Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Prisoner of Belief

"I don't want any of you to believe a thing I'm saying. Get that. Don't believe me. Just listen. I don't need you to believe me. I want you to listen. Listen to understand: not just hear what I am saying. Listen to understand and listen also to what I am NOT saying too. You have a thought process, a decision strategy, that made you pay £2000.00 for this weekend. You booked your ticket, you paid, you got up this morning with the sole purpose of being here with me and everyone else. You are not alone, everyone else here did the same. You make choices, you decide on what you believe and what you don't. I know it, you know it. What's more, I know that you know that I know it!  
Everything you hear this weekend is not for you to blindly believe.  Think about it.  Ask questions.  Because what I am going to tell you are things you will be astounded at." 
~ Opening Statement/HPT-Transformation : Destination Seattle.

Have you ever been to the Novotel in Hammersmith in London?  It's a fairly decent hotel with conference facilities.  Not the biggest, most plush, hotel I have used for a seminar but I remember teaching the HPT-Transformation program there when we started.  One of the tube lights in the ceiling was flickering on the third day and I remember a guy called Clark, who was sitting underneath it, looking very annoyed and I asked him what was wrong?

He told me he had been travelling for 5 years, working all over the world.  He had been to Nepal and the Himalayas seeking out spiritual teachers who could show him 'the way' and how to gain 'enlightenment'. He had been to India to sit with psychic and meditative Guru's who would show him how to 'search deep within and draw out his internal strength and understanding'.   He had lived and worked with 'wise men' from a mexican commune, and spiritual teachers whilst in Africa. He was still searching at the end of all that.  He believed that all of them would work.  He believed that he needed something new, plugged in or fixed within his mind, to take him up to the level he wanted.  He had no idea that he already had all of the tools within him and all he needed was to be shown how to access them.

"I can understand why you are angry"  I said.

"That's not what makes me angry" he replied, speaking into the microphone to 300 people.  "After spending all that money, all that time and energy, and travelling thousands of miles, believing that what I was doing was right,  today I finally 'Got It!'"  Everyone in the room applauded him, "What makes me mad," he said after the room fell silent, "is that I never believed that I would 'get it' while sitting under a faulty light in a room in Hammersmith!"

Beliefs are, in the majority of cases, a lie. They are not the truth. The truth has to be experienced. Unless we have experienced something, it is not real.

"Sometimes, the truth is so believable; people usually just believe it instead of experiencing it."

Everyone has a belief system. These systems were formed when we were children.

It is probably a result of our ingrained beliefs about what a relationship should be, as opposed to the reality of the actuality of a relationship that has resulted in the high divorce rate.  Our beliefs of what is important and not important are so strange sometimes that we sit unknowingly at odds with them and have no idea what the issue is that is bothering us every day.  We never ever think it could be our beliefs. We can spend our lives believing in something with no experience of the reality only later to find that the truth is somewhat different to what they believed.

When we separate what we BELIEVE from what we EXPERIENCE we will begin to run our lives, but not before.

The problem with a belief is that we take it to be the truth. That’s fine if you imprint a belief in your mind that you will achieve, you can do it, you will attain success….but we have thousands of other beliefs that do not serve us. Those ‘other’ beliefs are detrimental and if we take THEM to be the truth we could get stuck in them.

In other words most of us persist in thinking and doing what we learnt long ago, rather than acting out of our experience in response to whatever is happening now.

A classic story illustrates this point:

A man watches his wife cutting an inch off the end of the Lamb bone before putting it in the oven to roast. After watching her do this a few times before, her husband asks her why. She tells him that her mother always did it that way. A few weeks later the husband asks his Mother-In-Law why she cuts an inch off the end of the lamb bone. She tells him, “My mother always did it that way.” The Grandmother is very old, in her 90’s, and when the husband and wife visit her one day he asks her the same question. “Your granddaughter, and your daughter, cut an inch off the end of the lamb bone before they put the lamb in the oven. They do it because you always did. Why did you do that?”

The old lady looks at the husband and says, “Well, in those days, I had a very small oven and the leg of lamb wouldn’t fit unless I cut an inch off the end of the bone!”

