Friday, 18 July 2014

The Pale Blue Dot


That is us...on the right.

That Pale Blue Dot, as Carl Sagan called us.

In this current climate it is easy to lose hope when faced with Man's inhumanity to Man.

We look at the news and see the latest atrocity.  War, famine, Murder, Hate, and now a Passenger plane shot out of the sky.

It is very easy to question our faiths, our beliefs, our understanding of the human race, but we must never forget that we are, inherently, civilised human beings.

What we have inside of us, beating our heart, coursing through our veins, pumping through our body, firing off in our brains, is faith in others, compassion for others, and love for one another.

The world is not full of bad people.  It is not full of murderers, terrorists and killers.  It is not full of people who want to conquer, overthrow, ruin or take things from others.

The few people that do this are just that: the few.

The few will never win.  Unless we stand against the few, we will never be able to have peace.

That Pale Blue Dot is all there is.  Once what is on that blue dot is gone, it's all over.  We cannot get help from outside of the Pale blue Dot.  We can only help each other.

We are the Majority.  We are people who look forward.  People who help others.  People who look after ourselves and those around us.  We are the people who build futures, businesses, lives.  We are the people who stand together and face adversity.  We are the people who have been knocked down but have got back up again, stronger than we were before.  We are the people who as one say 'No, this is not right.  We do not condone these actions.  THIS IS WRONG!'

There is no future in destruction, in terrorism, in war, in murder, or in death.  The future is OUR way of living, and we must NEVER forget it.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Have YOU Got the Answer Yet?

Look around you, and tell me what you see on line...

So many Guru's telling you they are an EXPERT!

So many of them promising to tell you how to be successful, but then forget to.

So many of their books saying they are going to change your life but don't.

All those seminars that promise so much but deliver so little...

What about the ones that tell you they are going to 'show you' how to change your life but just go on and on and on about how they changed their own life without giving you ANY details you could take away and implement or any indication of what they did?

Or the people who tell you to just 'Make a Wish' or 'Ask the Universe' for what you want, as if that's all you need to do?

What about the ones who offer you a free information pack and THEN tell you that to find anything usable you have to buy the 25 DVD set or attend the £5000 Seminar to get the information you really want? And even THEN you have to sign up for numerous downloads and books....

What about the think and grow rich people?  OK I admit having the right mindset is key, but...that isn't all of it.  No amount of wishing for something is going to make it materialise.  I agree it focuses your mind on what you want but if you do nothing to go and get what you want, it isn't going to magically appear under its own steam.

'What you think about, and talk about, comes about!'  Have you heard THAT one?  That gem comes from 'The Secret' book and movie.

Here's a secret for is wrong!  Here's the truth: What you think about, talk about, and get off your butt and DO SOMETHING about is what comes about!

You can touch yourself rich!  Really?.....'Touch Yourself Rich' is a program out there where people believe that 'you will get rich if you touch yourself in a certain way!'  Is that right?

You can touch yourself until you are happy, But,  YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING YOURSELF TO GET RICH!  If that worked I would have been a Billionaire by the time I was fourteen!!!!

What IS it with all this stuff?

These are people who got rich by writing books about how to get rich.  Most of these 'Gurus' were not rich, successful, happy or 'living the dream' before they wrote the book.  They wrote the book to get the money, the life, the dream.

Great ideas with the Missing Key.
Seminars that hold back the vital ingredient that makes it work.
Books that promise you something that isn't even in there, the answer you wanted.

These books are very good.  They explain a lot.  They show you what can be achieved.  But there is a problem with them…they ALL miss the most important secret key ingredient that makes the information REALLY work, and work FAST!

That’s why most people who read them do not get results. Most of the people who buy and read these books get all excited about their life changing, getting that new job, new car, new partner and that ability to have some salary left at the end of the month rather than some month left at the end of the salary!  Then, the reality sets in.  They do everything those books suggest and they wait, and they wait, and they wait…and NOTHING has changed! 

Quite naturally, people will believe that they did one of three things:

1. I did something wrong…You didn’t!
2. I didn’t do it right…You did!
3. I missed something...No you didn’t!!

The third one is almost right! In actual fact, you didn’t miss anything, it just wasn’t there!  
It’s very hard to miss something if it isn’t there in the first place.

The fact is that there IS a MISSING KEY that has been PURPOSELY OMITTED from these books and others like them! This KEY INGREDIENT makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Within 24 hours I will tell you how to get it...and I promise...No long term, buy this, buy that, attend this, listen to this snake oil techniques.  Just a very simple 'Here it is'.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Password Manifestation

Is it the name of your dog?
Your nickname?
Your mothers middle name?
Is it your favourite movie?
Your kid's name?
Superhero, girlfriend, boyfriend...
...wait a moment...

What if it was none of those?

What if it was what you REALLY desired?

How many times a day do you see a box like this?

