning and accountability.  The context of the training program, indeed the context of the training environment we create (in essence, the space for HPT to be completely effective) is a strict regime.

This in itself is unusual as it puts a group of people into an environment where the contextual frame and content is far removed from what they are used to on a quotidian basis.

Today, in St Helier in Jersey, the training session for a taster of HPT-Transformation took place.  One of the things that struck me was the contextual frame from which the training took place in comparison to the contextual frame the attendees were used to.  It became apparent to me and my two colleagues that context is a major factor in growth, experience and usuality.

Most people work from within a contextual framework. Unfortunately, this frame is too limiting for them on a long term basis.  Like a comfort zone, unless it is stretched and widened, no growth can take place or be achieved.
Life begins where your comfort zone ends!

When some people see an accident on the motorway where people die horribly and one can see the blood and mangled car and, in some cases the people, some people will faint.  Unfortunately, human nature means that people in other cars will slow down to have a look at the accident because they don't want to miss any experience.  In truth, they are just nosey.  They feel entitled to see.  The excitement takes over but then another feeling kicks in for many of them, they feel faint, nauseous and they pass out.

Anyone watching surgery for the first time will likely as not faint.  Anyone watching any medical procedure, from an autopsy to a minor operation, will feel, or may indeed, faint.

The reason is because the scene they are witnessing sits outside of the contextual framework they live in.

A surgeon, a traffic cop, a paramedic...they see this every single day, so it is WITHIN their quotidian Contextual Framework.

The HPT Training is not unusual to us because it sits within our contextual frame.  Some of the questions, presentations, directness, and even the training process itself is so far outside the context of the people taking the training it allows us to cut through the barriers, obstructions and masks that people wear on a daily basis.

We speak to the real person.  Not who they are at the time, or who they think they are.  We talk to who they REALLY are, behind all the masks and stuff that hides that.

Our authenticity is our contextual framework.  We sit outside their context and then we enter their framework and THIS allows us to strip them Back to Nothing, speak to the real them, and help them Transform.

"This is all about becoming the person you were DESTINED to be!   You need to release the REAL you!  That's right! The REAL you, the one that you were, the one that all this useless 'stuff' is hiding.......We need to strip you back. Back to that the person you were meant to be recognizes the person you really are, and takes you into a future of endless possibility!" ~ Dave Moore

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Don’t Try – Just Do it!

Yoda said,
“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try”.

(Well it was Frank Oz actually but I didn't want to ruin the moment!)

If I tell you, “I tried to open the door”, you know I didn’t open it. If someone tells you they will “try to be there” you can guarantee that they will not be there.

Try is another word for fail, unless you play rugby of course.

Don’t even think about trying to do something, do it and be determined that you will ‘do it’. If not, you will merely try.

Here are a couple of things to forget.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”.
Why bother? If you don’t succeed, make sure you do it next time. Or hide all evidence you attempted it.


“The whole world loves a tryer”.
Of course they do. People love tryers because they never really achieve anything and it makes them feel better to have someone less successful than them around.

You must be a do’er and not a try’er.

Achieve things and be a success.
If you are not, don’t try to be. Just Be a success! 

Be the person you were DESTINED to be!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Business Unusual

If you are going to do Business, you really need to do Business Unusual.

Not just today, but everyday, and not just for the people or companies that you think would appreciate it or 'get it'.

Doing things differently from others is the only way you can guarantee that you will 'stand out', which is really what 'OutStanding' is all about.

In this day and age, being different is the key factor.  It is the factor that sets you apart from your competition.

I enjoy getting away into the country, to get away from the hectic pace of London and airports and meetings and training and phone calls and more meetings...etc (yawn) to just chill out, so my place in the Ashdown Forest (Winnie the Pooh country!) is my retreat.  With a mountain of paperwork and a large pot of coffee I work my way through a weekend.  Occasionally I do nothing but read books or the newspapers.  Tom and his wife May keep an eye on the property when no one is there.  Tom spends most of his time walking around the grounds and the forest with a 12 bore shotgun looking for anything he can shoot for May to cook for dinner.  Having seen him miss quite a few I think it is one of the reasons I rarely go out walking in the forest when down there!

