Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Who To Listen To

Many people still do I know which group
to join, teachings to embrace, or person I should trust, believe in, and/or follow?

First, you can never be wrong.

No matter what you do or choose, you will simply create something that allows you to define more clearly what you do want, and you can then create that.

Take life lightly. Care, but not that much!

When you are READY, you will attract into your experience, and you can and will "see and feel" the Truth in a "teaching" and/or the "power" of a "teacher".
When you are not ready, (too caught up in intellect/mind/thoughts/ego instead of heart "feelings") you MIGHT not see/feel Truth or the power that is being made available to you! 

If a thief met a true "saint", all he would see is what he could steal from him/her! He would never be aware that he was in the presence of a "saint" and his life COULD be transformed forever! Even though being in the "saint's" presence would/could be transformative, he would have no awareness of his own transformation. Thus he would reap no benefits.

If a poor man on a remote island was given 1 million Pounds/ Dollars/Euros, he might have no awareness of what the cash or money is and the value of what he was given. He might burn it for heat! He might take the "money/cash" and use it to make a roof so he would not get wet! 

One must be ready and have awareness of the value of what one is receiving to truly benefit. Many of you have been given more gifts than you realize. You have everything! It is just your lack of understanding this Truth that is holding you back from making all your dreams come true and being more joyous and blissful than you could ever imagine.

The HPT-Transformation Course, the events/meetings/seminars/webinars etc, all are designed, among other things, to increase your awareness of what is already inside you, yet dormant, and awaken it! The "energy" in all the training, not the intellectual knowledge, activates your dormant power and awareness. Without the "energy", the training is just interesting intellectually, but lacks the true power to transform. With intellectual knowledge you just "know about" things, but you do not truly personally experience them, so you never really KNOW.

Most of us have no awareness of what needs to be transformed within us, or what we are "wrong" about. When you come into contact with the true "energy" (pure love), you are transformed in the way you need, but might not expect. You are never the same. Based on your own awareness level, you will be able to "feel/know" what training is right for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing who/what to embrace, but always follow your feelings and what you FEEL is right. You cannot make a mistake anyway, so do not worry! 

Life is a journey with many detours, just have fun and enjoy your adventure!

Questions you might ask or things to look for in people "training". 
These are some indicators that a person is not fully "plugged in" to Source and not coming from LOVE. These are indicators that the person is still caught up in mind/thought/intellect/ego and their training lacks the power to transform:

Do they show a lack of appreciation?
Are they still reading books or do they believe they don't need to, because they know it already?...known as a low teach ability index (the Dalai Lama reads everyday and says he learns something new everyday!)
Do they operate/think/talk/act out of fear, lack, worry, anxiety, concern etc?
Do they speak condescendingly and show conceit?
Are they critical/judging/condemning and find the imperfections in things and people?
Do they believe in absolutes, and THEIR understanding of right and wrong, good and bad are the ONLY correct viewpoints?
Are they very concerned with how others view, think and talk about them?
Are they very concerned about how others live their lives, and without being asked, are obsessed with trying to "change/fix" others to THEIR "correct" way of living/beliefs?
Are they attached to the body and to material things?
Do they have a need for prestige, status, acceptance, power, control over others and all conditions around them?
They are Revengeful, unforgiving, arrogant?
Have they a fear of losing what they have?
Concerned with what they have and what is "theirs"?
Do they focus on analyzing, intellectualizing, over thinking, instead of following their feelings?
Afraid of making a mistake and being wrong?
Must make others wrong so they themselves look right?
Are they Self righteous?

And the list can go on. You see, all of the above is fear based, not love based. When a person is acting from an abundance of fear (they might have lots of love too, but enough fear to show itself), they are really acting from lack of personal experience and knowingness. Fear is always based on this ignorance. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Makes sense now?

Look at yourself and do a little self analysis with the above list. I am sure there are things you can improve on. 

Be happy right now as no matter where you are, you are fine the way you are. 

If you choose to be in more of a state of love than fear, then go for that, but remember, you are still fine right now the way you are. (That's a hard concept to understand).

