Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dont Worry - Be Happy - ANYTIME

A non-judgemental, and non derogatory, posting about Comic Relief. Enjoy! Unless you are from over the borrrrrda! Hoots ya dog!

Well. Comic Relief has been and gone thankfully. I don’t know about you but I am fed up with people begging. It’s either this campaign, this flood, this famine or this lame excuse. I am not tight. I am not miserable. I just object to the whole scenario.

What gets on my nerves more than the begging? The fakeness of it all.

People wearing their pyjamas to work. Why? It wasn’t to raise money. There were chuggers and raffles and quizzes all over the place doing that.

I walked through an office on Friday and people were wearing their pyjamas, dressing gowns and wigs. I donned the wig and a red nose for the obligatory pic but was soon over it all.

The challenge I have with this is that this is a false sense of fun. It's a one-day thing. People act like this because of an outside influence. A form of peer pressure. "We are doing this to help others". Well, here's the deal Shylock: You could have a lot of fun every day if you put your mind to it and did it for no other reason than you wanted to. I don’t mean you have to wear a red nose, a wig or dress up like a gay boy at a Mardi Gras.

What I am saying is that you can get up in the morning and, Carpe Jugular – seize the throat!
Squeeze every drop of joy you can out of each experience. Aim high. Do things you would never dream of. Say things you only internalise. If your boss is a bitch or a bastard, tell them. Call people on their shit. Don’t let people hinder or stop you. Do not buy into their bullshit. Help other people. Give to people without expecting anything back. You will get it back tenfold when you least expect it.

‘Be positive’ sounds like a blood group but it's more than that. See yourself successful, see yourself having a great time, and see yourself having fun. Instead of waiting for Red Nose Day do it Every Day!

Now go out and do it without charity.

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