Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Time Distortion

Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with £86,400.

Wow, how great would that be?

But, it carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day.

What would you do? Draw out every penny of course!


Each of us has a bank. Its name is: TIME

Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds.

Every night it writes off as lost whatever you have failed to invest to a good purpose, idea or endeavour.

It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. It allows no loan.

Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night, at midnight, it burns the remains of the day.

If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. There is no drawing against tomorrow.

You must live in the present on today’s balance and deposits. Invest it wisely so that you get the maximum return on your investment in health, happiness, business, relationships and success.

The clock is ticking...make the most of today!


Will it be you who will shape your life, or will you let circumstance shape your life for you?

Many people live day to day without a real sense of purpose. They know that they want more out of life, but they can’t seem to put a finger on exactly what it is. They believe their fate is due to a lack of career, money or the freedom to do what they want, how they want.

Actually, what they may be longing for is a purpose in life, a mission and a target to aim for.

In a football match, neither side would win if they didn't have goal posts to aim at!

Look at any other sport.  It wouldn't be much of a competition if there were no targets at the archery event.

When you have a mission, you have a core passion that gives you vision. With this vision you are able to move gracefully through your goals.

You are able to embrace each task with joy, knowing that when completed, you are one step closer to completing your mission.

This helps you stay focused until the task is done. It also makes you feel valued, worthy and respectable. You manage to keep your head up and others notice you.

So what is your mission?

Respect your life enough to pursue a meaningful mission.
Respect yourself enough to give yourself a set goal.
Write your goals down.
Visualize the attainment of your goals often.

Goals are dreams with deadlines attached.

Commit yourself by sharing your goals with others. Every day, you're one day closer. You will only become as great as the goals you choose.

Decide today where you will end up. Think BIG.

How can you reach for a star if you’re not sure which star you want to grab?

Have you GOT a target?  Are you just drifting and grateful for whatever happens?  That is no way to go through life.

Lets go back on Archery.  Have you ever heard of Howard Hill?

That's him on the left of the picture teaching Errol Flynn how to use a long bow for Robin Hood.
Howard Hill was the greatest archer the world had ever seen.  He was the first man to kill a great white shark with a bow and arrow.  He could hit ANYTHING.  He was the guy who first hit the bullseye with one arrow and then split that first arrow with his second shot.

He could hit the bullseye on more consecutive occasions than anyone else alive!

Yet here's the thing.  I can get you to hit the target more often than Howard Hill, at his very best!


Well, I would have to blindfold him, and spin him around until he was dizzy first.

Yeah, "that's cheating" you say, and you are right.  How could he possibly hit a target he couldn't see?

Tell me, How can YOU hit a target IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE?

Got it? ;-)

Love What You Do

There are many different styles of painting.  Choose one that you love.

There are many different types of music to listen to or to play.  Choose one that you love.

There are many martial arts styles from which to choose. Choose one that you love.

Each of the arts properly practised should lead you to a more productive and stress-free life.

There are 5,000 different types of occupations. Choose one that you love.

(Psst!  Here's a bombshell...People have been successful at all of them.)

They are your models. You can do the same.

If you Do what you Love and Love what you Do it will never be work.  It will never be 'a job'.

When you watch people who love what they do you will see that they 'work' with a smile on their face and a song in their heart. They move with grace and ease.

They attend carefully and lovingly to every detail. They never tire of what they do. They do it willingly and with joy and excitement.

They talk about what they do with passion, they read about it, they keep up on the latest trends, they teach it to newcomers and converts.  They talk about it to everyone!

When you love your work, it's like a love affair. You do it with a passion. You want to do it all the time, in as many ways as possible.

Wherever you go, whomever you're with, you want to do what you love because it feels so good.

When doing anything you have a choice as to how you feel when you are doing it. You can dislike what you do, or you can love what you do.

Every action, chore and task can teach you something, even washing the dishes! And for this reason alone everything should be approached with love in your heart.

Ultimately, if something needs doing then you may as well feel good about doing it.

Do what you Love, Love what you do, and do it with a passion.

Energy Vampires

Well, I doubt if anyone would say no to a REAL Vampire if it was Kate Beckinsale in Underworld but...

You have only one life to live.

You want to be happy and to make your life meaningful.

You haven't got time to waste associating with negative people (or Energy Vampires) They will drain your energy and when they find a willing or captive audience, just like a real Vampire (real vampire?) they won't let it go once they have their teeth in you.

Negative people may have justifiable concerns but too often they get over involved in minor matters and imaginary transgressions.

Negative people may be envious of your ability to succeed (you know who you are!!!).

They may feel guilty knowing that they aren't willing to pay the price that success asks.

Negative people are usually negative because they have given dominion to their happiness to others, often many others.

It's the boss, the neighbours, the kids, the politicians, and the police.
It's money.
It's the bills.

Be polite and encouraging to negative people. Listen to their complaints or stories but only once.

Give them a copy of this post. It may help. Chances are they will hate it. If their 'problems' are serious enough, guide them to professional help.

Don't judge. Empathise with them but avoid being drawn into their web of unhappiness.

Help those you can while realising that you can't help or save everyone. You can open your heart, be compassionate and still be strong enough to walk away.

You can say no.

Everyone has 'problems' but not everyone allows those things to rule them. You can offer a temporary safe haven without it becoming a permanent home. An Energy Vampire, or Mood Hoover, will suck the life, joy and energy out of any situation and leave it as dry as a desert.