Not that anyone is perfect, no one is, that is still in a body! AND you CAN, and ARE encouraged to learn from everyone! AND many of these people who show many of the above traits are very well intentioned and might have great information. The truly life changing experiences YOU will have that will help unleash YOUR unlimited dormant power however, will ONLY come from those who are the opposite of the above. Simply take each characteristic above and think of what the opposite is. If you find a person with THOSE traits (or close as, because no one is perfect!), you might be on to the real deal. The ultimate test is how you FEEL about the person/group and what EXPERIENCE you get from that person/group. And, look at yourself too! Love, not fear (lack of love) is where the power comes from....
...until next are loved..

Keep being EPIC in all you do...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ergo, it's the EGO!

If you want to be able to manifest what you want fast and easily, and have inner
peace/bliss/joy/contentment, then there are 2 areas you should look at as indicators as to your progress.

Do you have a strong sense of self importance, and do you have a strong craving for acceptance from others (a desire for others to think and say good things about you)? 
Ask yourself to what degree does it upset you when others do not give you credit, say or think bad things about you, or do bad things to you? 
Do you feel self conscious that other people are "looking at you", and/or how others "see" or perceive you? These indicators tell you how much the mind/ego is in charge.

When the mind/ego is in charge, you cannot have lasting or complete inner serenity, tranquility, equanimity, peace, harmony, bliss, joy, happiness, satisfaction and contentment. You will always have a roller coaster ride of emotions. When your mind/ego is in charge, even if you do manifest "material things" like money, it will never give you lasting satisfaction. You will always feel you need a little more and will always have a deep inner sense that "something is missing" in my life. You will always be disillusioned, and unfulfilled.

Think of all the rich and famous who "have it all" but have no satisfaction/contentment because their ego/mind is in charge, and they wind up committing suicide. 

Now think of the thousands of people sleeping rough on the streets, the homeless.  They have no idea when they will eat next, drink next, where they will sleep that night, and have a very uncertain future ahead of them with no money and possessions but...they get up every single day and carry on.
You can lose the ego/mind and let your inner SELF, the real you, shine out. When this happens you truly do have it all: peace that surpasses all human comprehension and all the material "stuff" your heart desires. You attain complete satisfaction, and contentment. I am now teaching this in the HPT-Transformation Seminars.  Part of which you can hear by clicking HERE.

Keep being EPIC in all that you do.

Dave Moore

Levels of Awareness

There are lots of books/seminars/audio programs telling people about the secret to happiness
(most are taught by people who have deep inner unhappiness).

Let me tell you instead the secret to Unhappiness (that I learned from my Mentor):......

'Try to please everyone.' 

I guarantee that if you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing nobody, not even yourself.

Think about this. There really are only 3 "main" levels of awareness. There are those who are obsessed (to various degrees) with how other people perceive them, think about them, talk about them. Other people have complete control over these people’s emotions. If someone says something bad about them, does something bad to them, insults them, disrespects them etc, they feel miserable. Is this you to some degree? 

Then there are those who only think and care about how they think of and perceive others. What people think or say about them is not relevant and has no impact on these people. These people do not care what anyone thinks of them. They are focused on what THEY think of THEM. This gives you more power. No one then has any control or impact on your emotions. You are in control.

Then there are those who understand that we are all "one" awareness/consciousness. That we are all the SAME SELF. Thus these people only focus on SELF, from a witness/observer perspective. Thus they focus on loving at all times SELF, without condition and without exception. They see their physical "body" and all other physical "bodies" as costumes of the same SELF, and from the perspective of SELF, they witness and observe it all. This is ultimate power.

If a person is at level 1, their emotions will always be a roller coaster and they will never feel in control and at peace. They will never feel lasting satisfaction and contentment. The less you are of level 1 and the more you are of level 2, the more lasting inner bliss you will experience. Getting to level 3 even to some degree will open up a new Universe for you. 

The HOW to do this is being taught in the HPT-Transformation Seminar, part of which you will find HERE

I look forward to working with you...somewhere...

Dave Moore


Ever since I have known Terry he has been
complaining about how horrible this life is.
He is miserable most of the time. You would think he was being tortured everyday by guards, given nothing to eat, and forced to work 16 hours a day in a slave labor POW camp.

I don't see him very often (little wonder) but when i do his constant "oh poor me" attitude, and how horribly he is suffering is actually amazing to watch.

To me, Everything in life is simply what you make of it. Everything you are dealing with is what you decide it will be. You and only you have to power to decide how you are going to react or respond to whatever you are facing in your life.