You see it for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your email, that forum you belong to, those on line banking accounts you have, your website design program...the list is endless.

I see quite a few people doing what I have been doing for a number of years.  I only did it because I was at a seminar in Switzerland and someone told me THEY did it and I thought 'That's for me'.

How often do you see this graphic above?

Do you also see this message sometimes: “Your password has expired. Click ‘Change password’ to change your password.”

That is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to make something you desire MANIFEST in your world.

Instead of using the same old tired passwords why not tell the Universe exactly what you are focusing on?

Can you really keep asking for something from the universe again and again out loud?  No!  Not in company you can't...not if you are in the office you can't.  People will think you are nuts.  (I CAN do it actually, people have always thought I was nuts ;-))

But by changing your passwords into your wish or your command you can!

My business on line banking password was (and i repeat WAS!).... M4keM00reMoney.  I used that for a long time and money was being paid in regularly by clients.

What about

These small actions keep what we desire in the forefront of our minds and they tell the Universe, 'this is the direction I am travelling'.  I am a firm believer that The Law of attraction on it's own is useless.  Sitting around wishing for something will not make it happen, you have to do something to show your determination, drive and desire for it and the Universe will comply.  The last two syllables of Attraction are ACTION.  Action is the key.  Do SOMETHING to get nearer and nearer to your desires and make them happen.

The Universe is moving all the time to conspire and make your dreams come true but you have to do your part and these very simple, underused but simple and powerful Password changes, used effectively like this, will keep your desires, your dreams and your future on track because you are continually reminded of them and you reinforce them EVERY time you type them.

Dream big, live large.

Monday, 7 July 2014 Every Day Regime!

What we do every day, on a regular basis, defines us.

It is the key to success.

This has got me thinking and I can see the parallels with business success, personal success and this keep fit regime of mine.

I have been working out a routine, and a diet, and the lifestyle changes to make the dramatic change I need and I am made aware of how this is exactly like our routines we need to do consistently to be a success in life and business.

I am about to embark on a punishing fitness regime. After 5 years of semi sedentary lifestyle (on Doctors and Surgeons orders) I now have the complete, final, 100% go ahead to get back to my fitness level prior to the Terminator 2 style car crash I had in France that damaged my lower back which I posted about the other week.  I am also going to be holding some seminars in various parts of the world and, yes, I do understand that travelling and hotels do not, necessarily, act as conducive elements to getting fit.  The convenience food, the elaborate hotel menus and the travelling taking up so much time that it can inhibit exercise time.

I could make an even worse decision and...wait for a better time or even the right time to start.

I say even worse decision because how do we know when the right time is?  We can always do something other than what we need to do, so putting off starting could lead to never starting.  Waiting for the right time could mean the right time is never the right time.

No, the right time is NOW and success comes to people who keep going, keep doing, and never give up.

I know that what we consistently do, on a daily basis, are the incremental steps that become habits, GOOD habits, routines that shape and form our objectives.

Each step is a step nearer to our goal.  Each routine or habit is a refinement.

"So what's with the pic of someone drinking water?" I hear you ask...

How many times, even though we know we should do things daily, do we try to catch up and cram it all in on one day?

I tell people to carry a notebook and write down things they think of or are told.  Sometimes they forget and at the end of the week think 'Hmm what was that again?' and write all manner of stuff in one big hit.

Perhaps they need to do something daily at work but they don't.  After a few days they play catch up..and things never turn out as they hoped.

Our daily routines are massively important, in business, leadership and life.

Not only that but when we fail to complete the daily tasks, and we cheat by trying to cram all the work in at the end of the week, it is highly dangerous and can be fatal for the business, the company and you!

According to my instructor, I should drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day.  If I do that consistently, on a daily basis, out of routine or habit, then it will have such a beneficial effect on me that I can not only see the results, as in glowing skin, hydrated body etc etc within two weeks, the long term benefits are staggering.  Whats more, there is NO DETRIMENTAL effect to me, quite the opposite.

If I forget, if I just drink tea, coffee or soda then guess what?

At the end of the week I may think "Hmmm that 1.5 to 2litres a day....I missed a week of doing totals to 14 litres for the week, I know...TODAY I WILL DRINK THE WEEKS SUPPLY, 14 LITRES OF WATER!"

That will not have just an adverse will KILL ME!  
My system will be overloaded...not by anything bad for me, the water is GOOD for me, it is just the amount of it in one hit.  It has to be spread out on a daily, and consistent, basis.

It is the same with those daily routines and steps for work and success.  If you are serious about being successful, do things consistently, every day. Otherwise if you try and play catch up, and you do all those good things that you should have done on a daily basis in one go...even though they are as harmless and as life preserving as the water,  because you are will kill the business!

Success comes from:
Doing the right things DAILY
Sticking to Your plan of action and...
Being Consistent!