They will infect everyone...negativity is contagious.  Remember that!

You do not have to sacrifice your life to the issues of another.

But what about you?

Are you negative sometimes? When you are let down, or disapointed, or passed over for promotion or being told 'I don't think we should see each other again'. So? What are YOU going to do about that.

Take a case in point.

Remember back to the first time that you had your heart broken, the very first time! Remember how bad you felt, remember the pain and the anger. At the time you really believed that it was the end of the world.

You thought that you would never love any one as you loved that person. You thought that you would never be able to love again.

And you were wrong.

Two weeks later you’re back out there on the prowl. How many ‘loves’ have you had since then?

Two, three, five or more?
Now if you’d hung on to the past, if you’d only focused on the pain and sorrow, you’d still be a sad, miserable bastard with no friends and one massive forearm.

But you didn't, you let go, and put the past behind you.

And that is what you need to do in every situation.

Focus on the positive aspects not the negative.

We will all make mistakes; we will all still get a broken heart from time to time. But it’s the here and now that we must focus on not the past, and not what may happen in the future.

Everyone gets knocked down at some point...but only the STRONG ones get up!

Print is Best

Sometimes books live up to their names and
do just what they were meant to do!
I take it no one has a challenge with reading?

If you do then this is a bit pointless for you isn't it!

They say that people who don’t read are almost as clever as the people who can’t.

In the days of fast food, fast cars and fast living we can sometimes lose track of the simple things, and what they can teach us.

Books are a wonderful form of learning, and they've been around for.....quite a while. Reading above all else can be done anywhere, apart from when you are driving!

It can help you relax but most importantly when you read you are forced to use your imagination. And your imagination is one of the most powerful things you own, but sadly its something most people don’t exercise.

So go on pick up a book and start exercising. Remember the old saying ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt you’?

They were wrong.

Look at it this way: ‘what you do know, may save you’.

A lot of people don’t realise that when Buddha said, “ignorance is bliss” – he was being sarcastic.

If you don't know what to read you could do a lot worse than read Biographies.

In fact, a biography about a person you admire, like, respect or aspire to be is a great starting point.

What if you could learn the success secrets of the greatest people who ever lived?

You can.

The lives of the famous and the infamous have been duly recorded in biographies and autobiographies and are ready for you to read and research. You only have to take the action to go to the library or the bookstores. Go online and download one to your computer or Kindle.

Personally, I prefer a real book but hey, whatever flicks your switch!

The lives of great thinkers, businesspeople and humanitarians are there.
You will read about successes and triumphs.
You will also learn how many times champions lose on their way to winning.
You will also find out how many times a war or battle was fought before they won it!

In reading biographies, you may come to the startling conclusion of how much greatness you possess.

You may conclude: "Hey, I can do that". You can decide to make your one life significant. Biographies help show you the way.

And that great NLP law comes into play...you will think, "Hmmm, if they could do that....so can I!"

The Golden Age

It's about time!

The Routemaster is back on the streets of London!

This is such an iconic feature and image of london it was scandalous that they disappeared off of the streets in 2005 but now they are back!

The amount of times I jumped on and off of these in the past, went home in the early hours on...so easy to jump on and off, especially when they are pulling away from the bus stop. Run after them and jump on! Magic!

Sometimes, the past has to come back into the present.
Sometimes there is something in the past that should not be left there.
The routmaster bus is one of those things.

Now, I have a bus to run after ;-)

Unless I dust off the MiniMoke:

Monday, 27 February 2012



In building your winning team don't be afraid to pick people who are stronger, faster, smarter, better organized, braver, more ambitious, funnier or more pleasant than you are.

Ask your best people for recommendations. Always opt for quality.

Remember to delegate.  Giving people tasks gives them a purpose.  When they have a purpose they become responsible.  When they have a purpose they see the future.

You want your team to be built on excellence. You want your team built with members of merit and character.

Resist those who propose membership based upon patronage, politics, quotas or diversity without reason.

Excellence is excellence and is not subject to conditions of race, colour, creed, national origin, etc. If someone is the best-qualified person to fulfil the team's mission, then, that's what they are. If they are not, they are not.
It is no surprise that there are many people with really high IQ’s working for people with really low IQ’s. The people with the high EQ, Emotional Quotient, are the real leaders. They know how to make people work together.

The high EQ people know how the whole game is played and they draw the best out of their people and they are not afraid to have the more ‘intelligent’ working for them.

Of course, the people with the high IQ know how long it takes two men to fill a bath with water halfway up a mountain in a thunderstorm but...that’s not going to improve business is it?

What would improve business?

Having the EQ skills to get the two guys to fill a bath with water halfway up a mountain in a thunderstorm in the first place!

And when you are ready...You and your team....Then...
Carpe Jugular....Seize the Throat
A fact of life is that at times we may all do or say things that let the side down, this is human nature.
But when the dust settles and the sky clears you must know which side your batting for, and so must the team. You need to be able to trust every member in the team to pull his or her weight. To do their best and to get the job done.
Remember, loyalty and respect are things that can take along time to gain, but sadly they can be lost over night or in a second.
You have been warned!

Be ready. There is no better time to start taking positive action than right now.

You can't change yesterday but you can build tomorrow today.

You research and you seek advice while realizing that a time comes when you must act.

Don't procrastinate. Live in the moment. Do what you are doing now. Work now. Enjoy now.