A discussion started over dinner with a few academics in a local restaurant last night about being optimistic or pessimistic. The usual arguments about "realistic" and dealing with the facts and the true undeniable reality were vigorously debated.

Then they came up the analogy of the glass being half empty or half full.

Everyone had an interesting opinion. I simply listened to this discussion and remained silent. No one asked my opinion to begin with because they all know what i do for a living and I felt no need to give one. I listened intently to understand and appreciate everyone's various viewpoints and ideas. I learned a lot.

As the "debate" was winding to a close, one of my friends asked me to comment and I said " Well, as a matter of fact you all are missing the point about the glass being half full or half empty. That does not matter. What matters is you can always refill the glass!"

Everyone was silent.

Me? I was just so thankful for suddenly discovering this wonderful new example of TRUTH in my head.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

You Create Everything In your Life!

You create everything in your life.

Your current thoughts (your vibrations and the frequencies you broadcast) create your reality and your life experience. Your past unmanifested thoughts, postulates and decisions are your Karma and also influence your current reality. Your thoughts come before your actions.

Most think actions create things in your life. Actually it is your thoughts past and present that do the real creating. When you really want something, and feel really good when you think of what you want, the Universe will, with absolute certainty, create circumstances, events, conditions and situations that will make what you want a physical reality.

The Universe will orchestrate everything perfectly with amazing precision and complexity in ways that are beyond human comprehension. When this happens in a "spectacular" way, it is called a miracle. Each year, millions of "miracles" are reported around the world. Things like spontaneous instantaneous physical healings, money seeming to appear out of nowhere to handle an urgent need, bumping into the perfect "mate" while you were lost and at a place you were not supposed to be, meeting a stranger that introduces you to someone who was looking to hire a person exactly like you and it turns out to be your "dream job", and the list goes on. This is the Law of Attraction.

Everything always works together for the ultimate good. However what the Universe gives you might not appear as the ideal answer to your "request or desire". But I can assure you, eventually it is always better than we could have imagined. As you may know, I had a spectacular car crash a few years ago which resulted in me not only being in Hospital for four months but not being able to exercise for over 4 years. People say what "happened" to me was terrible, totally unfair, and a shame. However I know this did not "happen" to me. I created it because I was "broadcasting" a very big dream.

The Universe gave me exactly what I needed to make my dream a reality. This "horrible" crash as most call it, has actually been the most wonderful miracle in my life to date. It has been a gift from the Universe. You will never know how thankful, grateful and appreciative I am for this "experience". I felt this way from the very beginning of this "ordeal". Yet in the beginning I could not tell you why it was perfect and so wonderful for me, I just "knew" it was. There were no apparent logical "good" or "positive" benefits for me being strapped to a hospital bed for four months to ensure I did not move the injury to my spine. Yet, I know how everything works.

If I could have moved without pain or danger I would have danced with joy! I was filled with ecstasy and positive expectation. Overwhelming bliss took over me. I could not give you any logical reasons why this was the best thing that ever "happened". I just KNEW it was the best thing that could have "happened".

I felt on the "inside" of my being like I won a jackpot. It is a feeling perhaps similar to what most people would feel if they just met the love of their life, or hit the lottery.

Now, for me, over 5 years later, everything is clear. Because I have been in what many would call a form of 'prison', albeit a very comfortable environment rather than the real thing, I have had the time and perfect opportunity to do something I have not been able to do for 20 years, but has been one of my major "chief aims"...complete my own "training". For the first 12 months of my recovery, for over 8 hours a day (and on many days up to 14 hours) I have done highly advanced and arduous mental exercises, processes and meditative training. This training is the most advanced, complex, and difficult mind and spiritual work one can partake in. 

My "ordeal" has allowed me the opportunity and environment to do mind and spiritual training, exercises, and various practices and processes, that only a handful of people on the planet have ever had the ability and motivation to engage in. I read more books in one year, wrote more notes and researched material in one year than many would in a ten year period because there was nothing else distracting me.  Once I completed the majority of the training, my clarity and abilities have increased so exponentially it is truly mind blowing. For the next few years after my "training", I have finally had the massive amount of time needed, in a distraction free environment, to put together, write and structure all the "advanced HPT-Transformation programs" for you. 

This includes creating the HPT-Transformation Seminar that you all will find to be the most revolutionary personal transformation training that the world has ever seen. For those who have been through three day training you know what I am talking about. That program would not have existed if it was not for me being injured and recuperating for such a long period of time.