Most people are cutting an inch off the end of something in their lives to fit into an oven that’s no longer too small for it.

Most people are stuck in a melodramatic soap opera of their lives with the same four or five problems they have always had. The bigger problem is that they continue with beliefs that have been carved into their minds since childhood and they are the reason they keep repeating the behaviour.

Here is a frightening example:
You trip over when you are five years old and cut your knee and your mother says, 'Don't cry; crying is bad," so you don't cry. Then you have a fall while skiing when you are 17 and you break your leg but you keep a stiff upper lip and you don't cry because crying is bad. Then when you are 24 you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you really thought that they were 'the one' and you STILL don't cry.
The more you repress your feelings the more your consciousness shuts down. You become barely alive. You act like a zombie. You function mechanically and get a reputation as 'a bit of a cold fish'.

The reality is that as you function mechanically more and more, in some cases, you become successful at it. Here's a reality check: Mechanical success is not any more satisfying than failure.

I took my psychology training years ago and therapy has always been concerned with the way people are run, or how they function, by what was rather than what is and how to free people from their past. That never sat comfortably with me. I know hundreds of people who trained just like me and never questioned it.

There are 2 reasons they didn't question it:
1. FEAR! As in: 'Don't make waves....if you question it they will flunk you.'
2. Cut the end of the bone off the Leg of Lamb!

What do I mean by that? Think about it.

That's right: It has ALWAYS been done that way, so there must be a good reason for it.

How does HPT (Human Potential Transformation) differ from Therapy? Therapy is concerned with curing people of an 'illness' whereas HPT offers people an experience of themselves, and the ability to design a future.

It is evident from my travels and studies, and from the Transformational Change work I have done in the last few years which, I admit, has become more extreme and direct, that Belief Systems are, by and large, a myth.

Belief Systems are created by knowledge or data without experience.

If you experience something, it is real for you.
If you communicate it to somebody, it is real for them because you are expressing your experience.
If they tell it to someone else, it's a lie. It is merely a belief without the component of experience.

A belief is a very powerful thing. You can kill or you can cure with one. I have earned my living for many years training people to believe in themselves, which is good. You CAN believe in yourself because you have the experience of yourself, you are your own reality. I can prove to you, from my beliefs, that what I think and see is true.

I ask people what they expect to get out of the training program and the list can be very diverse. Some say they want to get to know themselves, some say they want to make better decisions, have more self confidence, be more decisive, fall in love, be more open, sell more product, be a better leader or manager....

What they ALL have in common is a set of expectations!

They truly believe that their happiness is dependant on more love, money, power, sex, self confidence, etc. Each has a belief system that relates satisfaction to something they are striving for.

The REALITY is that their happiness is a function of accepting what is, and make it separate from what isn't, what was and what is to come.

Belief is a structure which can contain very little information in terms of making it useful in your consciousness or well-being.

HPT works on Observation and not Belief. Observation has nothing to do with the senses, perceptions or belief systems. It only deals with direct experience...REALITY.

One of the core HPT Observations is that Life can be considered to be three foot long, and the first two feet eleven inches are about the material aspects of life (food,clothing and shelter) and what's known as 'psychological needs'. You need someone to love you and someone you can love back. You need self esteem, recognition and respect from others.

After people fill their needs they start to look what it MEANS to fill their needs. They start to realize that there is no true satisfaction in just filling your needs and they look beyond that. And THAT is the last inch. THAT is what HPT is all about.

It is the last inch, that has been cut off the bone again and again. That Inch is the life changer.

That last inch is where we discover TRANSFORMATION.

Thursday, 17 September 2015



Let me unlock the vault for you!

But first...
Have you ever read a book like The Secret, the Power, Think and Grow Rich, Ask and It is Given, 
Rich Dad/Poor Dad and others.  
Haven’t we all?  
The bookstores on our high streets and online are turning over thousands of copies of these books every week. One common factor runs like a thread through all of these books:  they promise to teach you how to make millions, be happy and manifest all your desires.

