Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Perfect Equation - Dynamic-Life Academy

Other than you, who is the enemy of your enemy?

Hmmmm, that's not something you have thought of much is it?

Think about it now.

Remember, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"...or at least my temporary ally, united in a common cause ....

Like's the perfect equation.

Sometimes these allies you don't know you have are actual physical people...and it is possible that they hate your enemy more than you do. It's logical. If you have an enemy then it's highly likely they are so odious that more people hate them than like them.

At other times these unexpected allies are psychological in nature.

Your enemies physical enemies. They are easy to spot because they are real. They are people he/ she has pissed off or else people that have pissed off him/ her. They are out to get your enemy, or at least your enemy thinks they are out to get them...perhaps because you make them think that!

Your enemies real and physical enemies can be incited against her (we shall call your enemy a her). This is known as the 'dog eat dog' ploy. This is analogous to throwing a single bone to a pair of starving hounds and is especially effective (and gratifying) when used to get one of your enemies to destroy the other, and hopefully destroying themselves in the process ;-).

The winner in such a fight will be weakened, and thus more susceptible to your attack.

You could play the double bluff and convince your enemy that the only way of defeating their real or imagined enemy is to join forces with you. This would allow you to create a whole catalogue of 'shadow enemies' to quixotically tilt against them, expending their limited resources, resources that are no longer at their disposal when they attempt to defend against your attack.

You gain an alliance by exaggerating the potential and plottings of her real - and imagined - enemies.  If she remains unresponsive to your 'peace' overtures, join her real enemies.  If possible, secretely.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Your enemies psychological enemies. Psychological enemies are a little harder to spot. They are 'in her head', whether inherited strands of worry and phantoms of paranoia she has dragged behind her since childhood. Or they will be the entangled vines of doubt and disappointment you adeptly, adroitly, and rightly, plant in her mind thru your ability.

Unlike actual physical enemies, these psychological enemies are less tangible, and often impossible to get a grip on. What's good for your enemy is usually bad for you. on the flip side, what's bad for your enemy is bound to be good, or of advantage, for you.

Psychological disturbances are like frustration, irrational fears, and debilitating stress.  Although these are your enemy, are also your enemies enemy. Discovering that your enemy is plagued by one of these psychological enemies will not only give you insight into their thinking processes and beliefs, but will provide you with avenues for direct or oblique attack.

The enemy of my enemy really is my friend!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Message from Dave - Dynamic-Life Academy

I firmly believe that Human Beings have unlimited potential. We all have inner ability that will remain dormant throughout our lives unless we tap into it. I believe that a Human Potential Technology program can free the mind, the spirit and the body. I do not buy into the belief that we only use a third of our brains. I believe we use all of our brains, but only parts of the brain at any one time.

We are a collection of beings that can evolve, or progress, or remain stagnant. It is our choice but sometimes a person comes along who shakes you up, makes you think differently, scares you, antagonises you, compels you to take on board their ideas and thoughts. There is a deep paradox or contradiction in getting people to take action. It is hard-wired into the brain over millions of years evolution and each one of us has a collection of moments building on one another and gaining momentum can be difficult.

The basic tenet of every computer game is:
'You will be killed if you stand still'

It’s the same with life, and business.

It is my goal to make a constant, forward moving, powerful change in myself and in the world around me by pushing beyond limits set by other people who believe they know best. I choose to live in a world, a belief, where ANYTHING is possible. Anyone who tells me that something cannot be done is really telling me they don’t know how to do that something.

As a student of Iconoclastic thought I am amazed at how often I am told something can not be done when I have been doing it for ages. I live an abnormal life in an outstanding world and my beliefs sit way outside of social norms. I see normality of thought and action, of rules and ‘we always do things like this’ as limits, perimeter fences, which must be removed. I seek to transcend the commonality and the norm.

I am a pioneer of 21st Century thought. I believe that by controlling our ‘Inner Game’ we influence and change the reality around us. I do not tread a safe path but I only see failure as feedback. I do not buy into ‘try, try, try again’. I do, or do not. There is no try! I have no agenda, I come from no angle or direction. I flow like water.

I believe that the Human Potential Technology system I use is the best. It will change and it will grow. It is a collection of the state of the art techniques from NLP, Hypnosis, Persuasion, Inner Game, Seduction and Influence.