Understand that to know and to act are one and the same.

When you feel that you should change a bad habit, seize the moment and do it.
When you feel like exercising, seize the moment and do it.
When you feel like finally doing something that you have been putting off, seize the moment and do it.
If you can help someone out, do it.
If you can start practising a new skill, do it.

Fully participate in the present. Don't worry about the past or future. You are ready now.

If you drive down a motorway looking in the rear view mirror you won't get far before you hit something or career off the road.

Looking back will only give you a sprained neck.

Ask for the Business

This is a sign I had made up and put on the wall of my office..
I came up with this 15 years ago and it is a great mindset!!.
It's a contact sport.

What is?  Selling! 

But the truth is that even if people say they are not buying at the moment they will still want to know where to find the best.

Don't be shy or falsely modest. Tell them it's you!!!

Whatever you do, you do it to the best of your ability and so you do it well. You constantly train and research ways to improve yourself, your mind, your body, your home life and your business.

People want the reassurance of hearing this. They will come to you and come back to you and you will succeed.

Ask all that you meet to buy your product or service. To help a lot of people, you must tell a lot of people what you can do for them.

read that again: To Help a Lot of People you have to Tell a Lot of People.

Hand out lots of business cards, write a newsletter, write a blog, send e-mail, mail announcements, give speeches or hold seminars. Not everyone will like or appreciate or be grateful to hear your message, but most will.

In business, your fate lies not with the one prospect you are calling, but with the one hundred you are willing to call.

Some will. Some won't. So what? Next!!

You can be shy and work for fifty years. Or, you can believe in your product or service enough to be proud enough and brave enough to ask everyone to buy, and you may not have to work very long at all.

The odds of succeeding when you deal with many prospects is high. The odds of succeeding when you are focused on the needs of others is overwhelming.

Don't hide.

If you can't be proud of what you do or sell, then do or sell something else. You can't make people buy but you can let them know, if and when they are ready, that you will sell them a quality product at a good price and that you will appreciate their business.

Be strong, be proud, and never, ever, apologise for selling yourself.  You might just be what they need!


'Trying' to be perfect takes too much time and effort and creates too much stress and is impossible anyway.

As I said before, if you 'TRY' to do something you never will!

Instead, strive to relax at the 90% level. Following this principle, reaching the 90% level in most of your financial and social endeavours will be something that you don't even have to think about because it will just happen through your persistence, determination, hard work and friendly personality.

Learn about the income and the lifestyle level of those in the top 10% of your profession. If you aren't content earning more than the 90% of your co-workers, choose another profession. It is possible to 'try' too hard in business, in exercise and in relationships.

Overwork can produce stress and anxiety, which is the opposite of the inner peace you seek.

Your best is good enough. Live to a high standard and not to an impossible obsession.

Your ‘best’ will be far better than other peoples ‘best’.

Here's the shock. When you have done this for a while, your ‘worst’ will be better than other peoples ‘best’.

Cool huh? ;-)

But, remember...Modern life can make you soft both physically and mentally. You can be lulled into mediocrity very easily. The status quo may become comfortably familiar. You can actually begin to believe that you are doing all that you can do or that doing more isn't worth the effort.

In the martial arts, there is the concept of kai zen, which means a dedication to continual improvement.  This is also known as CANI: Constant And Neverending Improvement.

Challenge yourself. You must start the positive momentum in your life. You don't need someone else to tell you not to smoke.
If today, you smoke, and you normally smoke a whole pack, tomorrow smoke 18. The next day, 17. Improve.
If you haven't read a book recently, read one.
If you don't exercise, take a walk instead of driving.
If you can swim 30 laps, swim a mile.
If you're shy, say “Good Morning” to five new people.

You know yourself. You know what self-improvement you need. You don't need anyone to tell you not to jump from a fifty story building, so why would you need someone to tell you not to do drugs, to exercise more, to eat a sensible diet, to talk to your kids, or to compliment your employees?

You know what to do.

Be strong. Take that step. Do the hard thing. Challenge the you who is content with yesterday's accomplishments.

Take a deep breath. The tortoise often beats the hare. Improve incrementally.

Changes that last a lifetime begin moment by moment.


Your contented presence shows an air of simple elegance and refinement in your attitude and form. You appear physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and yet you seem to have even greater strength stored in reserve.

You are poised, co-ordinated and balanced. You command with effortless confidence.

Be calm. Be deliberate. Feel assured and alert. Look good. Feel good. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Keep your eyes forward. Breathe deeply. Walk with a purpose. Have a firm handshake. Your eyes are friendly. Let your smile begin in your mind. You exhibit both style and class. The odds are with you.

You are the product of millions of years of human evolution. You have a family heritage and a nationality of which to be proud. Take pride in who you are and in those values and beliefs for which you stand.

Bask in the feeling of being your best.

The things you want drawn to you will come as a result of your good nature and determined persistence.

Pause and savour the moment.
You have already intimidated your opponents and charmed your followers.

Suppose you woke up tomorrow and you were the ideal you.

Would you be: more daring? More powerful? More friendly? More accepting? More ambitious? More appealing? More giving? In your mind's eye, see this new you. Start acting immediately as the person you want to be, a person of character with a sound reputation.  Act as if!

Your words, your manner, your attitude, your dress, your posture and your actions are all reflections. First you will see yourself as the new reflection and then others will begin to see the newly reflected you.