Can you now begin to see how this has been a true Miracle? This has been more than a miracle and a "blessing" for me personally; it has been the most amazing experience in my life. For all who want more out of life, who want to be able to manifest all their dreams and desires, and who want inner peace, bliss, joy and "enlightenment", you all will see by coming to one of my seminars or listening to my recordings, that my experience is mostly a true Miracle and blessing for you!

The next and best chapter for all of us has begun.

Keep being EPIC in all that you do.

Dave Moore

Monday, 18 April 2016

Your Goals and Desires

Most people do not think about "enlightenment", or self realization.

Most people think that those ideals are a waste of time because they have bills to pay!

Most people think that the inner feelings that they seek can only be obtained from the acquisition and attainment of "things"; achievements and status; and having more stuff than the "other guys".

Thus manifesting one’s desires are the most important thing to most people.

Getting more money is high on the list of over 90% of people in the UK and America (this changes slightly by culture).

There is nothing wrong with wanting things or having desires.
There is nothing wrong with celebrating attaining something that you had as a goal (money, a successful business, a job promotion, a big house, a fancy car, a weight loss or physical aspect objective, a spectacular vacation etc).

However, if you believe that you will have the internal feelings that are your true core desire when you attain your goal, you will be, as all others have, extremely disappointed.

Having inner joy, peace, equanimity, and bliss FIRST, no matter what the outside conditions, will allow you to easily attain your "desires" while always being in a state of happiness.

Thus, you live a marvelous, wonderful, magical life full of joy, friends, family, laughter, and filled with love. You are all special.

Think about these things.

I will see you at the top!


Many of you have been intuitively aware of what I am about to tell you. Over the last 40 years, almost full time, I have been "in training". This "training" has been ongoing, and is a unique and very personalized program for "success" and "enlightenment".

My training has been first, specifically about how to manifest in life what one desires (I have manifested so many "things", I must be in the top 1% of people in the world as far as manifestation success). My training has also been about me learning almost all of the "spiritual" and mental processes to attain Self Realization (enlightenment). These are two very different
paths with two very different benefits or outcomes.

One is about material success in life: making lots of money and achieving ones dreams. The other is about having inner peace, bliss, joy, contentment, and fulfilment: always feeling "good" regardless of the outside circumstances.

Up until now, a person had to choose which path to take. It has always been a choice of one or the other. Mega rich people and anyone who is only seeking material riches and worldly sensual pleasures simply do not have that inner peace, joy, contentment, and bliss. You can see this when you look at all the rich and famous people who are on anti-depressants, and who commit suicide. It is not only the mega rich that are not "happy".

All those who are only focused on the path of "achievement and success" in the material world are also not at "peace" and content. These people simply are not "happy". Over 95% of those making over £250,000 a year say they are not "fulfilled" and have never had "lasting happiness".

Wealth, power, fame, status, and attainment of "things", do not give you that lasting happiness, joy or fulfilment.

On the other side, those who have that inner peace, ultimate constant overflowing joy, and who are content, do not seem to make much money and certainly never get rich.

My very tailored training has been about learning how to have both at the same time. This is the proverbial "having it all". Over these 40 years I have been through a very rigorous and eclectic training schedule, including reading thousands of books on these subjects. Many of these books were originally published in languages other than English. Also many have never been available to the general public.

I have also listened to thousands of audios and attended thousands of seminars, workshops, lectures and various programs. Again, many of these have not been available to the general public. Additionally, I have been engaged in personal one on one training with "mentors" all along the way. I have also been instructed, personally coached, and personally engaged in tens of thousands of hours doing various "mental", mind, and "spiritual" training, processes, exercises and techniques.

Most importantly I have been "given" specific "experiences" in real life to "deal with" first hand. This allowed me to learn by personal confrontation, trial and error, and by cognitions, that can only occur when the situation is "real" and not hypothetical. These real life experiences were things I could choose to partake in if I wanted to take my training to the highest levels. I have obediently and willingly done this for over 40 years.

Many of these "experiences" have been what most people would say are "extreme adversity", or disasters. Some have been the opposite: major victories and "wins" that most would call "miracles" or opulent blessings from "above". When you look at all the things I have done in my own personal "training", I have personally experienced and actually "done", what 99.9% of "masters" only talk about.