I have no way, as way. I have no limitation as limitation. I am your first, your last, and your only source of Human Potential Technology. I push the boundaries, limitations and expand the comfort circle of everyone that works for, or with, The Moore Consortium and the Dynamic-Life Academy.

SALES - Dynamic-Life Academy

The 21st Century Salesperson

This course is aimed specifically to enable new and experienced salespeople to break through to success in today’s environment. It is the people who have the right attitude, skill and knowledge that will be successful. Delegates will learn that those three ingredients are vital in the recipe for a successful sales career, thus enabling them to become better equipped to maximize their potential and skyrocket their performance.

Who is it for?
New salespeople, Experienced salespeople, New to the business or those who want to take the ball another 100 yards, Those who have had little or no training, Those who have read a book about, seen a film about or heard the words Body and Language together in a sentence, Anyone who wants to develop their sales skills
What will they learn?
How to Plan and manage a sales territory, Prospect and identify key decision-makers. Deconstructing the target and pre-planning, Plan and prepare a sales presentation, Open a sales presentation confidently, Recognise different types of buyers, Tailor a presentation to suit the situation, Be confident and assured enough to walk away from a non-productive meeting, use Power/ open/ closed questioning, defferentiate Features and benefits v Sales Criteria, Eliminate ‘buyers remorse’, Complete the sale with a full commitment, Getting referrals, Exceeding target consistently.

The Sales Course

Selling!  What an honourable profession!

Everyone sells. Some, though, are better at it than others.

That can be changed. Wherever you may be reading this, be it at home or in the office, look around you. That desk, that lamp, that sofa, chair, carpet, TV, computer etc. NONE of it would be there if someone hadn’t sold it to someone else.You may have decided to buy some of those things yourself but someone sold it to you at some point. You may even have sold it to yourself!

There is no escaping it. Selling is a profession, an art, and a way of life. Be it a car, washing machine or cable TV. Someone needs it! Someone sells it to someone else.

Everyone wants something but they don’t know what they want, how to get it, why they want it or what to do with it when they’ve got it.

Knocking on doors and cold calling over the telephone are difficult jobs, thankfully. If it was easy: everyone would be doing it. Salespeople see difficulties as opportunities.

Presentations differ. What works for one may not work for another. Opening statements come in all shapes and sizes. In this instance: size matters! The ones that are short, sharp and punchy and contain the minimum amount of information and pricing are the best.

In todays environment, using old sales training methods will leave you dead in the water. It is not a case of buyer beware but one of Seller AWARE! Know your product, know your customer.Our courses are structured from over twenty years of experience and are tailored to suit your specific requirements. Far too many companies have 'set' seminars that you have to pick relevant information and techniques out of...we don't...our courses are bespoke.

HPT - Dynamic-Life Academy


Do you ever find yourself in ‘two minds’ about something you want to do or have you had ‘half a mind’ to change?

Have you ever been able to ‘get something intellectually’ and found yourself unable to actually ‘do it’ in the real world?

Have you ever felt that some part of you was fighting yourself, or had one area of life where you kept repeating the same mistake? Have you ever been with a certain type of person that you just couldn’t seem to reach or influence, no matter what method and technique you tried?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any or all of those questions, then you have staggeringly good luck.

The Dynamic-Life Academy is presenting a  HUMAN POTENTIAL TECHNOLOGY program.  It is a collection of astounding, jaw-droppingly effective yet elegant methodology that resolves every single one of these issues.

Even greater news is that you can learn to apply them in minutes. Discover more about this and other secrets…like, How people really work.

For more information, and an in depth information pack on how to organise a Human Potential Technology event or seminar please contact us via the email link on the home page at .

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dynamic- Life Academy Taster

Have you ever read a blogpost and wondered what it was about and then, for whatever mysterious reason, you started to think differently and realise that this is one of the most relevant blogposts to you? I find that when I, think about the other possibilities these teachings will give you, and you open your mind, to me, its as if this is going to help take you to the next stage.

