Friday, 24 May 2013

Quote of the Day!

Be the light you want to see in the world,
Be the strength you want to see in others,
Be the benchmark others are measured against
~ Dave Moore   

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What Mindset Do YOU Have?

Hi. It is 1984 and I have a great idea I want to share with you.  Listen carefully.  Tell no one about this as I want YOU to be part of this.  I have a plan…

I have designed something so GREAT that I reckon it will sell millions.  This is it.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 
Well?  Great idea huh?
These turtles are big, human size.
They carry backpacks instead of shells and they keep all manner of stuff in them.
They are named after Italian Renaissance painters.
They wear blindfolds so nobody recognises them (!).
Their boss is a RAT!
They live in the sewers.
They ONLY eat Pizza.
They do Kung Fu.
They fight crime.
All I need is $20,000…are you IN?

I have a pretty good idea what most people would say.  ‘What? Are you nuts? $20K??’

Do you know who said ‘NO’ to that idea?  Every major toy manufacturer including Hasbro; the largest toy manufacturer at the time.  (They later changed their mind when they had become successful took over the merchandising.)

That stupid idea was seen as a great idea by a small visionary toy manufacturer called Playmates Toys and marketed.  The rest is history, to the tune of all manner of merchandise, TV series, movies, records and millions of dollars.

Napoleon Hill wrote, "You will never have a definite purpose in life; you will never have self confidence; you will never have initiative and leadership unless you first create these qualities in your imagination and see yourself in possession of them." He went on to say, "... imagination is the most marvellous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known."

SOMETIMES we read or see something that resonates more than anything else before.

A lot of the time people walk around on autopilot, with nothing going on upstairs.  They travel to work by car, bus or train and when they get there they have no recollection of the journey as they have been in an altered state. 

If everyone said exactly what was on their mind right now, most people would be speechless!

An image in your mind is the first stage of the creative process in life. From your imagination your visions and plans arise.

There is a concept called "Fantasy - Theory - Fact." The premise underlying this concept is that everything has its origination in the form of Fantasy, which some adventurous souls dare turn into a theory and then boldly turn into fact. Give this serious thought for a moment.

The idea of moon landings, communicating by email, traveling on jets, cellular phones or wearing synthetic garments was a very short time ago, sheer fantasy. Today, they are considered commonplace. The individuals who were responsible for the conception and creation of the email, cell phones and any of the thousands of modern conveniences we enjoy today had a highly developed imagination.

As Leaders, we realise that there is infinite possibility in our imagination.  No idea too big.  No idea too outrageous. Leaders have Vision. 

Some people have an ability that others don’t.  They have the ability to see opportunity and possibility in the most outrageous ideas.  A Leader needs a mindset of Can-Do, Anything is possible, opportunity is all around…

There is no such thing as a bad idea…only an idea that isn’t investigated and acted upon correctly.  If you, as a leader, are presented with, or have your own, wild idea you have to be able to see the big picture and realise that by rationalising and expanding a great idea or a stupid idea you could have a lifechanging success. 

If you don’t believe that then think of these two words…Spongebob Squarepants!  Would you have given me $20,000 for THAT one?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Part 4 - HPT for Prisons

DM: David Moore
P: Prisoners
Single Initials for aliases of prisoners speaking or asking questions.

Following on from the previous posts, this section comes from nearly one hour in to the HPT Keynote.  The inmates have taken some serious in roads into 'response-ability' and are actively getting involved.

DM. Many of you, if not ALL of you, have beliefs that the system is against you.  The courts were against you.  Prison staff are against you. Even your fellow inmates are against you. You probably think that I am against you.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you REALISE that your FEELINGS... your BELIEFS, REAL OR NOT, have NO relation to REALITY.  YOUR REALITY DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS!!

You have to cut all that crap.  You have to concentrate on you, yourself. (DM points at an inmate with his hand up) Yes?

