Thursday, 22 December 2011

Jeremy Kyle and the Christmas Sell-Out

A new low was hit on the Jeremy Kyle show today.  That actually takes some doing when you have a TV program filled with pikies, diddycoys, social security scroungers, numptys, liars, cheats, prostitutes, drug addicts, wife beaters, psychopaths, sociopaths, delinquents, illegal immigrants and cowards.

I am a pretty haphazard viewer of the show.  If I am at home I watch it and laugh.  Like catchphrases, Kyle has a few things he has to say in every show like:
  • Put something on the end of it! (audience applauds)
  • You're a disgrace Madam.
  • You're the daddy.
  • Are you working?
  • How are you gonna pay for the child?
  • I and every other tax payer is paying for your drink/ drugs/ child (delete as applicable)
  • You need a size ten up the backside.
  • A real father would WALK those ten miles every day.
  • Get off your backside and get a damn job.
  • You should have thought about that before you slept together.
  • You are a really nasty person.
  • You shut up, you shut up, you shut up, you listen.
  • Be quiet, instantly.
  • Oh, your getting angry now are you?
  • Get this off my stage.
  • You want to have a go at me now do you?
One thing amazed me more than anything.  It was the fact that Kyle is angrier, ruder and more confrontational than his 'guests' yet he is affronted when anyone else gets angry.  One rule for Kyle, one rule for everyone else.  It's OK for him to behave like that but...not them.

The 'guests' have catch phrases too:
  • Basically.
  • Literally.
  • He/She/I turned around and said.
  • At the end of the day.
The belief here is that by sprinkling your sentences with 'literally' and 'basically' it gives the impression you have a large vocabulary or are more educated than you really are.  Saying things like 'I was literally on the phone' or 'basically it was not me' gives a rather different impression.  Basically, why would anyone, at the end of the day, turn around and literally say those things?

Or they repeat the question.
"Why did you send that text?"
"Why did I send that text?"

I know he is a reformed gambler.
I know he still has a fetish for licking his mobile phone.
I know he hates social networking.
But, what I didn't know about Kyle was how two faced he was!

Today, after a couple of days giving spa breaks to parents of disabled or ill children and toys to the children themselves he shot himself in the foot.

A few months ago there was a family on there, one of the many tattooed, pikie, inbred versions.  The mother was a hooker, the daughters had been told that the man they thought was their father wasn't their father, and he, having heard he was one of about 5 potentials, decided to leave and met a woman and had a family with her.  He had not had contact with the daughters for 15 years.

If people don't get in touch for 15 years, there is a reason.  Whatever that reason is, it's their reason and no one elses.  On the show they were arguing.  So much in fact that the 'father' sat outside with his wife rather than confront the daughters and their hooker mother.  At the end of the show, after Kyle had  discovered that there had been no contact, the hooker was not working and was claiming benefits, the 'father' was not working and claiming benefits, after much shouting, screaming and jumping up and down by Kyle, the DNA proved that the 'father' was the father of the two girls.

Today, Kyle got them back.  Not the hooker though.  She had probably dusted off the handbag and was taking advantage of the last minute Christmas rush.  The Father was back with the two daughters and they told the audience and Kyle how they were slowly rebuilding their lives and making up for time lost.

What happened next?

Kyle got two helpers out who brought on a child's scooter, thirty or so DVDs, a DVD player, a Nintendo Wii with games....WTF WTF WTF?

What happened to:
  • Are you working?
  • How are you gonna pay for that?
  • I and every other tax payer is paying for you
  • You need a size ten up the backside.
  • Get off your backside and get a damn job.
Jeremy Kyle you are a joke, the biggest joke of Christmas and every day of the year.  You have really lost the plot.

When you consider the people up and down the country who cannot afford to put a meal on the table, or buy their kids presents, or even pay their reward a scumbag family that you humiliated and made the audience laugh at on a previous show with over £1500.00 worth of freebies.

When Kyles assistants wheeled out the freebies, the three pikies smiled, they looked eagerly at the scooter, DVDs, Wii with games and controllers, DVD player and all the other stuff and I could see one thing flashing through their minds. It wasn't gratitude. It wasn't humility. It wasn't thankfulness.

What was it that was flashing through their minds? It was this:

Time for a taste of your own medicine.  You are a disgrace Kyle.  Leave the TV screen instantly!  Click!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

You can be who you want to be

Are you done with all of your holiday shopping yet? I’m taking off Friday for Switzerland again.  It has been a regular thing for a few years at Christmas. Wherever you’re going, I wish you a safe trip. And lots of great food, drink and good company!

What is on your Christmas list for Santa this year?  No matter what you ask for, the one thing you really need to ensure that next year you get exactly what you want will NOT come from Santa.  Nor will it come from anyone else!

It’s a gift you can only receive from yourself.

It’s something that none of us even think to put on a Gift List. How do you wrap a gift that makes it possible for you to be the person you want to be, so that you can do the things you want to do, that will let you live the life you want to live? Is there even such a gift? Is such a thing even possible?