A few weeks ago I made a decision that shocked everyone...I was going out on the Saturday afternoon.

I walked through the forest and said hello to a few people walking their dogs, navigated a few herds of sheep who stand next to the narrow roads and act like live speed cameras, making drivers slow down in case they suicidally jump in front of the cars, and the steady stream of horse riders who were travelling in groups through the forest.

Eventually, after 45 minutes, I reached the main entrance to the forest and the main road that leads into Tunbridge Wells.  There is a village called Crowborough nearby which I lived in for 2 years and when I walked through it, I was amazed to find it now had 12 hairdressers/ barbers.  TWELVE!

Who in the planning office thought THAT was a good idea.   Each one I walked past had 1 or 2 people inside either having their hair cut or waiting.  I was looking for one particular hardressers.  Not the cheapest, not the most expensive...but the best.

I found it on the road leading off of the high street.

'Diamond Geezers' is the barbers.  As I walked in I saw three men cutting hair and 8 people waiting.

The owner, one of the men cutting hair, is Josh and he made me feel welcome, told me to help myself to the coffee machine, read a newspaper or watch TV.  I would be waiting 15min.

30min later, having got my hair trimmed, I paid him £15, which was a lot less than the £55 in London, and left knowing I would be back.....

I walked back past the other hairdressers, most of them empty, some charging £22 per haircut, with no facilities, no welcome, no atmosphere, no laughter, no banter, no enjoyment....and no idea where they were going wrong.  Their opening times were 9 to 5.30 Monday to Saturday, closed Wednesday afternoon.

Diamond Geezers is open from 730 am (for people on their way to work) and closes at 7pm at night (for people on their way home from work). They are open every day and are busy all day.  They open for four hours on Sunday for people who cant make it during the week.

They do Business Unusual....they do everything that the others don't do.

The Belongers!

How interesting it is to see that in some areas of this vast world, areas known as British Overseas Territories STILL have the right to classify people as 'Belonger' and 'Non Belonger' as you can read here: BELONGER STATUS.

I remember Richard Branson saying that he had fallen in love with the signage that the British Virgin Islands arrivals building has in the immigration hall saying ' Belongers' and 'NonBelongers' in place of 'Resident' and NonResident'.   I have fallen for that sign too.

I really fell for the term when I arrived at the Airport in Provodenciales in Turks and Caicos and saw for real the same signs in the arrivals hall.
I totally wanted to be a BELONGER!

How extraordinarily Powerful is the word 'Belonger'?

Nothing says more about how a country feels about you than when it tells you it thinks you belong there.

Perhaps we should use the term more often?

I have started to use the word for people who work for me at the Moore Consortium.  I think a lot of Communities should use the term BELONGERS for their members too.

What if your company had Belongers rather than Employees?  Would your 'belongers' feel more involved, included, appreciated?

When your people 'belong' where they are, it breeds a whole new form of loyalty.  They believe that they make a difference, not only to the company but to everyone around them.

What a great difference it makes when a nation decides that it's people BELONG HERE there rather than just 'living' or 'existing' here.

How Powerful would it be for a company, or a community, to decide that it's employees or members 'Belonged There' rather than just 'worked there', or were just members?

How about getting rid of the name Human Resources or HR Dept?  I hear employees call it Human Remains or Human Reburial Department!  I admit, many years ago during meetings at Cable London/ Telewest (when I had a real job;-)  ) we used to introduce the woman from HR as 'Jan from Human Remains'!  Everyone laughed, including her.

How about...Belongers?

I am a great believer in Transformational Language and Change....and this combines the two.  Change our terminology and our language will transform our people.