P-A. When I am being hassled by the screws (prison officers) then i cant just back down.
DM. Nobody is asking you to back down.  I am just telling you that you have alternatives.  I know that the agreement in here is that you have to be seen to be tough guys and moan about how bad things are in here...I want you to realise, I want you to get that THAT DOESN'T WORK!
Its like driving the wrong way down the motorway, weaving in and out of the oncoming traffic.  That traffic on the motorway doesn't give a damn about you!  I don't mean you have to give in or give up.  Just be responsible.  You have set all of this up.
P-A. Last week the screw on my landing mouthed off at me. When I was sentenced I had a shaved head so i have been growing my hair but he stopped me and said 'hey, get your hair cut right away'
DM. And what did you say?
P-A I told him to get f**ked!
(Inmates laugh.  DM smiles and nods)
DM. Good.  Did it work?
P-A. it felt great
DM. I bet.  But did it work?
P-A. Ya shoulda seen his face.
DM. I know, i can imagine.  But DID IT WORK?
P-A. No
(inmates laugh loud, including P-A)
DM Understand this.  You committed a crime.  You are a prisoner so you set this whole thing up.  you have set up the scenario that you are the prisoner and he is the officer.  That's it.  Nothing is changing that.  No amount of resistance will change that.  You are all the same here.  OK?  You can do one of two things.  Keep resisting it, which means you keep weaving in and out of oncoming traffic in the hope that a big articulated lorry doesn't come along and wipe you out in a head on collision, choose it.  You take responsibility for it.  If you come to understand that you created this scenario you are living in, you caused it, that the rules around here are YOUR rules, you will run it instead of having it run you!  WHO CARES WHAT THE SCREW SAID TO YOU?  WHY DO YOU CARE?
That's the trouble.  You are more interested in being right about what an asshole that screw is than you are in making your life inside here work.  And the only one you are cheating, and getting one over, is YOU!
Let's say you buy me a present and when you give it to me I tell you I don't want it...Who owns it?  Not me...I said I didn't want it.  You own it.  In fact, you never gave it away.  UNLESS I AM WILLING TO ACCEPT WHAT YOU GIVE ME, SAY TO ME OR DO TO ME, WHAT YOU GIVE, SAY OR DO WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE TO ME WHATSOEVER!!!
(inmates all start agreeing and saying 'yeah')
P-A isn't that giving in?
DM. No, its taking responsibility for the way things are.  You should say 'Well, thanks for reminding me but I already thought about that. I was thinking exactly the same thing.  thanks for pointing it out though!'
Take the control back, don't give it away.  You created that prison officer.  The only way to make your life work is to support what you have created.  You will see that supporting people works better than making them wrong!
I told you earlier that you have no control over what is going on outside.  Worrying about something has never, EVER, changed the outcome.  All it has done is made you more angry or stressed.  You cannot change any of this in here.  The reason you want to act in a particular way, or the reason you want to appear tough are irrelevant.  REASONS ARE NOT REAL!  YOU MAKE REASONS UP TO JUSTIFY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

(Later one of the inmates, who will be known as P-B, stood up)

