Tuesday, 6 June 2006

When in Doubt......www.david-moore.co.uk

This is a great motivational sign for any sales office.

I came up with "Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he will eat every day, but give him a stick of dynamite and everyone eats" and "Crystals and runes may bend spoons but fire will never burn me" ages ago and I see them on other sites with other people attempting to take the credit but hey, I'm too experienced to care.

I take it as a compliment when I see it. I recommend that you all put something like this up in your office or salesroom and remember that along with "Never, ever, quit!" 'When in doubt, just sell' is a great way of life.

Keep on cracking your rat!

PS. "Do you sincerely want to be rich?"

Monday, 5 June 2006

The Convincer Strategy MetaProgram www.david-moore.co.uk

Yes...thats me in the background outside the Paris Opera having checked the location for the Slight of Mind Selling Seminar in the Hotel next door.
I have no idea who that is walking in front of the camera. I don't know if it's male or female either!!! If it's you reading this, I'm sorry but, 'sort yourself out!'

The last time I ran that seminar I got asked what NLP MetaProgram is best when it comes to sales/persuasion and negotiations.
The MetaProgram I recommend to first learn is

Wait, what's a MetaProgram you ask.?

A MetaProgram is a way that people sort information. People will only respond to your attempts to influence (read SELL) if the information you tell them fits their MetaProgram. There are a lot of MetaPrograms and all are valuable to learn. The one that most sales people can easily use once they learn it is The Convincer Strategy MetaProgram. The Convincer Strategy quickly determines what a person requires in order to be convinced that something is good (or worth buying). To elicit someone's Convincer Strategy (this is so simple it will blow you away) you only have to ask two questions and follow some very simple rules.

Question #1 "How do you know (whatever it is) is good?"
After asking this question you will get one of four answers
1) "I have to see it."
2) "I have to read about it."
3) "I have to hear about it."
4) "I have to do it/ feel it/work with it."
None of these answers are wrong of course as each person has their own strategy for being convinced.

When you hear their answer agree with it and remember what they said. Once you have this response be prepared to deliver the information according to their answer.
If they must see it show it to them.
If they must read about it have written material for them read to read.
If they must hear about it be ready to introduce them to people who can give testimonials.
If they must do or feel it have something ready for them with which they can interact.

Question #2 "How many times or for how long do you have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it before you are convinced it's good?"
This is a vital part of the process. From this answer you will get four possible responses.
1) "I just have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it once and I'm convinced."
2) "I have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it X number of times and I'm convinced."
3) "I have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it for X length of time and I'm convinced."
4) "I'm never convinced."
Regardless of which response you receive you have their personal process to be convinced and all that is needed is to fulfill their strategy. It's that simple.
Of course, there are numerous combinations so I'll give a few examples.
For Example, in a situation of a salesman selling widgets:
Sales Pro: How do you know a widget is good?
Probable Buyer: I would have to read about it.
SP: How much do you have to read to know a widget it good?
PB: I'd have to see it's review in Widget Digest and do two or three Internet searches on it.
SP: Great, here is the Widget Digest that did our review and let me show you the search results here on my computer.
SP: How do you know a widget is good?
PB: I would have to try it for a while.
SP: Great,. How long would it take you to try it?
PB: About a week.
SP: Let me have you take this widget and you can have it for two weeks as part of our service package before you decide you want it.
SP: How do you know a widget is good?
PB: I would have to see it working.
SP: How long would you have to see it working to know it's good?
PB: I'm never convinced. I'd have to see it working EVERY TIME to be really convinced it's good.

WOW! What do you do now? Give up like most other Sales UNprofessionals? No...you're a Pro, you do this everyday!!!.....
The answer, is future pace.
It might go something like this.
(Warning!! Very advanced Time Distortion technique coming up.)

SP: As you see it now do you notice it fulfills what you need right now, doesn't it?
PB: Yeah, Sure NOW it does.
SP: Imagine a time in your future, say six months from now, when you are using this widget and benefiting from what it can do. As you look back at today, don't you feel glad you made the decision to buy, right now?
PB: Yes.
Get your pen out....Thats a Done Deal Sherlock!
The Convincer Strategy is one way to really lock in a sale and it's also just ONE of the NLP MetaPrograms that you can use to powerfully influence people.

Peacocking www.david-moore.co.uk

Hello Closers,
It's that time of the month again, so use MaxiWings for better protection!
No, seriously, it's...