In modern society, people are constantly bombarded with visual and auditory messages. People need cues to sort good from bad and to find order so that they can make decisions. In many different aspects of your daily life, you are giving off cues which can be positive or negative.

If you speak well, dress appropriately, smile, are courteous, have manners, work hard, volunteer and don't complain, you give people short cuts to view you in your best light. People will start to treat you as the new ideal you.

Be constantly on the lookout for heroes in your own life to admire and emulate. Adopt their styles. Then, lead by example.

Find a model you would like to become. Model the model. Become the model.

NOW is the Time

There are some phrases that really annoy me.  In fact, hearing them makes me feel physically sick. 

It's the twee, care bear, politically correct, caring and sharing phraseology.

"Sing like nobody can hear you" YUCK!

"Dance like no one is watching" PUKE!

"Love like you've never been hurt" AAARGH!

One that gets trotted out more often than others, especially in self help seminars, and usually by people who are getting over some traumatic experience is the old adage...

"Today is the First day of the Rest of my Life"

Huh!  I have news for you pal.  EVERY day is the first day of the rest of your life!  Go figure!

If you want to enjoy life.  If you want to live life to the full.  If you want to grab opportunity and squeeze it with both hands then do what I do.  Think different!

Here's one for you, far better than 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'....

What if....


What would you do then?  I guarantee something.  You would do a lot more than you would if you thought you had the whole of your life stretching out in front of you!

You would be doing stuff, clearing up challenges and issues that had been hanging around, speaking to people....everything.

If this was the first day of the rest of your life you would be saying "do that tomorrow" and "schedule that for next week" and "I'll get around to that, it's not urgent!"

I subscribe to this way of thought...

"I will live this day as if it were the last day of my life. 

And what will I do with the last precious day of my existence?  First of all, I will seal it in a bottle so that not a single drop of it seeps into the sand.  I will not waste a single moment of this day, complaining about my past miseries, past defeats, or past torments, since doesn't good come out of adversity?

Can fallen grains of sand make their way back into the sand glass?  Can the sun rise where it sets and set where it rises?  Can I erase my past mistakes?  Or correct them?  Can I heal yesterdays wounds and become healthy again?  Can I be younger than I was yesterday?  Can I retract the hurtful words that wer uttered, the blows that that were received and given, the suffering that was inflicted and suffered?


Yesterday is dead and buried forever and I will never think of it again.

Nor can I live on what might be.  I cannot live on what might happen.  I cannot live on maybe, perhaps, or hope.  We can not forsee the future.

The future is uncertain.  It does not exist.  What exists is today, right now, this moment.

I will live THIS day as if it were the last day of my life!"

The Difference...

What is the Difference that MAKES the Difference?

To me it's got to be attitude.  That self assuredness, that energy, that belief that no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles appear, you will achieve what you want to achieve.

People always look for cop outs. Excuses.  They have a but!

"I could have done that...BUT!"
"I would have done that...BUT!"
"I should have done that...BUT!"

That's the old 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' scenario.  At the heart of that scenario is another word.  'Didna'.

I know that if you have the right attitude you can achieve anything. 

I use myself as an example.
  • I have an air of uninsultability.  I don't care what people say about me.  Why should I?  They don't know what they are talking about! They must get my name right though!
  • I decide where my energy goes, nobody else.
  • Everything people say or do to me is energy, and it's just a toy for me to play with.
  • I don't take anything that people say to me at first to be written in stone.  In other words, what people say first can be changed. 
  • Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning I give it.
  • I never hate people who are obviously jealous of me.  I respect their jealousy because they must think I am better than them!
  • 90% of people are running on autopilot 90% of the time
  • If I am told something can't be done it's because the person telling me doesn't know how to do it.  So I go and do it.
It is also important to think different. A case in point.

I had a conversation the other day regarding work. Someone was looking for a change of career. It seemed that working from home might be better than going out to work. I made a quick suggestion.

"What about some form of MLM? Multi Level Marketing is booming. You could get on the vitamin and herbal remedy market. There are a lot of companies looking for people to sell products and you could have vitamin evenings and sell the products at home to people who come around for the evening party?"

What was the response...? Well...objection.....?

Before I tell you the response/ objection let me reframe it....

Throughout my career I have advised people on what to do for a business venture, in what to sell, and how to sell. In all of those areas I get the same response as I got here. The same! What amazes me is how the same reply from me always makes them realises what a stupid, dumbass objection it is...

The response/ objection?...

"Do you know how many companies there are out there selling that?"

Duh! Yes I do. Maybe not to the exact figure but I can hazzard a guess...

My reply?

"Do you know how many people there are out there buying that stuff?"

Simple.  There are millions of people out there.  BILLIONS of people in the world.  Are you telling me that they are ALL buying from these companies.  No.  They are not.

Advertising either works or it doesn't.  If it didn't work then people wouldn't advertise.

We all know Louis Vuitton, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Rolex, Breitling and all manner of stuff that we desire and /or buy.  Why do they advertise?  Why do they HAVE to advertise?  Because it works.

Then I got this...

"If people want things like that then they would just go down to the supermaket and buy them."

People have to be TOLD what to buy.  They have to be given options. 

That's why you sell someone a years supply rather than a months.

What's more, selling things on the internet or at home is designed to undercut the big stores as well as the small exclusive ones.  These MLM companies market stuff that you cannot buy in stores.  The opportunity is there!
It's a matter of doing things Differently.  Thinking Differently.  Selling Differently.  Being Different.  And that's the difference that MAKES the difference!

