Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day 2016

It is that day again...

Tuesday 8th March is when we celebrate the outstanding leadership skills of women leaders worldwide.  I think we should do so EVERY day!

Leadership is all about ability, personality, skill, energy, focus, drive, nerve, vision and communication.

It is a shame that we differentiate between women and men leaders as to me, a leader is a leader.  I make no distinction between men and women in business.  Whoever does the job best is the one, as far as I am concerned.

Highlighting 'women' leaders is focusing on the sexual difference (which is irrelevant) and lets be under no illusion, women still have to prove themselves more, women have to achieve more to be recognised, women have to put up with all manner of crap JUST TO GET TO DO THE JOB.  They put up with a lot of pressure and antagonism from other women let alone men.

It is BS!

It can be a constant battle for women to be seen and heard seriously in the workplace and I am saying, as a male leader, trainer, speaker or whatever you want to call me, one thing and one thing only:


Women leaders are LEADERS.  Stop the labels, stop the distinction, stop the crap!

Women Leaders are Leaders who just happen to be women and I think that collectively we should do everything we can to bring more women in to business.  Break down the barriers, break down the distinctions, break down the protocols that preclude, quit with making life and business difficult and let women of the world do what they do best: and THAT is LEAD.

Women of Inspiration...who inspire me...who are LEADERS!
.....this list will be updated as we go through the year so please check back...

KATE NASSER    http://katenasser.com/
NORA WHALEN  http://careercoachsig.org/
ANGELA GOODEVE  http://www.lifecoachingwithang.com/
CYNTHIA BAZIN   http://smartchic.me/
SUZANNE DAIGLE  /http://www.nufocusgroup.com/strategic/
JASMINA NIKOLIC http://www.linkedin.com/in/jazilla
RAYNE DOWELL http://www.expertvideocoaching.com/
MIA VOSS  http://www.themiaconnect.com
JESSICA DEWELL http://www.elasticrock.com
KELLI SMITHGALL http://www.kellismithgall.com
SAGE BRAMHALL   http://t.co/ZcKGjtWF
CONNIE AVILA-VON LEITNER http://connieimage.synthasite.com
DEBRA OAKLAND   http://livingincourageonline.com
CHANTAL BECHERVAIS http://crbechervaise.wordpress.com
HODA MAALOUF  http://www.hodamaalouf.com/
ELAINE NIEBERDING  http://www.yeslaugh.com/#!elaine-nieberding/c1ghi
LISA ENGLES http://innerstatecoaching.com/
ALEXIS NEELY www.eyeswideopenlife.com
CHERI VALENTINE http://cherivalentine.com/
NICOLE LEVAC http://nicolelevac.com/
CHRISTINE L BOWEN http://www.christinelbowen.com/
MELONEY HALL www.bigupticksocial.com
JANDIS PRICE http://pricehealthcareconsulting.com
SANDRA WATSON http://www.easyfyinow.com/
MARILYN SHANNON http://www.powerofdialogue.com
JOY GUTHRIE http://www.vizwerx.com/
ALLI POLIN      http://breaktheframe.com/
KAARINA DILLABOUGH   http://www.kaarinadillabough.com/
MARTINA MCGOWAN   http://martinamcgowan.com/about/
AMBER-LEE DIBBLE   http://pioneeroutfitters.com/blog/
JOANNE CIPRESSI  http://joannecipressi.com/

If you think I have missed you off of this list then please let me know but remember...
......I am JUST a man!!


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