I am an NLP trainer. That’s what I do. I teach people how to sell, how to Firewalk, Glasswalk and smash wood Karate style. I also teach people how to communicate effectively. I have done this all over the world. In all that time I see a common thread throughout all of those seminars. The successful people are the ones who study, listen, learn and then go out and do it. The Mega-Successful are the ones who do it without thinking about it. It has become part of them, its second nature. That's because they do it on a consistent basis.

Selling is the oldest profession there is. Some say prostitution is the oldest but even that is someone selling themselves to someone else. Wherever you are reading this, if you are at work, in an Internet cafĂ© or at home, look around you. Apart from nature, everything you see was sold to someone by someone else. If you have skill in selling you can sell yourself and that’s what we do with the opposite sex. We put ourselves in the market and we make ourselves a hot commodity. We have all the tools we need within us.

I run workshops and seminars on a number of subjects and all the time I hear of ‘rejection’ and ‘objection’. These are related, you reject because you object and vica versa. In a sale, in a pick up, if they object, what do you do? I spent years looking at and learning different ways to counter objections, what to say when they say...etc. These were really good but they didn’t work well in the real world and then I had what is known as a BGO. A Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious.

Objections are state related. I hear people like Richard Bandler and Ross Jeffries saying the same thing. If you don’t like the answer, change the state! The objection is now over there, they can’t cling onto it. The point I am making is that in the teaching of all of these tools and techniques you have to take them on and make them second nature.

The basic facts of approaching anyone, be it conversation or to sell them something (yourself?) are:
  • Never take the first response as being something written in stone.
  • Anything they offer is a toy for me to play with. Like Jeet Kune Do.
  • They can say and do what they want; I control where my energy goes.
  • Anything they offer is information I can use.
  • 90% of people are running on autopilot 90% of the time.
  • Never attach excessive meaning. Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it
  • Never think by your own agenda. Don’t bait your hook with food you like.

That is the 7-step rule that will allow you to walk through the world getting the best of anything you want. Do not make the mistake that these tips are exclusively for sales. You can use them on anyone to get anything. You will have the tools and techniques at hand and you can call on them without thinking. Once you have the techniques, don’t stress about them. Don’t even attempt to remember them. Just use them. It’s like a new language. After a while you think in two ways.

We have 2 brains. We have 2 different kinds of intelligence; rational and emotional. When we cannot decide we say we are ‘in 2 minds’. The techniques you are learning form a part of your EQ. That’s your Emotional Intelligence. Your EQ is more important than your IQ. The IQ test may help you get a job but your personal EQ will help you keep it. A high IQ is around 135. Many people with IQ’s of 135 and above work for people with IQ’s of 100 or less. Why? Because the person with the high EQ, the one who knows how to relate to other people, talk to other people and interact with other people in a manner they like, is always going to be way ahead of the game and have people following him, more so than the guy who knows how long it will take for two men to fill a bath up with water in the dark at 22,000ft. Because they interact naturally and in a manner that is second nature.

I always, now, describe the techniques, tools, patterns, closes, etc as a raft. A raft is very handy if you want to get from one side of a river to another. You may want to get from the unsuccessful side of the river to the side where infinite power and success are available. But once you have reached the other side, you no longer need the raft itself. In fact, if you want to grow, and continue your journey, you have to leave the raft behind. The challenge that we have, as humans, is that we tend to fall in love with the raft.

We start to think, “This raft has been good. It’s a useful raft. It’s served me well. This raft is tip top!”

But if we hang on to the raft, or the teachings, they will become a hindrance. No words, anyone’s, can help you more than you. You must do that yourself.

The trick is this. By integrating the raft, or what we took on board while on the journey, into our being and into our unconsciousness it becomes second nature and we see opportunity, we hear opportunity and we create opportunity all around us. Being awake to openings, opportunity and life is the best way to be. Your energy level is high, your awareness is at peak level and your state is at a higher level. You become a magnet for opportunity. It seeks you out. And once you become one with the teachings, you will always be ready.

Each of us has a success blueprint already embedded in our unconscious mind. This blueprint, more than any one other thing, will determine your destiny.

We live in a world of duality: up and down, light and dark, hot and cold, in and out, fast and slow, left and right. These are a few examples of the thousands of opposite poles. For one pole to exist, the other pole must also exist. You cannot believe in God without believing in the devil, and vice versa.