If you let NOTHING get in the way of your target, nothing get in the way of your dream and nothing get in the way of achieving what you want then nothing will.

You have to change your beliefs, change your attitude and change your mind set.

You must not let anything get in your way.

Here's an example...This is someone who never let anything get in their way, never let anything stop them, adapted situations to suit and changed themselves...they know the meaning of the difference that makes the difference.

The man is Chaim Weitz.
Though he is from a Hungarian family he was born in Isreal and his Mother took him, at the age of 8, to live in America even though he was unable to speak English.
When older he made money selling comic books at conventions.  He learnt to speak English, German and Hebrew as well as his native Hungarian and taught in schools in America under the name Gene Klein.
A few years later he picked up a guitar, changed his name to Gene Simmons and morphed into the guy in the pic at the top of this blog!

If he can achieve a personal metamorphosis like that...anything is possible.  That's the Difference that MAKES the Difference!


I posted the other day about always carrying a notebook and writing in a Journal.

I just picked up these Sharpies!

Smaller than usual but one very important difference.

Feature? They have a keyring attachment!!

Benefit? You need never be without a pen again!

You can write on a napkin, business card or even your hand!  You have no excuse not to write something down now

As you find yourself wondering where you can buy them now, go to.....STAPLES  or OFFICE WORLD

Reading Lists...

I get asked at seminars about what books I would recommend people read. I think you should go where your heart and mind lead you.

When pushed I do have a list of about thirty that I think are required reading for anyone who has an interest in the self development field. I work in the areas of NLP, Persuasion, Attitude, Fire and Glass walking, Inner Game, Seduction and Hypnosis.
Here is a small selection.

I guarantee that, when I go on holiday or if I am travelling....at least three of these books are in my bag.

As far as price goes, you may find some of them, due to age, a little on the high side.  Remember, if a £40 book changes your life or one sentence in a book makes you £20,000...you won't worry about the price.

Me with the Jedi Master.  Ross Jeffries.  He inspires me every day.  Although he teaches Speed Seduction his techniques and skills can enhance your life in all manner of ways.  Read him and click on http://www.seduction.com/


I have read all of Richard Bandlers books.  These are my favourites.  He, along with John Grinder,created NLP.  He is the Master


Steven Heller was a great inspiration to me and I consider Monsters and Magical Sticks to be one of the best books on Hypnosis ever written.  I can read it again and again and still read something I didn't get last time!


Neil Strauss brought Seduction and persuasion into a wider consciousness with his books The Game and the Rules of The Game.  Ross Jeffries, Bandler, Steve Piccus, Hypnotica and a lot of others appear within the pages.  Its a good resource to find your own way and navigate the minefield. 


Two great books on Firewalking


For help in breaking out of limiting beliefs and mind sets then I would suggest reading:


A Terrific book that combines persuasion techniques, language patterns and hypnotic language with sales techniques.  Unlimited Selling Power

Plus these classics, which are required reading, in my opinion....

Robert Cialdini - INFLUENCE


Robert Greene - 48 LAWS OF POWER

Robert Greene - The Art of Seduction

Robert Greene - THE 50th LAW




Robert Anton Wilson - PROMETHEUS RISING


Philip Farber - FUTURE RITUAL
Philip Farber - META MAGICK


This list is VERY incomplete....


Thursday, 23 February 2012

And the Winner Is....?

"How much do you charge for a training program?"

I get asked that a lot.

My answer?

"A lot more than it's worth!"
(no, not really, just checking you were concentrating!)

My standard answer?

"I have no idea!  It depends on the client."

Each person or company is different.  Each challenge is different.  Each personal or company plan is different.  Each group is different, be it in requirement or size.

I will tell you one thing though.  I am at the top end of the scale.  I don't charge less that £5000 for a days training for a group of 50 people.  And that's just a seminar.  Add an experiential event into the mix and it goes up.

Do others charge less?  You bet.

Do I compete with them?  You bet I don't.

Why would I compete.  I am in business not the 100 metres!  I know what I am worth.  I know what the clients get from it.  I know the amount of work involved prior to the event.  I know the experience I have and the knowledge I am imparting. 

I know I am giving people and companies nuclear missiles of information for firework rocket prices.

Over the years I've spent hundreds of hours explaining to salespeople the difference between Features and Benefits.

A Feature is what something does.
A Benefit is what that something does for you.

You dont buy wellington boots or gloves.  You are buying dry feet and warm hands.

The other differentiator is Price over Value.

The cost of something is irrelevant if you see the value in it. 

The price is what it costs.  The value is what you attach to it by knowing what it will do for you, or how good it will make you look, or how much you need it.

Go into Louis Vuitton.  Tell them you want a Filofax.  It costs £500.  Ask them for a discount and see what happens.

Never ever has anyone got a discount in Louis Vuitton unless it suits Louis Vuitton!

If you sell on price you will get caught up in a bidding war.
You will devalue your product and you have no guarantee the potential client will buy from you.

The danger is that if you say "It will cost you £5000" and the potential client says no, and after some haggling and negotiation you offer it for £3000, one thought will bounce around your potential clients brain like a pinball.

"What were you going to do with that other £2000 you were gonna con out of me?"

State your price.  Thats how much it is!

Never compromise and never devalue your self, your company, or your product!