It is no surprise that they have been talked about on SkyNews, Oprah, CNN, NBC, The Today Show, Newsnight and written about in Time Magazine, The New York Times, GQ, Cosmopolitan and hundreds of other publications. Major celebrities, famous billionaires and members of Royal Families have admitted to using the information in these books to achieve riches and fame.

When you read one, or all of them, did you get the feeling that something was missing?  As if you had completed a 1000 piece jigsaw only to find that the most important piece was missing?  You are not alone in feeling like that!

These books are very good.  They explain a lot.  They show you what can be achieved.  But there is a problem with them…they ALL miss the most important secret key ingredient that makes the information REALLY work, and work FAST!

That’s why most people who read them do not get results. Most of the people who buy and read these books get all excited about their life changing, getting that new job, new car, new partner and that ability to have some salary left at the end of the month rather than some month left at the end of the salary!  Then, the reality sets in.  They do everything those books suggest and they wait, and they wait, and they wait…and NOTHING has changed! 

Quite naturally, people believe that they did one of three things:

1. They did something wrong…they didn’t!
2. They didn’t do it right…they did!
3. They missed something...no they didn’t…it wasn’t there!!
The third one is almost right! In actual fact, they didn’t miss anything, it just wasn’t there!  
It’s very hard to miss something if it isn’t there in the first place.

The fact is that there IS a MISSING KEY that has been PURPOSELY OMITTED
from these books and others like them!

I am about to tell you about the MISSING KEY to making ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!
Here is how I learned about this and why I am offering it to you now.
As I have revealed in my seminars and on my blog, I have spent many years studying just what it is that some people do that makes the difference that makes a difference.  Why are some people more successful than others? Why do some people seem to have everything while others spend their lives wanting?  Why is it that some people seem to live high up in a rarefied atmosphere where wealth is all around them and yet, they don’t appear to be doing anything different than YOU?

How many times have you asked yourself: ‘Why can’t I be more successful?’ or ‘Why can’t I have what I want, live the life I want, and provide everything for my family?’

Get ready!

I am going to show you how to have, be or do anything you want!!

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Let’s cut away the fallacy from the facts…

“These secrets are known to the chosen few people.”
That is absolutely true.
“Who are these people?” 
They are members of Companies, societies and organizations around the world, but they are NOT the secret underground, Area 51, for your eyes only, stealth, need to know basis, loved by conspiracy theorists Gray Men people think are lurking in the background.
They are people who belong to Companies, Businesses, organizations and groups who know these secrets and who pass this information on to a select few.  The average guy has no chance of gaining membership and receiving all the benefits from the knowledge, networking opportunities and associations these societies offer…UNLESS, they were invited, proposed and accepted.

That is one reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Most of the secret societies are not really a secret at all. It’s what goes on INSIDE the societies that is the big secret! It’s how its members work together that is a secret!

When you are a member of one of these organizations or societies you LEARN a new way of doing things,  of how to obtain incredible wealth, power, luck, control, happiness, romantic love… You learn how to CONTROL all situations in your life and how to make all events turn out for YOUR advantage. You are taught secrets that can allow you to HAVE…BE....and DO...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING YOU WANT!
These secrets,
CAN make all your dreams come true!

The questions I get asked are...
“WHAT exactly are these secrets?
“HOW do I apply these discoveries for wealth, power, luck, love and romance in my personal life and make it work for me?


How can I get this knowledge without being a member of these societies, companies or organizations, so I can BE, DO, and HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT “FAST?”

Now those questions are being answered! Whatever YOUR dreams in life are....they CAN be achieved!

These secrets are SO powerful
and work so fast
that they AMAZE all who use them.

When used correctly, whatever you want in life can come RUSHING to you like it is being pulled by a magic magnet.

WARNING! Money can come to you so fast and in such large amounts, it will frighten you!   (I know this sounds too good to be true, but it IS TRUE…and it is as good as it sounds!)

I have acquired this information and I am willing to pass THE COMPLETE INFORMATION on to people outside of those organizations, businesses and societies who believe this information is on a need to know basis.  Imagine having ME ‘PERSONALLY’ teach YOU how to apply this most powerful secret technology in YOUR life and helpMAKE ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE!