Consequently, just as there are outer laws for living, there must be inner laws. The outer laws include things like knowledge, Skill, state management and belief strategies. These are essential. But the inner game is just as important.

Having top quality tools is imperative to a carpenter but he must be able to use those tools in a masterful fashion.

It’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to create the right time AND be the right person in that right place at the right time.

So who are you? How do you think? What are your beliefs? What are your habits and traits? How do you really feel about yourself? How confident are you in yourself? How well do you relate to others? How much do you trust others? How do you rate your ability? How do you rate your ability to act in spite of fear, worry, inconvenience and discomfort?

Can you act or function at your highest level even when you are not in the mood?

The bottom line is that your character, your thinking, and your beliefs are a critical part of what determines the level of your success and how your blueprint pans out...

Stuart Wilde puts it this way: "The key to success in anything is to raise your own energy; when you do, people will naturally be attracted to you. And when they show up, bill them!" For ‘bill them’ substitute with ‘sell them’.

Most people do not reach their full potential. Most people are not successful in what they choose to do.

Research shows that 80% of individuals will never be free in the way they would like to be.80% of people will never claim to be truly happy.

The reason is simple. Most people are on autopilot. They are unconscious at the wheel. They work, think and behave on a superficial level of life – based on what they can see. They live in the visible world.

Imagine a tree. Let’s suppose that this tree represents the tree of Selling. On this tree are fruits. In life, our fruits are called our results. So we look at the fruits (our results) and we don't like them; there aren’t enough, and they are too small, or they don't taste good.

What do we tend to do? Most people put more attention and focus on the fruit, the results. They will clean the fruit, spray the fruit and nurture the fruit.

But what is it that actually creates those particular fruits? It's the seeds and the roots that create the fruit.

It’s what's underground that creates what's above ground.

It’s what's invisible that creates the visible.

So what does that mean?

It means if you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.

In my experience, what you cannot see in this world is far more powerful than anything you can see.

Try electricity. You can’t see it, but you can see its effect when you turn on a light. How do you know electricity exists? Because of the light? Put your finger in the socket and test if it really exists. I guarantee your doubts will disappear.

You may not agree with the statement about what you can’t see being more powerful than what you can see but you will suffer if you don't apply this principle.


The law of nature determines that what's underground creates what's above ground. As humans, we are a part of nature, not above it. Consequently, when we align with the law and work on the roots – our inner game – our life flows smoothly and we are a magnet to opportunity. We bear fresh fruit.

We do not work or exist on just one plane of existence. We work in four.

Physical – Mental – Emotional – Spiritual

Most people never ever realise that the physical realm, what we call reality, is only a printout of the other three.

Let’s suppose you have written a letter. You hit print and out it comes. Whoops...typo! You hit delete on the pc and press print again. Out comes the letter with the same typo.Whoa! I just deleted that. You now study the six hundred page manual called effective deleting. You now have the tools and the knowledge you need. You hit delete. You hit print. You look. Shit! The typo is still there.The real problem cannot be changed in the printout, the physical world; it can only be changed in the program, the mental, emotional and spiritual world.

Whatever results you are getting, be they great or bad, positive or negative, always remember that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If things are not going well in your outer game, it’s because things are not going well in you inner game.

It’s that simple.

What you hear, you remember; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand. Forget the magic bullets, potions, punches and pills you seek. You are just victim of Loch Ness Monster disease.

‘I have heard of this (pitch, pattern, command) but no one has seen it or heard it. It's a great (pitch, pattern, command) which, if you say it, you get everything you want. If I could get hold of that I would make it'.

"Can you teach me that magic punch because I could beat Bruce Lee/ Mike Tyson etc blah blah?"

Wrong. I can teach you that magic punch but unless I teach you how to box or how to do Kung Fu your would be on the floor before you landed it.
Once you sort out your inner game and realise that you control your energy, your state and your focus then you will get what you want. You will have your cake and you will eat it. What is the use of having cake if you can’t eat it anyway? What are you supposed to do with it? Put it on the mantelpiece and look at it?

There is a major difference between rich people, wealthy people and poor people just as there is between Dynamic-Life people, auto pilots and AFC's...(Average Frustrated Chumps)

Dynamic-Life people believe `I can have my cake and eat it'.
Auto pilot people believe `Cake is too rich, so I will only have a little piece'
AFC's don't believe they deserve cake, so they order a donut, focus on the hole and wonder why they have nothing.