Are all Autopsys bad? Well...

Donald Trump recently bought a Mercedes McLaren for himself for his birthday; the price was $550,000K.
Do you think he sold his Mercedes Maybach 900K to pay for the McLaren?
Do you think he sold one of his properties? Aabsolutely not.
He simply said I want it and I'll have it, and I'll have it now! By the way "The Close" on this deal was brilliant. He walked into the dealership to look for a birthday present for himself.
[No one is just looking - watch the movie called Suckers]
Now what was beautiful is the salesperson quite obviously knew who Donald Trump is and knew he wasn't there just to look if he found something to his liking.
Here is the story as related by the news media with my adaptation.
The salesperson said "Mr. Trump may I show you something?".
Trump said "Yes do you have anything special?"
The salesman said "We have One [Exclusivity] of the new Mc Laren SLR" and proceeded to show him the car.
Now he let Trump take in the car, feast on the color and waited, waited and waited without saying a word. Remember the basic skill, when you ask for the sale, either by word of sight, shut the fuck up!
Finally, Trump said it looks nice but there's really nothing special about it[exclusivity].
Trump spoke first, he loses.
"Oh Mr. Trump, it is simply the most exclusive car ever built said the salesperson."
And with that proceed to hit the switch on the keys and up popped the gull wings, trunk and hood ! [ the Showmanship]Donald Trump bought the McLaren SLR on the spot.
Now, the sales person could have gone into the specs of the car i.e. horsepower 617 bhp, or the fact it will do 0 to 60 in 3.8 sec. or the fact it gets 13 to 18 mpg. However, none of this was important to Donald Trump because....
Trump said it 'looked' nice. Visual! The salesman made the car do something even more visual, Trump bought it!
Put On A Show, Go Home With The Dough!
To illustrate this "The Donald" had it delivered on his birthday in front of his building Trump Towers!
He used his birthday present to himself to feel good, and to look good; all the while he was truly enhancing the Trump brand!
If you "Close" with professionally presented showmanship at an appropriate time you will "Close every time.
The great late Harvey Rigby, a personal friend and mentor to me said it perfectly once, Push Yourself and Keep your Word!
Who said Autopsy was a bad thing?

Friday, 2 June 2006

Coffee is for Closers Only! www.david-moore.co.uk

I got an email the other day from a pal of mine, Mark, who works in Florida in advertising. He sells ad space in various journals and technical books over the phone.

The email says:
Hey Dave. A lot of our prospects (I really hate that word.DM) use this objection. We get this now and then, what should we do?
"I don't have the budget for this!"
What do you suggest?

Simple answer: You are speaking to the guy who spends the budget. You need the guy who makes the budget. Get to him and he can make the budget bigger.

Question from Sandra at ProPublishing:
Hi Dave,
What's the best way to deal with the 'I need to speak to....' objection?


Remember..OBJECTIONS ARE STATE RELATED!! If you get an objection, change the state. If they are then in a different state the objection is gone.

If a PB says "I need to speak to someone else" well....this exposes something first off. They ain't the decision maker! If they are, then they need a push and you can use a question like this...

You "Let me ask you a question, Mr Brown. I have given you a lot of information in the last (however long) and I am pleased that you have really taken all this on board. It’s great to be able to talk to someone who understands the benefits of what we do as well as the intricacy of making it happen. Over the last (time period)I have told you who we are and what we do, how we get our information, who our target audience is, the process of how we put you in front of all the key players in your industry, the scope of the project, the subscription base, the rates and distribution and timeline. Tell me, if I had asked you at the very start of our conversation, without you knowing any of that info, to make a decision and place an ad with us, you would have said no, yes?"

Them "Yes"

You "Then I am right in saying that it doesn’t make sense to take advice from someone who knows less about this project than you or me, yes?"

Them "Yes!"

You "So, do you want to place a single page ad or do you want to include a second page with a company profile?"

Virtually yours


Thursday, 1 June 2006

LeapFrog to Success www.david-moore.co.uk

I learned a selling secret from a frog... and there's a good chance this secret will instantly double your success too.
Years ago a friend of mine told me a story about a bunch of little frogs who decided to have a race up a huge tower. Whoever hops to the top of the tower first would be the winner, they determined.
A huge crowd gathered around the little frogs. No one believed the tiny frogs even had a chance at making it to the top of the tower.People from the crowd heckled the little guys with: "You're way too small to climb that tower, you'll never make it!"And guess what? Heaps of frogs slid off the tower.
The crowd heckled louder, and the rest of the frogs tumbled down - except for one. The crowd continued to berate and laugh at him. But he slogged his way to the top.