For the first time ever you will have revealed to you the secrets that were previously exclusive to members of these groups! Now, for THE FIRST TIME, someone is willing teach YOU exactly how to use these powerful secrets inYOUR life and make them WORK for YOU....in RECORD SPEED!  And that person…is ME!

You will learn how to HAVE, BE AND DO ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!

Imagine having ME as your PERSONAL mentor to teach YOU the secrets to making more money faster than you ever thought possible, have unlimited power in your personal life, have the most amazing romantic relationship you could imagine, have amazing health and vitality, become lucky in everything you do, control all people and situations in life, and have the financial freedom to enjoy your life like never before!

As you know, these companies, organizations and  societies include many wealthy and powerful people. I have talked with and confer with many of these members.

In all the books and seminars you have read or watched, in person, on tape, on DVD or on the Internet, you have ONLY EVER been given enough information to make you want more.  The people promising you answers are not going to give you THEIR secrets because they don’t want the competition.  They are just going to tell you enough to make a slight increase in the levels of your life so that you see an improvement.  So that you think ‘it worked’ but then…nothing else happens.  If you are happy with that then stop reading now.
Here is the difference that MAKES the difference:



Here is the shocker, you better sit down:  Unlike the others I DON’T CARE HOW SUCCESSFUL OR RICH YOU BECOME because I don’t see you as a threat to ME…I KNOW THERE IS ENOUGH WEALTH IN THE UNIVERSE TO GO AROUND…IT IS ABUNDANT.  THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. 

The ONLY barrier to your success is YOU!

I have associated with some of the most successful and powerful people on the planet. This creates a “master mind” group – making the society even more powerful, and membership even more beneficial. When you associate and learn from super successful people, it actually DOES rub off on you —— YOU are changed for the better!

See it as the ULTIMATE CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE AND SUCCESS...And the best part of a circle is....? BEING ON THE INSIDE!

Think about it…dream about it…AND watch for the next post when you will be given the opportunity of your lifetime.

In the mean time...think of this...

My story is very unique.
I have lived a lifestyle most people
only dream about.

My achievements in business, health, my uncanny luck, and my lifestyle have amazed me and the people who know me. I have lived an amazing life.

Here’s what using these powerful secrets has done for me:

My associated companies have done MILLIONS of pounds in sales

I have owned Publishing companies, Sales companies and businesses in the UK and in many other countries

I have lived in million pound homes, all across the UK, and on 3 continents

I live a life that allowed me to drive cars like Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Jaguars, Bentleys and Mercedes

I have owned millions of pounds worth of fine jewelry, gold, antiques and art

I travel first class wherever I go (including jets, limos and the most expensive hotel suites)

I’ve had private chefs, drivers and bodyguards

I’ve dined in the finest restaurants and enjoyed the most expensive wine and champagne

I have associated with some of the richest, most powerful people in the world including Prime Ministers, Generals, business tycoons and Hollywood celebrities

I also have unreal human health (I virtually NEVER get sick)

The reason I tell you these things is
It is to IMPRESS UPON YOU that I know something YOU NEED TO KNOW!

If YOU learn what I have been taught, YOU could HAVE, BE or DO ANYTHING YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE!

But life was not always good for me!

I was an only child, born in a very poor part of East London.  My parents worked VERY hard to put and keep a roof over our heads.  I grew up in a very loving environment with the best parents anyone could wish for.
Things didn't get better until my Father became a Manager with a very large supermarket chain.  He became an area Manager and Director before he retired.  In the early days we had no bathroom, just a tin bath in front of the fire three times a week.  We had a toilet at the bottom of the garden lit by candles. We had no telephone until I was 12 and a colour TV didn't appear until I was 15.  My parents worked long hours to make money.  I went to work when I was 15. 

Before I discovered how to get everything I wanted and learned the secrets, I was just an average guy who grew up in a very poor and moneyless environment.