If you want to step up to the Dynamic-Life Academy challenge....stay tuned.....

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Belief Systems

Your belief is conditioned by your perception of the world around you.

That perception is from information that your brain filters through from the world and presents to you in a form you can understand. Filters do exactly what they say they do. They filter. The brain obeys the filters it imposes and this, in turn, constructs the reality around you.

Your perception of the world is put together by the information the filters allow.

Let’s have an example of this.

How many times have you lost your keys? You’ve put them down somewhere but where are they?  You have no idea. So you go on the usual well tried route around the house. Search and find. Hallway, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, lounge. Nothing!

What do you do next? You go on the same route but with more energy! Again, still no joy. Nothing! They have disappeared. In comes your partner, or flatmate.

“What are you doing?” they ask.

“I’ve lost my keys,” you tell them, “Where have you put them?”

(Apportioning blame seems to make some people feel better!)

Why is it, after you have told someone you have lost something, that they can look in a place you have checked three times and find what it was you were looking for?

It’s because their mind is tuned in to finding rather than losing.

You, on the other hand, say to yourself: “I’ve lost my keys, I’ve lost my keys!” and embark upon this manic search.

You could walk past the table your keys are lying on and your eyes say to you, “They’re on the table.” You say to yourself, “I’ve lost my keys.” Your brain says, “Ok then, you’re the boss!” and goes with you, not your eyes.

It refuses the information your eyes give it.

You go on the circuit. No joy! You go on the circuit again and, as you pass the table with your keys, your eyes say, “On the table, on the table!” but you ignore it, believing that your keys are lost.

The process is: key’s -eyes - eyes - brain. In the brain is the Reticular Activating System. This decides what is comes in and what stays out. Your eyes spot the keys and tells your Brain but the RAS says, “Ssshh! The keys are lost!” This is your filter.

Think about when you buy a car. Say for instance you decide to buy a brand new Arctic Silver Range Rover Sport series. And why not? What happens when you start to drive around in it? What do you see in front of you, in your rear view mirror and coming the other way? Range Rover Sports! Everywhere. They are all over the place.

Now you have got one, your mind says, “Look over there, there’s one. Look, there’s another!” Now you have one, your mind starts to filter in the information. Before you bought one you were under the impression that there weren’t many around so your brain believed it. Now you have one, your mind is open for information and here it is!

Belief is a make or break. It can shape your destiny or destroy it. Belief in yourself is the most important factor in the make up of success. Belief in what you do is the overriding factor in whether or not you are successful. Strength of mind and purpose is the main ingredient in your battle with the odds. If the odds are stacked against you, belief is the one thing that will carry you through.


Launching in May...
All under one banner...
All available from one source...
All online...and in person.....

Stay tuned...


Well, you don't expect to see something like this when driving through snow on a motorway!!


You are a person of action.

You assess a situation and based on your knowledge and experience.

You act.
You dare.
You risk.

If you make mistakes. You re-evaluate. You act again.

Your training has given you confidence.

This is simple enough. Because the status quo is often comfortable and safe, many people look for guarantees before taking independent action. They want assurances from others that all outcomes will be favourable.

Yet, in seeking assurances, they frequently receive cautions. These cautions can easily be used as excuses for inaction. Those who love you the most may be the loudest in warning you not to risk failure.

If you always follow the crowd, you will always end up where the crowd ends up.

If you do what others do you will only get the results they get!

Make a personal decision to do what it will take to succeed. The success principles we teach at The Moore Consortium are known to many but lived by few.

Most people know what they should be doing but lack either the will or the self-confidence to train or start a business, or make an investment or establish a friendship.

This is not the independent you.

Most people are so afraid of failing that they concentrate all their efforts on that; not failing. And so they never really succeed.

They only survive.

It is only through ‘failure’ that true success can be gained.

In truth there is no failure, you only discover a way not to do something.

As the NLP rule states, "There is no failure, only feedback".

Look at Thomas Edison, one of the inventors of the 20th century. When he invented the electric light bulb he used over 2000 different materials for the filament until he discovered a combination that worked.