YES. It does exist and it is possible. But it doesn’t come in the form of some program you get by attending a live event, an online webinar series, or from a product that has a bunch of CDs/ DVDs and a flashy workbook.

Thats the gift that “they” all want to give you.  It's not the gift you need.

All these events, teleclasses, home-study programs and the like, are about teaching you STRATEGIES, giving you some sort of plan that basically involves not doing what you’re doing now and instead, doing what they tell you to do.

And you know as well as I do, that there’s a lot of vigilance, discipline and will power that has to go along with it, or you aren’t going to be able to stick to it. How well has that worked for you in the past?

You need more than just a resolution to be successful

Only a relatively tiny number of people succeed with these programs and strategies over the long term, because they run out of discipline, will power and never-ending vigilance. They go back to doing what they were doing before, because that’s who they are and that’s what who they are does.

And this is why those plans, programs and strategies don’t work.

Great… so what does work?

What works is becoming a person who easily and effortlessly acts and behaves in a way that supports achieving your goals, because that’s who you are. Once you become a person who naturally makes choices
that are aligned with whatever goals you’re seeking to achieve, you don’t need willpower and discipline any more. You’ll make the most effective choices, because that’s what feels instinctively right to you.

What’s on your wish list?
  • An ipad?
  • A piece of jewellery?
  • A new kitchen? 
  • A new Car?
  • Maybe even a trip to some warm Caribbean island for a week!
  • A villa on a Greek island?
Or maybe you’re being more practical?
  • Lose 20 pounds.
  • Be more organized. 
  • Break through the six-figure barrier into making seven figures.

And perhaps you know exactly what you need to do, or perhaps you’re still at the vague idea stage.

There is no shortage of people who have foolproof plans they guarantee will help you lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks eating whatever you want.
You can find 20-step teleseminar series that will teach you how to organizeyour home, your office and your life.
There are a myriad of programs that promise they have the secret that will enable you to create the right mindset for success.
There are a number of programs that promise to show you how, just by thinking about it, you can manifest or attract all manner of stuff into your life.

Why Don't These Strategies Work?

They don’t work because they’re STRATEGIES, they’re a plan, they’re another way of doing something that will hopefully be more effective than what you’re doing now.

But they all have the same premise:
1. Take Behavior A
2. Substitute it with Behavior B
3. You’ll supposedly get a better result.

That could work IF you can muster up the willpower and discipline to stick to it. But once you’re past that first rush of anticipation and excitement, it usually turns into a struggle, especially if you’re more comfortable with the way you’re accustomed to doing things. And whoosh! There goes that resolution out the window!

Great… so what does work?

What works is becoming a person who easily and effortlessly acts and behaves in a way that supports achieving your goals, because that’s who you are. Once you become a person who naturally makes choices that are aligned with whatever goals you’re seeking to achieve, you don’t need willpower and discipline any more. You’ll want to do the “right” things, because that’s what feels instinctively right... to you.

The Real Secret - My gift to you for 2012

First of all, I am sorry that I haven't written on here for a while. I have been checking this blog and my Twitter and Facebook feeds and I have been following many of you on those platforms online and via friends and clients. It has been avery changeable, happy, difficult, rewarding and eye opening year.
I am SO ready to begin a new year. I can't wait. Big changes in my personal and business life. Relocation. Expansion of much to do and so much energy to make it happen!

Now the good news for you.....

 It’s that time of year again!

 Have you noticed that beginning in November, your Inbox fills up with all kinds of programs the sender claims “will make 2012 your best year ever!” Some of the ones I’ve received involve three day live events where they help you dig through your past and release all the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that’s holding you back; another offers a “once-in-a-lifetime, special deal that will disappear at midnight” on a 36 CD program, complete with transcript, workbook and two live group calls, blah, blah, blah, work, work, work; and my favorite, the people who guarantee they will reveal how The Secret really works and how to make it work for you (which leads me to believe that the real secret to The Secret is all the people who making a ton of money from telling other people how to get it to work)

What all these programs have in common, is they’re all about telling you things you can do and actions you can take, that will somehow magically turn you into “a money-making magnet.” But at the end of the day, all these live events, these “secrets”, these CDs and workbooks fundamentally are, are strategies, strategies that will supposedly “release negative patterns that are holding you back”, “rewire your brain for success”, or some equally bogus hype.

Why is it that all these claims, promises and allegations don’t work?

It’s very simple: what these programs are all about is teaching you a method, a strategy whereby you take something you’re doing, stop doing it, and instead do something else. Like the bright, glossy, shiny CD/DVD program they’re selling you.

I have news for you! Replacing one behavior with another behavior is not going to change your life or make a long-term difference on how successful you are in 2012. Substituting doing something with not doing something is a STRATEGY, and will only work as long as you maintain the willpower, vigilance and discipline to continue to do that strategy.

So, what's the real secret?