I never went to college, that was much later, and for years went from job to job. I did not have “connections.” I was dead broke and overweight. Life was a struggle. Making ends meet was tough. I was in debt and had trouble paying my bills. I couldn’t get a date. I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Things never went my way. I felt like I had a black cloud over my head. I was unlucky in everything. I felt like a curse was on me. (Maybe you can relate in some ways.)


I was desperate to change my situation. I read over 1,000 self help books and went to every seminar I could, to learn HOW to be successful. The problem was that none of the people teaching me WERE successful! They all made their money TEACHING other people how to be successful! They NEVER did it themselves!

Everything I learned was THEORY.
It just didn't work in real life.
Worst of all, it was just a theory to the people who were teaching others.

But I was a young man who seemed to have potential. Although not a member of an elite privileged family, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who knew how to get what they wanted.  They also showed ME how it really works! It was a total fluke. I was at the right place at the right time. They gave me an offer I could not refuse. At the time I did not know WHY I was chosen to learn all of this.

When I received my invitation I immediately accepted! I studied and learned the secrets with more passion than anyone ever had in their history!

It turned out I was gifted with the unique ability, much like Einstein, at “crunching” or simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand and apply. I totally integrated the “secrets” into my whole being and life!

I even created what I call the “5 Second Miracle” from all this amazingly powerful secret information —— which is based on taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. I simplified the secrets I had learned, the information and secret keys to success.

One day, I felt I was READY to see if this secret information would REALLY work like they told me. Could it be true that by simply applying this foolproof, almost magical secret, I could HAVE, BE or DO ANYTHING I WANTED? Would it REALLY be that easy? Would it REALLY work so fast?

All these well-known, powerful, and super rich members told me it was true, and they had the physical proof it worked. They had the money, wealth, power, control, luck, health and status. It was definitely working for THEM. But would it work for ME?

It is a little like changing fonts and colours and margins on a computer.  It may look great but it will not be a permanent change unless you hit the ‘APPLY’ button..
and I hit ‘APPLY’ in my life!!!

Everything changed almost overnight for me! From the MOMENT I starting using this new knowledge, it worked – in fact, EVERYTHING in my life became better. It was almost magical! It was almost like I had found Aladdin’s Lamp and had a Genie that would grant me every wish I had!

Within a short time, I got out of debt. I started making more money than I could ever dream about. I became lucky at everything. I lost weight. My health became amazing! I had luxury cars, houses, jewellery and clothes. I bought my parents a home and a new car.  I travelled first class, and most importantly, I was HAPPIER than ever before. I was living a stress-free magical life

I felt I could see the future and predict events and will things to occur in my life with uncanny accuracy!

I also felt totally in control of all situations and people.

My confidence was at an all time high and I had no fear in my life!

I have attracted MONEY FROM ALL DIRECTIONS and have enjoyed a lifestyle that most people could not even imagine.

People all around me could not believe my success! It happened so FAST it looked like I hit the lottery! I became super “lucky!” Everything I touched turned to gold as if by magic.

Then one day, a person who worked with me came BEGGING to learn my secrets. He wanted to know HOW I was getting so lucky.

After three years of BEGGING, I reluctantly decided to teach SOME of the secret discoveries to him. This was AGAINST the rules of the PEOPLE WHO SHOWED ME! 

These discoveries and secrets were for THE CHOSEN FEW ONLY! But I felt I was only revealing a “FEW” of the secrets – NOT ALL OF THEM.

These secrets are SIMPLE and EASY to learn. He was a quick learner and he started applying these secrets right away.

Within a year, starting with ZERO, he became RICH BEYOND HIS DREAMS!

I could not imagine how good I would feel seeing another person succeed with this knowledge. It was fantastic!

NOBODY who had learned these secrets like me was supposed to pass them on to just ANYONE! This gives an UNFAIR advantage in life to the PRIVILEGED ELITE class. The “little” guy or “average” person is left out! I felt this was TOTALLY UNFAIR and just plain WRONG! So I decided to break the rules and teach some of the secrets to a few other people who were SERIOUS about doing whatever it takes to get a better life.

Could YOU also be one of those people?  Of Course you can be...why?  Because you already are, you just don't know it.  Let me show you....

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Monday, 14 September 2015


Transformation is a precise discipline.