Years later when he was being interviewed a reporter asked him "When you tried for the 2000th time to build a coil for your light bulb, and it failed, didn't you feel disheartened, didn't you feel like giving up?"

He replied, "Not at all.  I didn't fail.  I discovered 2000 ways not to make a light bulb but I got closer to one way that would. So every failure, as you put it, was in fact a success!"

Get the point?


You are the exception.

You are willing to work harder and be more generous than you have to be.

You will exhibit character, vision, passion, enthusiasm and patience.

You will be ready to inspire and lead. You will accept responsibility. You will maintain the highest standards as you set the rules.

You will be consistent.

You will have a clear vision of your mission. You will encourage teamwork and the formation of strong alliances. You will set the example. You operate at the Jedi level.

In dress, speech, demeanour and attitude, you show the way to your colleagues. Your values and ideals have been deeply considered. You guide yourself and others toward excellence, not perfection. You are always open to new ideas, suggestions and offers of assistance. You must never ask or expect others to do what you would not do. You will believe in your clients and colleagues and they will reward you with their support.

Never forget, it’s your life. You are the captain of your ship and this is your journey.

Many people feel that they have no control over their own lives. Remind them constantly that this is NOT true. Once we all understand that we are responsible for all out comes, good and bad (if there is such a thing!) then we understand why these outcomes occur. From then on we are able to direct our lives as we see fit.


Now this is a very important ‘thing’ to grasp.

How many ‘normal’ people mix with their ‘normal' friends?

When they go on holiday they go on their ‘normal' package deals to the usual 'normal' places. Year-in year-out.

They have their 'normal' mortgage, and they pay into their 'normal' pension fund all of their 'normal' working life.

Then they retire at the 'normal' retirement age.

Suddenly they’re 90, they are dying and they look back on their very 'normal' lives. Now at that moment in their time ‘normal’ becomes boring.

Boring becomes a waste of time. Their life becomes a waste of time. And they wish they hadn't been so ‘normal’. You’re going to die anyway. So you may as well make your life as exciting as possible. When you have free time use it well.
I do not advocate a normal life.

I advocate an AB-NORMAL life.

Something to be proud of and something others point at!

Don’t veg-out in front of the TV.
Go somewhere different.
Do something different.
Something exciting.
Talk to “mad” people, say “mad” things, do “mad” things…after all, as far as we know, you only live once.

Unless you happen to be James Bond in which case you only live twice!

But that is down to good scriptwriters. You write your own script!!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Living in The Matrix

I watched the Matrix the other night. I remember the first time I saw it at the cinema. It was one of the most thought provoking films I have seen. I liked the primary message of the movie. People get into deep trouble when they mistake what they perceive for reality.

Not many people realised that prior to the release of the movie, intelligence agencies were already using the term 'The Matrix' to describe the world.

In the movie, The Matrix is a very elaborate AI computer program that people believe is reality. Thier life force is harnessed to power the Matrix while their physical bodies are in pods. They believe that they are interacting in a real world.

Neo discovers the truth of the Matrix through the teaching of Morpheus. He can overcome the belief that the Matrix is reality. He rebels against the program that created the false reality and escapes the limits of the Matrix. Others believe that he has developed some form of superhuman ability but, in his own reality, he has recognised the truth of what is happening.

Escaping the Matrix is a metaphor for the mystic path to enlightenment.

The Matrix can be defined as the world that we perceive, which includes the physical world, as well as higher planes of emotions and thoughts, which also affect us.

The reality we perceive with our senses is not the true reality, but merely a small portion of reality, masquerading as the whole. But, unlike the "alternate reality" that Neo must extricate himself from, in our "reality," there is no need to rebel. Rather, our goal should be to transcend. We want to "be in this world, but not of it."

The outer world is a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs, whether individual or collective, which have been conditioned by our experience in the Matrix. Consequently, the Matrix is a learning environment, where we get feedback on how our thoughts manifest. Thankfully, our negative thoughts do not (typically) manifest instantaneously. Otherwise, we would risk the spontaneous destruction of our world by thinking negative thoughts.

Anyone who blindly accepts these prevalent, negative thoughts will have his or her life path dictated by the Matrix. But those who recognize that it is our collective thoughts and beliefs that power the Matrix will recognize the way out.