The real secret to lasting success is;
  • Become a person who naturally and instinctively does whatever needs to be done to be successful.
  • Become a person who easily and effortlessly acts and behaves in a certain way because that’s who you are.
  • Don't use a strategy to fix what you’re doing or not doing. This won’t work because you’re still the same person you’ve always been, you’re just forcing yourself to act in a different manner.
And, that’s why you, and everyone else, inevitably fails and reverts back to doing what you always do.
You go back to being who you really are.
I know, it can be confusing, you might want to go back and read what the Real Secret is again.
My gift to you...

It actually is possible to become the person who makes the choices you’d really like to make and does the things you’d really like to do, so that you can achieve the success you really want to have. And it doesn’t involve dredging up the past or listening to dozens of CDs and filling out workbooks or flying across the country and spending thousands of dollars on a live event. You don’t need to develop your willpower, walk on fire or glass, be relentlessly vigilant or subject yourself to strict discipline for the rest of your life either.

What you do have to do is be willing to keep an open mind, and allow yourself to consider that something that sounds like the 21st century version of snake oil could actually work,

In addition to catching you up with what’s been going on and why I “fell off the face of the earth”, we’re: closing in on the New Year, and you, too, are probably getting a lot of emails from people who have products, on-line courses, are holding live events, etc. that promise to “make 2012 your best year ever!!”
I’m sure they have the best intentions, but…

What none of them seem to understand is that replacing one behavior with another behavior is a STRATEGY, and strategies like this only work as long as you have the willpower and the discipline to do them on a consistent basis.

For example, a diet is a strategy, making and prioritizing the next day’s To Do list is a strategy, only checking Twitter/ Facebook and your email twice a day at a predetermined time is a strategy – you get the picture? As long as you can make yourself do it, it works. And we all know that pretty much nobody is able to keep doing it for very long.

Great… so what does work?

What works is becoming the person who instinctively makes the choices you know you need to make to get you the results you’re looking to get. In other words, doing what needs to be done because that’s who you are.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bob Proctor - The Terror Barrier

I got this email from my mentor, Bob Proctor, and I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy!

Hi Dave,

The first ten years of my life were spent in Owen Sound, Ontario. It's a small town a few hours north of Toronto. I can vividly remember spending the summer days with my family at Harrison Park where there was a really great swimming pool. I would watch as the older kids went up the ladder to either jump or dive off the high diving board. They were having a great time. Wanting to be accepted by the older kids, I too went up the ladder ... reluctantly, but I climbed it.

I will never forget the terror that gripped my mind and body when I looked down. Unfortunately, all the coaxing in the world wouldn't have been sufficient to get me to jump off that board! There was no way I could do it. Feeling defeated, I climbed back down the ladder trying desperately to hide my embarrassment.

That was the first time in my life that I can recall coming up against the Terror Barrier. Unfortunately, not only did I lose out on the excitement and thrill that would have been gained by jumping ... I also lost a little self-respect.

If you think back, you will probably be able to recall the first time you came face-to-face with the Terror Barrier. Did you step through it to freedom or back into safety, imprisoned by your own fears?

The Terror Barrier is a real entity

Now, I could waste a lot of breath telling you that the Terror Barrier is a figment as gauzy and hazy as the smoke from an extinguished campfire. But you'll tell me differently, because fear can feel like a very real entity. What you think in your head is often acted out in your body - when faced with their Terror Barrier, people will actually break out in a cold sweat, find themselves covered in sudden hives, and even feel their hearts palpitate. Your perception is your reality! That's how soundly your paradigms of "no" and "it can't be done" are grounded in your Mind. Your comfortable mind will do anything it can think of to back you away from the "danger" of the unknown, just as it had me backing down those diving-board stairs.

In James Allan's classic, "As A Man Thinketh," he mentioned that fear can kill a person faster than a speeding bullet. While coming up against your Terror Barrier might not kill you physically, it certainly kills something inside you - like it did that day I stood on the diving board.

How to be a wrecking ball on your own Terror Barrier

1. Bulldoze through it scared. That's right ... just keep marching, no matter how badly your feet want to stay rooted to the ground. Refuse to permit this negative demon to control you, your emotions ...your future.

2. Remember - the Terror Barrier rears its ugly head every time we attempt to make a major move in life into an area we have never traveled before. It's as natural as day and night. Where before you used to let it stop you cold, now you can simply shrug and tell yourself, "Oh, there it is again. Well! This must really mean something great to me!"

3. Then, further remind yourself that it might be an unknown, but the other side of that Terror Barrier will have you that much closer to your goal. I'd encourage you to fall in love with THAT feeling of accomplishment, get wrapped up in it! I often say that if your goal doesn't scare and excite you at the same time, you're going after the wrong goal!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do." That is excellent advice. By following her advice you will liberate yourself from the crippling emotional state that the Terror Barrier causes.

Do it scared. Begin to visualize yourself successfully being a wrecking ball on that Terror Barrier of yours. Mentally see yourself winning. Remember, perception IS reality!