Do you know why? He was deaf.

There's an important lesson here about succeeding in sales you may already realize. If not, don't worry. I'm going to discuss it in a minute.

But first…

Have you ever noticed that most successful salespeople see reality different from the average human being?
An ordinary person, for example, might perceive a PB (Probable Buyer) as showing little to no interest in him or his product. But transplant a SP’s (Sales Professionals) brain into his skull and he'll see the same PB as someone who can’t wait to sign on the line.
Though, my friend, this is only half the story...
Similar to the deaf frog, most SP’s are blind and deaf to certain facets of reality. And this is a big part of what makes them disgustingly good at Sales. When a PB with the soul of a filthy virus hisses a crippling objection, most people feel like they’re pulling their heart out and stepping on it. But the SP boots these words out of his reality. Or interprets them as meaning: They are trying to play hard to get because they know it’s a great deal.
If an SP approaches a PB who says, “No!” he doesn't have an “I'm gonna cry” mentality. Instead, he fails to notice the words.
Most mortal men have a voice of doubt that snakes into their ears every time they want to push forward with a customer. If they want to approach a PB, the voice might sneer, “They’re out of your league. They’ll never buy from you. Spare yourself the embarrassment!”
Sound familiar?
The SP, similar to ordinary human beings, has a voice of doubt too. But because he's deaf to negative forces, he can't hear the voice. The only time his hearing improves is when the voice starts saying things that empower him to take action with the PB.
“Can an ordinary man see reality like a Sales Pro?” you might be wondering.
Yes, any man can learn to see the world like a Sales Pro does. The key is to develop the right beliefs for succeeding with and attracting business. Beliefs create a direction or focus of attention for the mind.

One of my friends, for example, believes women aren't attracted to him. Because his focus of attention is on women not feeling attraction toward him, he's always noticing how women aren't attracted to him.
Likewise, I've seen women who looked like they wanted him so bad that they'd have sold their children into slavery to get a piece of him. But he couldn't see it because that's not where his focus of attention is.
On the other hand, I know a guy barely hovering above 5'3” whose belly juts out further than his hyperthyroid eyes. He drinks like a fish and stinks like a skunk. And to make matters worse, he's missing a hand.
It used to make me cringe to see him approach women. He'd almost always start off on the wrong foot. I'd think: “They aren't just a little turned off by him; they'd rather be torn to shreds by a pack of rabies infested hyenas.”
But he doesn't see this. He believes all women want him. Like a high powered laser beam he's always focusing on and looking for every aspect in which women are mushrooming with love for him.
Because of this… he's blind as a bat to women wanting him to disappear quicker than a turd plunging down the toilet.
But something weird happens in his interactions with women. The first time I witnessed it, it gave me the creeps. (Note: What you're about to read is an important piece to why ladies men are devastatingly effective with women and why Salespeople have the same effect).
He takes women from wanting to shoot pepper spray in his eyes to feeling compelled to kiss him. He can mutate a churning stomach into a bellyfull of attraction.
“But how?” you might be thinking.
There are some deep psychological reasons…
Most people are lumbered with weak and pliable beliefs. More often than not, when two people are interacting, the person with the weaker belief system takes on the beliefs of the person with the stronger.
What this means for you is that…
If a woman starts off believing you're less attractive than Quasimodos ugly brother, yet you possess the unwavering belief that she's attracted to you, there's a high probability she'll start believing this too.
But I should warn you...
If you don't have the unwavering belief that a woman is attracted to you or that a person wants to do business with you, chances are, they'll plunge you into a reality where success is as rare as rocking horse s**t!
The good news is… I've spent a lot of time putting together a course that contains the exact tools, skills, and exercises to developing an ironclad belief system.
As a result, many people just like you have been developing unwavering beliefs systems, giving them the power and confidence to generate the business they desire.
Almost all of these belief-generating secrets and belief-installing exercises can't be found anywhere else except for my course.
But this only covers the tip of the iceberg of what you'll learn inside my course. It's a world class education on attracting and succeeding.
Just like many others have been doing, you too can catapult your current lifestyle by signing up to my course right now. You deserve it.