P-B Some days I can do nothing but wish I was out.  I cant do anything other than wish I was outside.
DM. Wishing is like worrying.  It won't change anything.  Why wish you were out when you cannot be out? Just relax into your space (this was an exercise done earlier), breathe and take the day as it comes.  Deal with what comes up.  One day, being out will come with that when it comes up.
The essence is taking responsibility for your behaviour.  Break up the word responsibility.  Response and ability.  YOUR ABILITY TO RESPOND DETERMINES THE EXPERIENCE YOU GET FROM WHAT YOU ARE RESPONDING TO.
You need to understand that taking responsibility may be the key to making places like this work.
If you guys find out that you are OK with being here, they may have to close this place.
(Applause and laughter and cheers from the inmates)
If you can take responsibility in here, in this environment, and you can take the control of your responses to whatever is thrown at you imagine how much better your lives are going to be when you get out of here.  If everyone here, YOU,  finds out that you like being wherever you are then not only will you lead a more valuable life outside of here but these sort of places may end up obsolete.
(A hand goes up, P-C, and DM points at him)
P-C the only problem is outside I have always got caught up in crime.
DM. In what way?
P-C i cant tell you.
DM. You can. What is it.
P-C i don't know.
DM I know you don't know.  But, IF YOU DID KNOW, WHAT WOULD IT BE?
P-C. Friends I mix with always get me involved.  They put me down and I go along with shit and end up getting caught.
P-C I was told I would never be anyone.
DM You already are someone.
P-C I was told I wouldn't amount to much.
DM How much is an amount you want to add up to?
P-C I get caught up in things.
DM. You have a way of looking at the world.  A position you view the world from.  like a viewing platform.  It's a kind of filter.  You have taken the position of 'victim of others influence' right?
(Prisoner nods)
DM Some time in your life, something threatened you.  And in THAT MOMENT OF BEING THREATENED, like someone slapping you in the face you are off balance and you lose awareness.  You made a decision AT THAT MOMENT that you were inferior, a victim.  I want you to know just what that decision was for...
(DM points at P-C and speaks to the group)

To be continued...

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Part 3 of Transcript 'HPT for Prisons'

Following on from:

DM: David Moore
P: Prisoners
Single Initials for aliases of prisoners speaking or asking questions.

DM. In here you have time.  that's all you have.  the good thing about this situation is that you already know something it takes people outside a while to understand.  That is, worrying about stuff thats going on outside is pointless because you can do nothing about it.  Outside, it takes a while for people to realise that worrying about something THAT IS OUT OF THEIR CONTROL has never changed the outcome of something, ever...EVER!  BUT that doesn't stop them from still worrying though but worrying doesn't change a thing.  The whole reason i am here is because all of you, at sometime, are going to be back out in the REAL WORLD.  Some sooner than later.  But what are you going to do? Go back to crime?  End up back in here?
You! (DM points at one of the inmates who is smiling) What are you going to do?  Do you want to share with us?

P-D No.
DM. Share it, stand up. tell everyone what you're going to do.
P-D (standing up) I am going to go back to my decorating business.
DM. Good.  Is that what you were doing before you came in?
P-D Yeah
DM. You must have been the worst decorator in the world.
P-D (looks shocked as the others laugh) No. I was good.  I'm qualified
DM. But they put you in prison for it. 
P-D I didnt do anything.
DM You got arrested for doing nothing?  Wow.
(DM looks around the room)
DM Isnt that great.  He got arrested for doing nothing.  Thrown in prison for doing nothing.  just minding his own business, painting a door, and the police burst in and threw him in Prison. (inmates are laughing. P-D is staring at DM) That is REALLY something....wouldnt that make a great movie?  Innocent man painting a door is sent to prison.  Comes out after a few years and carries on painting the door. (Inmates laughing) Bit of a disappointing ending though.  No car chases, shootings...
P-D Look, I got involved with the wrong people and i got sent down.
P-D It wasnt my fault
DM What a cop out that is!  We can all say that.  It happened but it wasnt my fault.  Take some responsibility.
P-D (sits down) F**k off
DM Annoyed?  Stand up and talk to me.
P-D F**k off I aint annoyed
DM Stand up and talk or get the hell out.
P-D Leave me alone.
DM Stand up you f**king liar.
P-D (stands up) I am not a liar. Call me a liar and I'll...(looks around at prison guards)
DM There ya go.  EXACTLY! You'll what?  Hit me? Will that work? You want to hit me and yet you tell me you're not annoyed.  You cant tell the truth and that makes you a liar.
P-D Leave me the f**k alone and do your training.
DM I am doing it.  I am doing the part where you realise what a liar you are to yourself.
P-D I'm not a liar.
(DM walks over and stands a few feet away from P-D)
DM But are you angry?
P-D Yeah i am.
(Silence for ten seconds)
DM Now THAT is the truth.  Congratulations!  thank you. GIVE THAT GUY A ROUND OF APPLAUSE
(Inmates applaud and make noises)
P-D (sits down) Yeah
DM Taking responsibility for your actions is a big thing.  Admitting that you are responsible is
freedom, it's liberating.  But you cannot go back and just do what you were doing before when you get out.  Not without knowing exactly who you are and that you can be whoever you want to be.  you have the time to look within yourselves and find a new you, a real you, any other kind of you other than the one that put you in here.  You need to create a situation, a way of being, in which you can change, regenerate, transform yourself into someone who will never EVER come back, purely by not putting yourself in a position where you come back.  The whole purpose of me being here is to show you that you can transform your ability to experience living so that all those situations you have been trying to change, or have put up with, like being in prison, clear up in the process of you living your life itself.

