Saturday, 17 October 2015

Manifesting with Passwords

Is it the name of your dog?
Your nickname?
Your mothers middle name?
Is it your favourite movie?
Your kid's name?
Superhero, girlfriend, boyfriend...
...wait a moment...

What if it was none of those?

What if it was what you REALLY desired?

How many times a day do you see a box like this?

You see it for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your email, that forum you belong to, those on line banking accounts you have, your website design program...the list is endless.

I see quite a few people doing what I have been doing for a number of years.  I only did it because I was at a seminar in Switzerland and someone told me THEY did it and I thought 'That's for me'.

How often do you see this graphic above?

Do you also see this message sometimes: “Your password has expired. Click ‘Change password’ to change your password.”

That is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to make something you desire MANIFEST in your world.

Instead of using the same old tired passwords why not tell the Universe exactly what you are focusing on?

Can you really keep asking for something from the universe again and again out loud?  No!  Not in company you can't...not if you are in the office you can't.  People will think you are nuts.  (I CAN do it actually, people have always thought I was nuts ;-))

But by changing your passwords into your wish or your command you can!

My business on line banking password was (and I repeat WAS!).... M4keM00reMoney.  I used that for a long time and money was being paid in regularly by clients.

What about:

These small actions keep what we desire in the forefront of our minds and they tell the Universe, 'this is the direction I am travelling'.  I am a firm believer that The Law of attraction on it's own is useless.  Sitting around wishing for something will not make it happen, you have to do something to show your determination, drive and desire for it and the Universe will comply.  The last two syllables of Attraction are ACTION.  Action is the key.  Do SOMETHING to get nearer and nearer to your desires and make them happen.

The Universe is moving all the time to conspire and make your dreams come true but you have to do your part and these very simple, underused but simple and powerful Password changes, used effectively like this, will keep your desires, your dreams and your future on track because you are continually reminded of them and you reinforce them EVERY time you type them.

Dream big, live large.

Within you lies the answer.

Motivation is one of those things that comes from within. 

External help is just that: help.  There has to be the desire within to be/get motivated, some impetus that makes you want to change.

I can help you. Others can help you. That's all it is.  Help, assistance, aid, call it what you want.  The only person who can 'do it' for you is YOU!

No one can 'Happy' you into being Happy. 
No one can eat for you when you are hungry.
No one can drink for you when you are thirsty.
No one can read and study for you if you want to learn something.
No one can run for you for your fitness regime.

..Motivation is exactly the same. 
You have to take action and start the process yourself.

Self help books can't do it for you.  They can only help you, the clue is in the name.  In fact, they should be called 'shelf' help books because that's where they end up, on a shelf, because you lost interest or motivation to read past page 22.

A great coach doesn't tell you what to do: they show you where the answer is for you to discover it.
But first, you have to want or need to find it.

If the need, or the desire, isn't there then no amount of help will 'help'.

So if you want to be motivated, successful, fit, happy, healthy, wealthy or wise...start by looking within...because you have to really want it.

Signs? They are all around you!

I woke up at 6am this morning and I spent a few moments lying in bed asking myself; "What are some of the secrets to success in life?"

I found the signs right there in my room.

Then I found signs EVERYWHERE I looked!

The signs are in your room too. you just need to look for them....

The fan said,"be cool",

The roof said, "aim high",

The window said, "see the world",

The clock said, "every minute is precious",

The mirror said, "reflect before you act."

The calendar said, "be up to date".

The door said, "push hard for your goals".

The light said "Always see me."

The corner said, "You can always fight your way out of me."

The glass of water said, "Stay thirsty for knowledge."

The shower said "wash yesterday away, today is a blank canvas".

The notebook laughed and said, "read me for direction."

And I can see more of them now I am looking for them.

What signs are there around you?
Please share this to motivate people who are important to you.

I posted this because you are important to me.

Saturday, 3 October 2015


A question I get asked about the HPT-Transformation Live 10 disc set (click HERE and then click
'buy NOW') is:
'Am I guaranteed the same results in my life as you?'

The answer is simple: NO.

A lot of people will now say 'Aha!  I knew it, he can't guarantee me the same level of success in my life as in his!  I bet it doesn't work.'

Truth is, that response comes from a short sighted, glass half-empty, kind of mentality.
It's the mindset of a person who has preconditioned their failure and will accept nothing but failure so that they can be proved right.  Isn't that a great context to work out of?

The reason I can't guarantee you will be at the same level of success in life as me is because you could quite easily far exceed my success!

How you implement the teachings of HPT into your life is down to you, and it can bring massive, monumental, change. Concentrating on it not working will stop it from working.

So, if you are one of these people who think it won't work for you, you are right, it won't, and that is YOUR FAULT.

If you want a guarantee then here it is:
"If you do absolutely nothing, if you do not buy this program, if you buy it and do nothing with the will definitely not work!" 

But if you buy it, you focus, you concentrate, you accept the information and you listen and take action... get ready to be the person you were destined to be!

It Is Our Duty

"You and I want our lives to matter. We want our lives to make a real difference — to be of genuine consequence in the world.

We know that there is no satisfaction in merely going through the motions, even if those motions make us successful or even if we have arranged to make those motions pleasant.

We want to know we have had some impact on the world. In fact, you and I want to contribute to the quality of life. We want to make the world work."

Create nothing first.
From nothing, one can build something better than what existed before.

If you take something already in existence and rebuild it alter it or modify it, all you are doing is changing something that is already there.

We can, each of us, make a positive change to the world around us and to the people we meet and know. We can do that continually, on a daily basis. But what if we collectively create change. What if we align ourselves with other like minded people who see the world differently...


Quantum Physics shows us that the random particles in a particle accelerator begin to align 1 by 1...when they reach a Critical Mass all the others fall into place.

I am indebted to +JamesA Ray who, in conversation, really got me thinking differently about this.

All it takes to make a massive change in your life, in your community and in the world is a group of likeminded people to reach a critical mass. Then you will shift the conscious mind of the planet.

We think too small these days.

Where are the visionaries?
JFK, who said 'we will go to the moon by the end of the decade.'
Gorbachev, who helped tear down the Berlin Wall.
+Elon Musk who created Tesla, SpaceX and Paypal
+Richard Branson who is taking the first civilians into space.
+Naveen Jain who is soon to be sending a spaceship to the moon and even Mars!
This is all about LEGACY!
It's what we leave behind for future generations.
It's what we are remembered for.
It's what we achieve.

We transform the world we know into a world of infinite possibility.

Whoever your personal God is, or maybe it is a Universal wants us to choose goals that are SO BIG we cannot do them alone!

We do not get fired up by the things we can do easily!

We get fired up by doing things we have no idea how to do, and those that are HARD!

Communities are the key, the spark.

Communities are the Critical Mass

We need our tribe.
We are here to leave a legacy!
What can we do right now to make a difference?

Collectively, and with the same objectives, we become unstoppable...and the universe will conspire behind us and we create a Transformation...