Can I drop my price?  Of course I can.
Will I drop my price?  Of course I won't.

I am not in the market to compete.  If I drop my price how do I know the 'competition' won't drop their price further?

Why would I want to be in a competition?  We at the Moore Consortium do not see competition.  We don't recognise it.  For us to have competition would mean that others are doing what we do in exactly the same way as we do it.  We do what we do and we charge what we charge...Because we're worth it ;-)

If you go in for a competition are you in it to be a competitor?  No!  You are in it to win it!

Cut your price and you will never be able to charge that person full price again.

It's far better to educate your client in just WHAT they are getting for the price.  Value, value, value.  Quality, quality, quality.  And do it until they think two things.
1. The think they 'must have this'.
2. They can't believe they get all of that for 'only that much'.

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys!
Pay for quality and you get it.  And you value it!

What Happened?

So, how is your year going?

What happened to those New Year Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions are a great way to set your intent for a positive, fulfilling year of growth and accomplishment. But, on the other hand, when the year ends, if you haven't completely fulfilled your resolutions, it can be frustrating.

This usually happens because New Year's resolutions are often too vague, and don't include practical steps that lead to a clearly defined goal.

So today, by all means, look at your usual big-picture resolutions. But, in addition, I'm going to suggest you make some sub-resolutions.  Especially if you New Year Resolutions haven't...how shall we say...kicked in yet ;-)

Each of these sub-resolutions is designed to give you a long-term benefit (some of them even for a lifetime) with a minimum amount of time and effort. In fact, each of these sub-resolutions can be completed in anything from a few minutes to, at the very most, a few hours. And they're all either free or very cheap .For most of you, many of these items fall into the category of things you've "been meaning to do." Since chances are that you have already accomplished at least a few of the items on the list below, there's no reason why you can't take half a day this week and get at least six more of the items below done.

So, in the interest of the betterment of your future, the management of your life, and the fresh start of a new year that hasn't happened yet, here are


1. Register your full name as a web domain if you haven't yet. You never know when you're going to want your personal website. If www.[yourname].com is already taken, don't worry - there are alternatives. For example, who owns jamesjoyce.com? Answer: A bar in Dublin beat the author's estate to it. But there are always other options, like hyphenating the name and getting james-joyce.net or james-joyce.org (check those sites now if you'd like), or choosing less common TLDs (or end letters) like .ws or .me.

For more information, homestead.com is a great site to register and design your own website.

2. Call your mobile phone provider. Ask if you can get a better calling plan based on your usage. This way you can afford to do the next item on this list.

3. Subscribe to a newspaper or magazine. Choose a topic that you don't know about - be it politics, fashion, culture, or technology- and sign up for the best periodical covering that topic. Rather than choosing the most popular magazine, select one that offers the most in-depth and interesting coverage, like Wired for technology or Foreign Affairs for politics or Mental Floss for culture. Yes, you could read it all online, but it's great to have a physical magazine to read when you're on the subway or on an aeroplane or waiting in line somewhere.

4. Get a passport if you don't have one. If yours has expired, get it renewed now. You never know when that great travel opportunity is going to occur, and you don't want to get stuck at home while your friends are at some great concert at the Acropolis in Greece.

5. Back it up. Most people don't take the time to do this, and regret it later. So copy your entire hard drive onto an external drive or USB stick immediately; if possible, download a program like Acronis True Image that will simplify the restoring process and regularly make backups (or for Mac owners, start using Time Machine or SuperDuper). Also backup your mobile phone, PDA, and any other personal-information-storing device.

6. While you're at it, make photocopies of your credit cards, passport, drivers license, birth certificate, and other important papers. If you keep a journal or anything similarly irreplaceable, photocopy that. Keep these in a safe deposit box, parent's house, locked file cabinet, or any other secure location, preferably outside your own house. They'll be invaluable in the event of theft, loss, fire, or any other unplanned incident.

7. Look through your refrigerator and cabinets. Read the labels on the food. Stop buying anything high in saturated fats, trans fats,cholesterol, and sodium. And start shopping healthier today.

8. Get business cards. Don't have a business? It doesn't matter. Sites like vistaprint.com will send you 250 free ones (though there's a shipping fee of under £6). Never hurts to look professional

9. Learn how you work: I'm often asked what books I found the most useful for learning Sales, NLP and Business. I will be posting my recommendations soon.

10. This is not for everyone, but some of you--and you know who you are--definitely need to do this: Throw out all your socks. Every last one. Now go buy new pairs that actually match and don't have holes in them. You'll feel like a new man. Remember, get black socks. White socks are for athletic activities only. I don't want to catch any of you guys here wearing white socks in the boardroom!

11. Buy a suit. (Or a dress if you're a woman.) But don't just get any suit or dress. Get one that's slightly closer to the size you want to be this year, whether it be a little bigger or a little smaller than your current measurements. Try it on every Saturday morning as a reminder to yourself to get in shape this year; until, one day, it fits perfectly, and you wear it out and feel like a million pounds

12. Decide to actually become a millionaire.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Human Virus

You know what I mean.  In fact, some people reading this will know that it's them I am talking about!

It's the people who are nice to your face but behind the scenes they are working against you.

It's the scum that see you as a threat but are unaware that you see them as irrelevant.

Occasionally they break cover and you can squash them like flies.

Like a virtual STD that can infect your computer with a Malware or Spyware virus and log everything you do online.