Now, over the last 2 years, I have had the opportunity to do even more and in effect "complete my training". I have been able to spend 6-10 hours a day doing additional reading, writing, meditating, and various mental, mind, and spiritual practices. It all started after my car crash in 2009, which has been written about a few times. The repercussions of that car crash gave me the opportunity to begin my training at a higher level of intensity and focus and I have been able to personally experience what most people would say was a major accident, trauma, and a ‘life event’. Think about that. Many people thought that being immobile in bed for four months was being in a "bad place" and felt sorry for me. But I was rejoicing at my good fortune.

Think about the advantages I have had over everyone who is in the "free world". Not only that. Since then, and especially in the last 2 years, after adjusting my life around my new priorities (the number of books read, writing, and amount of time meditating and doing my "mental and spiritual work") I am doing what only a handful of people on the planet have been able to do in a lifetime.

And this is on top of everything I have done for the last 40 years.
This is not "boasting" or telling you how great I am. It is not about me. 
I am not trying to impress you, I am impressing upon you, that you will never have the time to do all that I have done in terms of personal training for success and enlightenment. However, you do not have to spend all the time that I have spent. You do not have to take the same road I have taken.

There is now a much faster and easier path. YOU are now going to be the beneficiary of the fact that I have taken this road. Now the path has been cleared. The road has been paved. The map is available. And the vehicle is ready. Up until now, in all my "teachings and training", I have only scratched the surface of the knowledge that I have acquired. I have not revealed "all".

The reasons for this was the time was not right to release all that was revealed to me. No one was ready. The foundation had to be laid. HPT-Transformation has laid that foundation. Now, it is time to begin to release the "REST OF THE STORY". I am now going to reveal "everything". I am NOW teaching it "all”. This is all about ‘BECOMING YOU AGAIN!’

For those who want to be able to manifest whatever you desire in life, AND have inner peace, joy and bliss, the universe listened to you asking, and your "prayers" have been answered.

For the first time, there is now training that can teach YOU how to "have it all". You can have all the material success you desire in your life right now, AND you can have total inner freedom and liberation. YOU can be as rich as you desire, have all your wishes granted AND you can have total inner peace, bliss, joy, contentment, and fulfillment. The foundation is laid in the HPT-Transformation Seminar

I encourage you to download the course:

This is an ‘In The Room’ recording from the Seminar in Zurich in front of over 1000 people. You will also receive the ‘Golden Nugget Monthly Newsletter’ along with the training! You will also get early bird notification and offers for tickets to Seminars and in these "live" events, I will personally share the "secrets of the ages" for personal achievement, and inner peace.

If you download this course, I will deduct £150.00 from the cost of your ticket to ANY of my seminars.

This is a powerful course. It will have the most profound positive effect on you in every aspect of your life.

Most importantly, this training will awaken the energy inside you that is dormant. It will bring to life this powerful "life force" within you that will absolutely change everything in your life for the better.

You have a right to be happy and eliminate all suffering, confusion, worry and fear in your life. You have a right to live your dreams.
The best is yet to come for you.

My best to you.
Keep being Epic in all that you do.

Dave Moore

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Next Stage

Some of you know that a very good friend of mine, Paul Dennis passed away recently. 
I had known Paul for over 30 years. 

Most people are sad when someone "passes". 

When the veil between YOU (the SELF) and the Ego (mind, body with a personality) is lifted, you know who you really are as an eternal being of light that is one with everything. 

When this happens (enlightenment), you "see" everything differently. You know what everything really is. Life is seen as a play of "consciousness". Thus when someone passes (an actor in the "play"), you applaud their role and great performance in the dance of life. 

When you go to a West End or Broadway play, and the main character "dies" on stage, and the play is "over", you stand and applaud. You feel great, not sad, when the play comes to an end. 

As a self-realized being, you see the same in "real life". 

Thus, I stand and applaud Paul for his role in the play of consciousness we call life. I thank him for his interacting with me, in my own "play". Paul has gone nowhere. His "role" and the character he played is over, not his essence or being. I am still "one" with that; the SELF. Becoming more aware, more conscious, closer to enlightenment; self-realization; God realization, is a wonderful way to live, as outside conditions, circumstances, events, people, and situations have less and less power over you. 

You can always be in a state of bliss, joy, peace and inner equanimity. 

Sending you all love, and encouraging you to seek first the inner peace that is in fact who you are.