To be continued...

'HPT for Prisons' Part 2

Partial Transcript from HPT for Prisons. Sunday 14th April 2013.

DM: David Moore
P: Prisoners
Single Initials for aliases of prisoners speaking or asking questions.

DM. Thanks for coming here.  I know that you see quite a few people here who come into this place and spend time telling you how to write, act, dance and all that other stuff.  I also know that doing all those kind of things is a great way to use up time in here.  Using up time seems to be the norm.  Any way to make a few hours pass by quickly is good right?

P. (general agreement) yeah, right

DM. With a lot of time on your hands its natural that you waste it.  It's out of spite.  Another day behind you.  They can't beat me.  I can do this stretch standing on my head.  I suppose you are taking courses and going on whatever education classes they have here? (quite a few nod their heads) Why are you wasting that time?  Why bother?  You are making agreements that you have no intention of keeping.  You are signing up for French and German courses just to pass the time with no hope of using those languages when you get out.  Like taking an english literacy exam; why?  Or Yoga!  Ok I get that you want to stay fit but yoga?  I know you are only doing these things to kill time. 

P-A Better than sitting here listening to you! (laughter)

DM. So why are you?  You came here.  You put your name down.  (DM walks over to the prisoner and stands two feet away from him) You heard that some guy was going to come in here and talk for one hour about how you can change your life.  Here you are and here I am.  But no.  That's not why you are here is it?  It will be an hour out of my cell on a sunday night, let him babble on and on about changing our lives and then we can go back to our cells and punch the air and say 'Hey, I won, I am still the same, he didn't change me'

(some laughter, DM walks around)

DM. How long before you realise that YOU put yourself in here?  YOU got yourself arrested.  YOU got yourself sentenced. YOU have years to serve for your crimes.   All the French lessons in the world are not going to change that.  You can Yoga yourself into oblivion but you know what?  All you will be is a very flexible idiot who breaks the law and throws his life away.

P-B. Why the fuck should you care man?

DM. Me?  I don't.  I don't care why you are here.  I know you have friends, family, wives and girlfriends out there who are serving a sentence too because you are in here and they are out in the real world.  No, I don't care about you, why should I?  You don't care about you.  If you did, and if you cared about your family out there you wouldn't do something that puts you in here for ten years would you?

P-A I was a victim. Circumstances put me in here. (inaudible) put me here.

DM. Bullshit! You put you here.  You created the circumstances.  Just like you created the circumstances for you to be here tonight.  I was going to be here anyway.  YOU made you be here.  The prison was going to be here, you put yourself in it.

P-C, You sound like you are taking the piss out of us like the others do.

DM. (walking into the crowd up until the tenth row to the prisoner that spoke)  That's right.  For you.  For you, it sounds like I am taking the piss.  But that's your point of view.  Not MINE!  YOU are hearing me taking the piss.  That is YOUR creation, not mine.  It is not my intent.  I am just being honest with you.  I am telling you what I think.  What you hear is from YOUR perspective.