Some of the inadequates out there can be sitting in their hovels getting massive joy from what all 'normal' people would call trivial matters.

You just don't know people do you....or do you?

I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction.  Therefore, these bastards are being attracted to me, by what I do or by my success.  Or maybe by my past contacts.

These trolls, inadequates, low-lifes are attracted to successful people like moths to a flame.  They believe that your success may rub off on them 

They also believe that they can steal your ideas.  I know someone who used to do that regularly.  He was always complaining about people eating from his table and taking the food out of his mouth.  Always food metaphors.  I remember showing him something I had created and written and within an hour it was on his website and on his wall like it was his own property.

They probably set out with great intentions to be successful but, for whatever reason, they failed.  So they think,  "why not steal from someone who can actually 'do it'?"

Chances are they just gave up in the past, never knowing how near they were to success.  But they think, "why work or strive for something when you can steal it or claim it as your own idea?"

These are just wannabe's that are drawn to you and circle like a moon orbiting a planet.  They are locked on you. To your energy, enthusiasm, determination and vision.

And if you are someone who never, ever, gives in, no matter what is in your way, then they will hang around hoping you will take them through with you.  Hiding in the shadows, masking themselves with false online profiles or just blatantly exposed, they are nothing more than scum.

As I said, a virtual STD infecting you online or even over the phone, calling your clients and lying to them.

Banish them.  Block them. Never engage with them.  Cripple them.  Over time...destroy them.  They have no idea of your plans...until you strike, months or years  later.  Revenge is best served cold eh ;-)

They would fare better if you could agree on one thing: 
If they stop lying about you...you will stop telling the truth about them!

And the truth about them is far darker, far more unpleasant and far dirtier than anything they could cook up for you!  That's reality.  And reality doesn't lie.

But console yourself with one thought...if they can spend time monitoring you, following you, commenting about you, calling people about you...they are scared of you.

And also...the fact they are doing this means they are not busy.  You are.  So you must be doing something right lol.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Those Were The Days

Ages ago I got an email from Maureen Pinwill who used to be the events organiser for Jersey Friends of Childline, and a great job she did too. Maureen booked us to provide a Firewalk at Fort Regent in St Helier. She and her husband made us very welcome. Having kept in touch over the years I found this email from her the other day. I re-read it and thought I would share it. It's a very interesting description of how life in the 1500's impacts our lives and our language today...

The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about life in the 1500's:

These are interesting...

Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were starting to smell, so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odour. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married.

Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water. The man of the house had the privilege of the nice clean water, then all the other sons and men, then the women and finally the children Last of all the babies. By then the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it. Hence the saying, "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water."

Houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood underneath. It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the cats and other small animals (mice, bugs) lived in the roof. When it rained it became slippery and sometimes the animals would slip and off the roof. Hence the saying "It's raining cats and dogs."

There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house. This posed a real problem in the bedroom where bugs and other droppings could mess up your nice clean bed. Hence, a bed with big posts and a sheet hung over the top afforded some protection. That's how canopy beds came into existence.

The floor was dirt. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt. Hence the saying "dirt poor."

The wealthy had slate floors that would get slippery in the winter when wet, so they spread thresh (straw) on floor to help keep their footing. As the winter wore on, they added more thresh until when you opened the door it would all start slipping outside. A piece of wood was placed in the entranceway. Hence the saying, "thresh hold."
(Getting quite an education, aren't you?)

In those old days, they cooked in the kitchen with a big kettle that always hung over the fire. Every day they lit the fire and added things to the pot. They ate mostly vegetables and did not get much meat. They would eat the stew for dinner, leaving leftovers in the pot to get cold overnight and then start over the next day. Sometimes stew had food in it that had been there for quite a while. Hence the rhyme, "Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot nine days old."

Sometimes they could obtain pork, which made them feel quite special. When visitors came over, they would hang up their bacon to show off. It was a sign of wealth that a man could "bring home the bacon." They would cut off a little to share with guests and would all sit around and "chew the fat."

Those with money had plates made of pewter. Food with high acid content caused some of the lead to leach onto the food, causing lead poisoning death. This happened most often with tomatoes, so for the next 400 years or so, tomatoes were considered poisonous.

Bread was divided according to status. Workers got the burnt bottom of the loaf, the family got the middle, and guests got the top, or "upper crust."
Lead cups were used to drink ale or whisky. The combination would sometimes knock the imbibers out for a couple of days. Someone walking along the road would take them for dead and prepare them for burial. They were laid out on the kitchen table for a couple of days and the family would gather around and eat and drink and wait and see if they would wake up. Hence the custom of holding a "wake."
England is old and small and the local folks started running out of places to bury people. So they would dig up coffins and would take the bones to a "bone-house" and re-use the grave. When reopening these coffins, 1 out of 25 coffins were found to have scratch marks on the inside and they realized they had been burying people alive. So they would tie a string on the wrist of the corpse, lead it through the coffin and up through the ground and tie it to a bell. Someone would have to sit out in the graveyard all night (the "graveyard shift") to listen for the bell; thus, someone could be "saved by the bell" or was considered a "dead ringer."

And that's the truth... Now, whoever said that History was boring ??!!
Educate someone...Share these facts with a friend

Who Am I?...

It's a difficult moment.  Someone approaches you, at a party or a function and asks that age old question...

"What do you do?"

Even on something like Twitter, I have online friends who ask.  For example, Mark, otherwise known as http://twitter.com/Scorpion760 writes occasionaly: 'Follow him but I don't know what he does'.