Psychology and Philosophy are disciplines…I see Transformation as a discipline too.

The fact that Transformation is ‘new’ to many people it has a tendency to be completely misunderstood. That misunderstanding is not exclusive to Transformation. It happens with a lot of new disciplines.

When I was being taught NLP by Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, he stated that when he walked into a bookshop and picked up a book on NLP written by someone he had never heard of he said in the majority of times, it either repeated what he had written, or it bared NO relation to NLP whatsoever. Bandler didn’t recognise it as ‘NLP’.

When people first began hearing about Cybernetics, it was assumed to be about a branch of engineering or Robotics.

There lies the challenge.

People try to grasp a subject in terms already familiar with them.
“When a thing is new, people say: ‘It is not true.’
Later, when its truth becomes obvious, they say: ‘It is not important.’
Finally, when its importance cannot be denied, they say: ‘Anyway, it is not new.”
~ William James

Transformation is a discipline that explores the nature of Being. Transformation takes place personally, collectively, in a business or personal relationship.

It is a discipline devoted to change, augmentation, enhancement, growth (intellectually and spiritually), possibility and to accomplishment.

Transformation is the ultimate Change of Change!

One has to remember, and indeed live by, one very simple tenet: “One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you are just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing.”

We use the word "transformation" to name a distinct discipline. Just as psychology, sociology, and philosophy are disciplines, so too we see transformation as a distinct discipline, a body of knowledge, and a field of exploration. I should add that because the discipline of transformation is brand new, it's likely to be misunderstood—something that happens to a lot of new disciplines. At the beginning of the study of cybernetics, for example, people didn't know what cybernetics was. They assumed it was a branch of Robotics, engineering or mathematics. People tried to grasp it in terms already familiar to them. Eventually, however, it became clear that interpreting cybernetics as a branch of anything actually missed the whole point of cybernetics.

From our perspective, the same situation is now true of transformation. Most people at­tempt to understand our work in terms of psychology, philosophy, sociology, or theology. While it is true that almost anything can be analyzed from those perspectives, none of those disciplines is our work. Each can provide a certain perspective on our work, but none of them is the work. Fundamentally, transformation is a discipline which explores the nature of Being. Less fundamentally, but still pretty accurately, we would say it is a discipline devoted to possibility and to accomplishment, in the sense of the source of accomplishment.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Propulsion System

Any power that you consciously or unconsciously acknowledge or engage with within yourself is a
function of your internal propulsion system.  This can be transmuted into your power being a function of the rate your propulsion system moves your intention into reality.

It is quite common for us to disempower or weaken ourselves by discovering ways to slow, impede and make more complex and difficult than necessary the process of powering our intention into reality

There are two contributing factors relating to the disempowerment of ourselves.

The first is the domain of being reasonable. We deal with our intentions or act to realize our intentions from a context of being reasonable.  This means we are in the domain of working slow, permitting impediment and complicating issues. When we work from a standpoint of story or the narrative, the explanations, the justifications, there is no propulsion, velocity, speed, or power.

Results are black and white, acceptable or not, good or bad. In life, one either has results, which is signified by our intentions realized, or one has the reason, story, explanations, and justifications for it not being realized. The person of power does not deal in explanations. This way of being might be termed management by results (not management for results but management by results). The person of power manages him or herself by results and creates a space or mood of results in which to interact with others.

The other factor to be addressed is time. Now never seems to be the right time to act. The right time is always in the future, unless we check ourselves on that train of thought. Usually this appears in the guise of “after I/you/we do 'X' then it will be the right time to act”; or “after 'X' occurs, then it will be the right time to act”; or “when 'X' occurs, then it will be the right time to act.” The guise includes “gathering all the facts,” “getting the plan outlined,” “figuring out ‘X’,” “getting ready,” etc.

Since now is the only time you have in reality and now will never seem to be the right time to act, one may as well act now.

Even though “it isn’t the right time,” given that the “right time” will never come, acting now is, at the least, powerful (even if you don’t get to be right).

Most people wait for the decisive moment, whereas people of power are decisive in the moment.