P-C Yeah thats right, it's my choice what I hear.

DM. Everything is your choice Brother.  Everything you do.  You coming here tonight.  You being sent to prison.  You thinking I am taking the piss.  You wanting to smash a chair over my head right now. (laughter) You going back to your cell and speaking french to the wall while you have your leg behind your head. (Louder laughter) But you know what is also your choice?  Everything else!

P-C. What do you care?

DM. What do I care?  I told you, I don't.  Well....I care about one thing....I don't care why you are here.  I don't care what you did.  I don't care about any of you.  (silence for ten seconds)  I CARE WHETHER YOU CARE ABOUT YOU!  If you did, you wouldn't be in here.  You wouldn't create circumstances that put you in here.  You would be doing something constructive with your time in here to ensure you don't come back in here because you value yourselves.

(general shifting around in chairs, people sitting more upright)

DM Like I said before, I know the score, I know the bravado.  You say it doesn't bother you being in here.  At least thats the impression you give out on the landings to others.  Well it should.  It should bother the hell out of you.  And all that 'I can do this sentence standing on my head' crap!  Stop it.  It's time to get back on your feet.  Time to stand up and say I ain't putting up with all this crap I am creating for myself.  NO MORE!  It is about being strong enough to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say "This is all my fault".  It's about taking control of your life, even in here.....

To be continued...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Going Into Prison

Sunday April 14th 2013

After a couple of meetings with an education committee that works within the prison system it was suggested that I speak to a group of prisoners in what is known as the toughest prison in the Country.  Certain stipulations were made. 
  • No video or recordings made at the event can be uploaded or distributed' to anyone or to anything'.
  • A written transcript of the 'seminar' can be used.
  • No identifying by name of any prisoner or member of staff.
Quite a short list but certainly no room to manoeuvre. 

I was told that the talk would be advertised on all of the wings in the main prison.  This meant that no Rule 43, sectioned inmates would be able to attend which effectively meant there would be no inmates there who had committed any sexual crimes.  As one officer said, 'Only clean crimes, like robbery, drug importation and dealing, burglary, grievous bodily harm, arson, fraud, manslaughter and murder!' 

I was told the size of group who sign up for these talks is normally 30 inmates.  I said I didn't mind how many.  When I arrived I was told there were 296!  It was 7pm and we went in.

After going through the extensive security searches and having mobile phones, keys and valuables deposited in lockers I, and one of my guys Michael, entered the prison itself. 

The sports hall had been set out with rows of chairs in a semi circle.  300 men sat staring at us as we walked in.  Most of them had shaved heads.  Many had tattoos.  Some had obviously spent a lot of time body building.  Many had a ghostly white pallor.  Some looked like they hadn't eating in months.  300 prisoners with sentences ranging from 4 years to 25 years with a couple of exceptions.  Some only there for a short while before being transferred to an open prison as they pose no threat.  Some there for the entire length of their sentence.  I was told afterwards that three of them, the exceptions, were serving a minimum 45 years each.  If they all decided to riot there was nothing we could do.  There was me, Michael and six prison officers, one of whom locked the door behind us.

HPT is a program I designed to help instill a belief system in people that anything is achievable.  By making people more responsible, more aware and to take a self-determinative approach to life.  I had been using elements of it in all of my work, from sales training to firewalking but now I run courses on the entire HPT program which focuses on Transformation and Regeneration.  Here was an opportunity to make a serious difference.  A radical change.  Change that would be life changing, mind changing and future changing.

There were two very large white wipe boards, one either side of a chair on the stage. I put my filofax down on the small table to the left of the chair, stood in front of the chair, looking at the crowd and waited.

After 20 seconds or so I said 'Good evening everyone. My name is David Moore.  Thanks for coming this evening.  This will be like no other talk you have attended.'

To be continued..........