(by the way...if you are on Twitter...follow him - and I know what HE does)


David Moore was born in the East End of London which, he says, explains EVERYTHING!. He was so surprised he didn't speak for a year and a half.

He is a Psychologist, Human Potential Technology Trainer, NLP Trainer, Firewalk and Glasswalk Trainer, Sales Coach and Business Agitator.

He has a PhD in Philosophy with a Major in Psychology and only uses his title ‘Doctor’ when booking a table in a restaurant, tickets at the cinema/theatre or to bypass a long check-in queue at the airport.

He has a reputation for leading people astray, or as he prefers to call it, giving them options.  He holds no guilt or conscience for this as it is always people who should have known better.  He is more than happy to make mistakes on any scale as he believes that this is the only way to grow.

On the subject of growth, he is living proof that black is not a slimming colour.  Knowing also that the camera adds at least 10lbs to the size of the subject he can regularly be seen watching his own seminars on DVD wondering how many cameras were actually on him. The last time he checked, there were at least six.

He was the most successful salesman Cable London produced. He was the only salesman to venture into Broadwater Farm, with scant regard to his own safety, or anyone elses, and over a two month period there became top salesman. He became national sales trainer when Telewest increased their share holding of Cable London and flew all over the country training staff from London to Dundee.  Occasionaly he used an aeroplane.

He has sold Timeshare, double-glazing, insurance, cable, satellite and Advertising. He has made many friends in the industry and, considering the list includes Timeshare, a few enemies.

He has been called a salespersons salesperson. He gives Value with every sale.

He has a delivery like a cross between a TV evangelist and a stand up comedian.

At Telewest he and the Sales Director underwent Psychometric testing and evaluation.
The Director was classified as “someone who could pour oil on troubled waters and calm fiery arguments”.
David was classified as “someone who would not only enjoy, but benefit, from a head on collision”.
It was suggested that he mediate at the Company employment tribunals.  Out of 18 he defended Cable London at he won 15 and lost one.  The other two were settled in the car park.

He is a qualified NLP trainer and hypnotherapist. He is also a qualified Firewalk and Glasswalk instructor.

He has created Human Potential Technology programs for hundreds of companies.

He also has private clients and assists them with Business Coaching and also uses Hypnosis to remove Phobias, Fears and Addictions.

His training seminars contain fresh ideas, different perspectives and raw language that will lead to expanded perceptions, new understandings and the destruction of limiting beliefs. These training seminars may irritate those suffering from excessive certainty, chronic egotism and overblown self-importance'

He has worked for and with some of the most brilliant, funny, intelligent, sick and twisted people you could imagine. He wishes some of them everything they deserve, and worships the ground coming to the others.

He has a very soft spot for a previous sales manager. It's behind the shed in his garden and easy to dig.

He is writing an autobiography to share his experiences and observations for the amusement of friends and strangers alike, for the sake of posterity, and for a Louis Vuitton bag full of cash. He plans to retire offshore to a hammock between two palm trees on a beach.

His hobbies are opening Mars bars underwater, getting children to run with sharp objects while playing with traffic, collecting books, aligator wrestling, avoiding depressing people and using creative sarcasm.

He enjoys multi tasking a wide variety of useless and pointless projects in the belief that by appearing busy he can pick and choose what to do next.  He is confident that after ten years this will one day be proved as a good career move.

He believes firmly that, in life, you only get out of it what you put in.  Each week he puts in £10 on the lottery.

Some of David Moore's Beliefs
  1. If most people said what they were thinking they would be speechless!
  2. Flying is simple. You just throw yourself at the ground and miss.
  3. Life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, so waste your time and have the time of your life !
  4. There is a light at the end of every tunnel….just pray it’s not a train!.
  5. Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say “Are you gonna drink that?”
  6. Everyone has a photographic memory… some just don’t have any film.
  7. If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the UP button first
  8. It is quicker to do something and then apologise than to get permission to do it in the first place
  9. It is never too late to have a happy childhood
  10. It is better to give than to receive.  This does not apply to Money though!
  11. Never confuse activity with achievement
  12. Never confuse feeling with thinking
  13. Keep away from mood hoovers or energy vampires.  These people will bring you down.
  14. Don't buy into other peoples bullshit
  15. Pay no attention to what others think of you.  They are not qualified.
  16. We are human beings but we succeed by doing
  17. Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in spite of fear
  18. Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.
  19. Fear can also be anacronym for Fuck Everything And Run!
  20. Fear is a darkroom where your negatives are developed.
  21. Being good = Preperation.  Being bad = Preperation H
  22. Have fun!  If you don't enjoy it, no one else will.

Calm Before The Storm

Some people!

I get emails asking me:
Have you stopped writing on here?  Err...No! ;-)
Are you ill? What?  Because I haven't posted for a couple of weeks?  (I don't 'do' illness!)
Are you doing something else?  As opposed to doing what I do?  Never!

It's amazing how a lack of input on a blog makes people think you have moved on...even only after a couple of weeks...

...so, No. 

I have not stopped writing on here ;-)
I have not been ill (just busy) ;-)
I would never do something other than what I do now!;-)))))

Things have been pretty quiet on this blog in February.  That has been because of work committments here at The Moore Consortium.

Having spent the last month working with some very interesting and diverse groups of people

I am going to be telling you some very interesting stories..... Stay tuned!